Russia to set up above 20 Npower units in next 20 yrs

first_imgVLADIVOSTOK: Russia on Wednesday said that it is planning to set up more than 20 nuclear power units in India in the next 20 years. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who arrived in Russia’s Far Eastern city of Vladivostok earlier Wednesday, gave a joint statement at the 20th Annual Summit between the two countries, along with Russian President Vladimir Putin by his side. The two sides exchanged numerous agreements, including military and technical cooperation, energy and science, LNG Business and LNG supplies, and natural gas, in the presence of the two leaders. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details”I’m honoured to be the first-ever Indian Prime Minister to be coming to Vladivostok. I thank my friend, President Putin for inviting me here. I remember Annual Summit of 2001, first one held in Russia when he was President and I had come with former Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s delegation as Gujarat Chief Minister,” the Prime Minister said in the joint statement. The leaders, on the occasion, noted that the friendship between India and Russia is not restricted to their respective capital cities. “We have put people at the core of this relationship,” the Prime Minister added. Also Read – Tourists to be allowed in J&K from ThursdayMeanwhile, Putin, on his part, said that both countries share similar perspectives on specific aspects of international issues. “Russia and India Wednesday signed MoUs in various sectors, including civil nuclear and LNG. Regarding the Kundakulam nuclear power plant, the first and second units are working. The third and fourth are under construction. Also, we have decided to set up more than 20 Russian-designed nuclear units in India in the next 20 years,” Putin said. “I am also looking forward to meeting the Indian Prime Minister at the 11th BRICS Summit that is scheduled to be held in Brasilia, Brazil,” he added. Meanwhile, a proposal was also made between India and Russia to have a full-fledged maritime route that serves as a link between Chennai and Vladivostok. “We (India and Russia) both are against outside influence in the internal matters of any nation,” Modi stressed in an apparent reference to Pakistan’s diabolic attempts of internationalizing the Kashmir issue.last_img read more

New Democrat MP Sheila Malcolmson seeks nod in Nanaimo BC byelection

first_imgNANAIMO, B.C. – Federal New Democrat MP Sheila Malcolmson says she’s been pondering her jump to provincial politics in British Columbia since the summer when she was approached by officials in Premier John Horgan’s office.The Nanaimo-Ladysmith member of Parliament said Wednesday she has no beefs with federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, but wants to run for the B.C. New Democrats to join the provincial government’s initiatives to improve housing and fight climate change.Horgan and current Nanaimo MLA Leonard Krog joined Malcolmson at a news conference in Nanaimo to announce her plan to seek the nomination in the riding when a byelection is called.Krog, a five-term New Democrat, was elected mayor of Nanaimo last weekend and is expected to resign his seat within weeks, clearing the way for a byelection call in late December or early January.“We’ve been talking all summer and we were waiting until the municipal election result was clear before moving forward to announce my willingness to be the candidate,” Malcolmson said in an interview after her announcement.“As soon as Leonard indicated his candidacy for mayor … the premier’s office started working about reaching out in finding the best candidate,” she said. “I’m very honoured they chose me.”Malcolmson, the federal NDP’s women’s equality critic, said she told Singh and the caucus members that her jump to B.C. politics involves opportunities to become immediately and directly involved in the government’s housing and climate initiatives.“I’m trying to put myself most directly in the position of being able to influence the forces that coastal communities contend with,” she said. “The environmental and social problems facing my community can’t wait a year for the federal election.”Singh downplayed Malcolmson’s departure, saying she remains part of the greater New Democratic family.“Sheila Malcolmson is a great MP who has worked really hard for her riding, for the people of Nanaimo and she’s going to continue to do that,” he said in Ottawa.Horgan said he couldn’t be more pleased with Malcolmson’s decision to run provincially. He said he spoke with Singh, telling him that Malcolmson’s decision to run for his party strengthens the New Democrats across Canada.Malcolmson, who was invited to seek the nomination by Horgan, said she will resign her federal seat when the byelection is called.Former Burnaby New Democrat MP Kennedy Stewart also left the federal New Democrat caucus recently and was elected as mayor of Vancouver.B.C.’s Opposition Liberals said in a statement that the party looks forward the byelection, but raised concerns about the New Democrats putting Nanaimo residents through a provincial and federal byelection.“The nomination of the current member of Parliament proves just how much the NDP takes Nanaimo for granted, putting local taxpayers on the hook for potentially not one but two byelections at a cost of well over a million dollars,” Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson said in a statement.last_img read more

Despite big plans N Koreas trains still go almost nowhere

TOKYO — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s decision to take a train to his summit in Russia’s far east hints at the potential of a bigger dream held by many in Asia: unimpeded travel by rail from the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula to Moscow and beyond.The benefits range from bolstering regional co-operation to slashing costs and travel durations. But with sanctions and distrust standing in the way, it could be a long time before any trains working their way north from Seoul will be passing through Pyongyang Station.After a day of talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, Kim boarded his trademark green-and-yellow carriage for the trip back across the two countries’ shared border and on to Pyongyang.The Associated Press read more

