What are the most popular restaurant brands

in our life, you can see a large size of the shopping center, along with the development of the shopping center market, experiential consumption function has become increasingly prominent, catering and entertainment with an increasing proportion of well-known food brands has become the future commercial project investment focus. So what kind of food and beverage brands are the most popular shopping center?

before shopping, dining and entertainment "52:18:30" business "golden ratio" is being broken, instead of shopping, dining, leisure 1:1:1 starring in consumption patterns. The catering industry segments and industry combination trend in face adjustment, summarized as "three reductions, three increase, which reduced the proportion of high-end dining, catering and leisure theme proportion; high-rise catering proportion reduced, each floor with catering proportion increased; large dining proportion decreased surface, increase the proportion of small shops catering. read more

How to get rich in rural areas recommend several rural entrepreneurship projects

with the increase of rural construction, more and more entrepreneurial opportunities in rural areas, many friends are considering returning from the city to rural entrepreneurship. So, how to get rich in the countryside? Rural entrepreneurship to do what good? The following Xiaobian recommended several rural entrepreneurial projects, help more friends to build up the family fortunes.

Township opened Chinese medicine store

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Zhao Kai freshman students to use second-hand computer store monthly income of over 10000

open a shop, in college students is still a strange thing. Zhao Kai, the boss of the computer shop, was jokingly called "kay".

big moment Zhao Kai keen to find a huge market for second-hand computer students, rapid investment and time and energy, adhere to more than a year later, finally earned the first pot of gold in life.

is now ready to join other college students Zhao Kai, shop together to do a chain of second-hand computer shop, want to form a resource sharing network market.

started doing business from the second-hand computer fast read more

Why entrepreneurship is younger

entrepreneurship, regardless of gender, regardless of the age of the dream journey. However, at the age of more than and 20 to start a business, there will be a lot of advantages. I started working for myself at the age of 22. For the following 5 reasons, I would like to encourage young people who are now in their lives for the next second years to start a business, especially in the online business environment ().

1. young people tie less

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The new line is suitable for Entrepreneurship

choose a suitable entrepreneurial city, for entrepreneurs, is often the first step to success. As we all know, Venture Park, incubators, financial subsidies are the most common means of support for the new city government.

and Hangzhou belong to the Yangtze River Delta city of Suzhou has 7 activities, national and provincial high-tech zones, there are 21 national high-tech industrial base, torch industrial base, 2012 high-tech output value 1. 17 trillion yuan, accounting for the total industrial output value of 41%, accounting for the proportion of fiscal expenditure on science and technology by up to 10. 4%. read more

What are the ability to open a lamp shop

now entrepreneurial shop has become a hot topic for the majority of entrepreneurs, the opening of a lighting store, although the prospects are good, but the key is to look at their ability to have. If not, they must strive to improve, and strive to quickly do business. So, open the lamp to join the store to have what ability? It is necessary to master the following knowledge, if you want to know, let’s take a look at it!

first, we must have the ability of social interaction, to create a favorable relationship between the development of enterprises. Lighting industry is inseparable from the opportunity to deal with all levels of society, every day began to deal with customers, including contact, treat, eat, chat, etc.. If there is no certain interpersonal skills, can not establish their own contacts in the business field, the enterprise marketing will not be carried out, in the lighting industry homogenization of today, under the same conditions, network is a very important resource. read more

What are the difficulties of College Students

more and more college students have left the ivory tower, because they do not want to work for others, set foot on the road of independent entrepreneurship. However, entrepreneurship is not so simple, imagine, there are many difficulties, are blocked in the stumbling block on the road.

a starting point to find difficult: it is understood that at present, many university graduates have their own business ideas, but could not find suitable projects, many graduates do not know how to learn his and economic benefits together, how to find in the society to a new "plot" himself to prove their abilities, and create economic value. read more

These indicators may indicate the emergence of entrepreneurial inflection point

can only strive for perfection, but it is difficult to be perfect. Investment advisers believe that the idea of a startup is perfect and it is executed correctly. That’s why your ideas and products need to be corrected in the implementation.

Madrona  Venture , Group’s managing director, Scott , said that for many startups, knowing when to change Jacobson is more important than having a perfect idea.

"we concluded that if this technique is applied to multiple brands instead of our start-up brand may be more valuable." "An internal tool is more valuable than a brand," Wohlschlaeger explains."

MEST incubator in San Francisco general manager Neal  Hansch said, a lot of start-ups; forge ahead, and believe that the market will not be completely indifferent to their solution, but the result is that it is not essential to the target audience interested in.

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Working with people to fly more reliable investment

the success of a variety of factors, but the right to decide on their own, if a person choose to invest and want to become a good entrepreneur, then you have to start from their own and choose their own people around you. To be a reliable investor and work with a reliable person, then success will be closer to him.

in the financial market of stocks, bonds, real estate, a variety of financial assets, investment knowledge, investment technology, these are can learn slowly, ability is not high does not matter, it is important character is better. In the investment world, any investor if you have a good character, even if the knowledge is not much, the technology is not familiar with, will slowly accumulate, little by little progress, step by step. Ability can be cultivated, knowledge can be learned, and bad character is not good enough to change. Working with people who are reliable, is a good character. read more

How to build food safety in Nanchong City

tip of the tongue is a topic of concern to each of the people, how to ensure food safety, only to build food safety assured city. So, how to build food safety in Nanchong city? The following and small series for Nanchong to take measures to do a detailed understanding and concern.

7 month 14 days, the reporter learned from the Nanchong city to create food safe city "press conference, the city food safe city to create work has already started, and strive to be completed within 5 years of food safe city. To 2020, the implementation of food safety regulatory coverage rate of 100%, edible agricultural products (000061, stock it), food sampling inspection pass rate and food service food safety supervision quantitative classification management rate of more than 95%. read more

How to do a good job in the promotion of coffee drinks

healthy and tasty coffee drinks can stimulate people to enjoy the tongue, make people’s life more enjoyable, many consumers love to taste the delicious coffee drinks, coffee drinks business franchise is very potential, whether coffee drinks to open stores in what areas, businesses must understand how to carry out propaganda and promotion of the brand. Do a good job of this link, to attract more popular, has a positive significance to ensure the long-term development of the shop.

1. distribute leaflets, to celebrate the holiday promotions, or a few small gifts for children’s practice is to promote the coffee drinks franchise business. In short, as far as possible so that children can not come, he will pull their parents, the family does not come, individuals come; senior leadership does not come, the public, not to drink to drink, do not come to the party to chat entertainment. read more

Problems that should be avoided in Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurial road is not plain sailing, not good to go, how to get out of their own entrepreneurial road, rich road? The following Xiaobian for you to avoid problems in the business, so you better start, less detours!

Should avoid

face is: I have it, but the whole world knows; truth is that this direction is a tortuous and probably this way. Face to face the boss said: fuck on so, who does not perform who finishes class, play also want to play in the end. read more

What are the conditions to open an antique shop

this can be different from the general cause, even if there is no interest, but as long as willing to bear hardships have the possibility of success. Antique shops, personal conditions can be met, so that there is a greater possibility to open an antique shop. So, what are the conditions to open an antique shop?

opportunities only favor prepared minds, how to invest in the process of antique shops get a more generous return?

any industry has its entry threshold, only with a certain conditions after the investment is likely to be successful antiques. Mr. Ye open antique shop in Beijing North Beach said, if you want to get involved this antique line, first of all to have the following conditions: first, have a certain economic strength, and specific requirements according to the business objects grades vary; second, operators must have the ability of art appreciation, not only need the days and months multiplying experience, and have a certain cultural knowledge; third, must have a calm and independent psychological quality, which is for an antique operator is very important. read more

The name can not be too homophonic

The name "

" homophonic use, which in the current is very common, however, although this is a good way to shop name, but improper use may have overdone, resulting in the development of the shop is affected. So, take its homonym while desirable, but not to overdo.

hundred clothing Baishun, "clothing" and "ritual to decorated world"…… Walking in the streets of Yuexi, the reporter found that the creative name homophonic everywhere. For this phenomenon, people mixed. Some people think that this is a creative "suction eye", some people think that this word or phrase tampering with the name, it is easy to produce misleading. read more

Kangyuan socks join reliable entrepreneurs to join the brand

in our lives, there is always no need for socks. Moreover, socks have always been a necessary part of our daily life. If you choose to join the source of health socks industry, is a very choice of business opportunities. High quality entrepreneurial projects, what are you still hesitating?

Kang source socks products using a wide range of price positioning, y adapt to various types of cities and regions in China, the income difference. Reasonable price, high quality design, excellent quality. Well, the source of socks industry health socks socks products adhering to the source of quality, the pursuit of personalized, stylish design basis. read more

Sichuan will carry out the employment of college students to implement the policy of special inspect

to promote innovation and entrepreneurship at the same time, but also to urge the quality of innovation and entrepreneurship, but also to ensure that the implementation of preferential policies can really go on to help entrepreneurs better realize the dream of innovation and entrepreneurship. Therefore, Sichuan will carry out a special inspection of the implementation of college students employment policy.

3 16 days, reporters from the provincial Office of human resources and learned that the Provincial Department of human resources and social recently will be the province of College Students’ employment policy implementation and use of funds management to conduct a special inspection, to ensure that the students’ employment policies in place. read more

Retailers want to develop large customers also need to invest the necessary feelings


said that any one of the customers need to shop owners into the feelings, however, large customers is undoubtedly more concerned about. In order to develop large customers, the necessary emotional investment is indispensable. Enterprises and institutions procurement activities are operated by people, and people are emotional animals, people are paying attention to the feelings of things. If the retail customers and large customers do not have certain feelings and relationships, then it will not be a big customer love and favor. read more

Small business insurance essential

has this ability, from the beginning will cause bigger is not much, a lot of people are from the company, after a step by step to fight over, but many people in this small business, but a lot of attention to details, and fail, of course, there are many factors, Xiao Bian here to remind you that the insurance must be essential!

many individual entrepreneurs are to buy insurance insurance is ignored, but is a small investment guarantee, is essential. I have to say that there are two insurance, one employee personal insurance (injury insurance, accident insurance, hospitalization insurance), and the two is the property insurance (theft). Many small businesses are not for employees to buy work-related injury or accident insurance, although the provisions of labor laws and regulations, not to mention the medical aspects of the. read more