Marriage The ultimate financial contract

Bride-to-be Shannon Fostka’s wedding plans don’t include a fairy tale dress or lavish reception — she’s done it before and this time around she’s pledged to start married life on sound financial footing.While it’s easy to get swept up in the romance of a wedding, marriage is also a contract that comes with weighty financial decisions: will you take on each other’s debts and assets? Are you going to merge all your money or keep some separate? And how are you going to divvy up bill payments and other responsibilities?These are the type of questions you need to ask one another before walking down the aisle. Canada’s divorce rate is 41 per cent and money is one of the big things couples fight about.“Not to sound unromantic, but this is kind of like a business contract because when you come into it you want to discuss all your goals and intentions,” says Alim Dhanji, a certified financial planner at Assante Financial Management.After reuniting with fiance Jeff Stritzel — an old high school friend who has also been married before — through Facebook and dating for about a year, Fostka, a 36-year-old marketing specialist, wants to make sure they’re on the same page of the balance book.[np-related]“We’re very open and communicative about our finances, there are absolutely no secrets … just because we’ve both been through it before and everyone gets a little wiser about these things,” she says.Fostka and Stritzel plan to share a joint bank account and this time Fostka is focused on being an equal partner in managing the money.While the couple began talking finances about four months into their relationship, there are still some lingering questions.“The day-to-day money for food and transportation and that kind of stuff, I don’t think that’s when you get into the problem, it’s when one partner wants to buy something extravagant,” she says.For instance, Stitzel wants to throw a 40th birthday bash in Las Vegas and wants to travel. But Fostka thinks that any savings should go toward the house they plan to buy together.“He really thinks it’s important to break away from the day-to-day grind a couple times a year and take a great trip. I’ve travelled extensively, I’m kind of over it,” she says.“He’s trying to find more of a balance there. I love travelling but if the goal is going to be the house I feel that’s where we should dedicate the money.”This may be a couple that benefits from having a joint account, but allocating an “allowance” for personal spending to ensure both people feel they’re getting what they want, says Sun Life financial adviser Melanie Adams.“If you’re going into that union and you want it to be successful, then come to some sort of compromise about things that are really important.”Most importantly, couples should be up front about their situations and have a plan before going in — written if possible, experts say.Dhanji suggests writing up a budget before getting married can help open a dialogue and bring a person’s financial past to light.Sometimes people are embarrassed to talk about their situation if they feel their partner is better off than they are. So keep the lines of communication open, don’t be judgmental and seek advice from a neutral third party.If one person is bringing in debt, talk about whether you’re willing to take that on, or whether it’s better to wait to get married until after that debt is paid.Another important decision is the degree to which your incomes will be combined — most couples still opt for completely joined accounts, but there’s no method that necessarily leads to a more successful marriage, as long as you keep talking.“Joint accounts are the most common, but I can tell you even though it’s the most common, it doesn’t mean that those people using joint accounts are doing it effectively,” Adams says.“So communicate, have those meetings about money on a regular basis to make sure what you’re doing is working, and if not, maybe you need to try a different route.”There are flexible ways of approaching finances that provide individuals with more freedom.“I’ve seen single accounts work. Another scenario that’s really common is there’s a joint household account and then each will maintain their own mad money accounts,” Adams says.That way you can still surprise your spouse with a present or make impulse buys the other person may not approve of, she adds.Joint works best when one person takes on the money manager role and both are good communicators and have the same views about priorities.The next most popular option is having a household account to which each contributes a certain portion of their paycheques. Then decide which type of expenses — mortgage, grocery, bills and car payments — to cover in that account. Some couples combine investments and some keep them separate, she says.Separate accounts are less common, but that may be because it’s traditional to combine money and people assume merging money is tantamount to being married. This situation works if both want to maintain control of their money, or if one person is a saver and the other a spender and compromises can’t be reached.Dhanji says that having some personal money aside is a good idea.“What my wife and I do is we take one of our paycheques and we combine it and we put it into a joint account for our joint expenses and our other paycheque, we keep that in our own personal accounts for our personal spending.”Separate accounts work as long as couples do budgeting together so they are aware of their situation as a whole, he adds.Dhanji also recommends that couples split the money manager role — with one person paying the gas bill and the other the cable — so that neither person feels left out or overburdened with the responsibility.It’s also a good idea to divvy up whose name is on those bills because if one person is in charge the other spouse isn’t building new credit, which could reflect poorly if there is a split down the road.Budgeting for a wedding is good jumping off point to see how your partner deals with money, whether they splurge and save.“The wedding can mirror life later on,” Adams says.“You can learn a lot about your partner and how their going to compromise through that exercise.” Find FP Personal Finance on Facebook 15:57ET 26-07-12 read more

Privacy watchdog seeking compromise for Tories Internet surveillance bill

OTTAWA — The federal privacy watchdog is trying to help the Conservative government find a compromise in its contentious bid to bolster Internet surveillance powers.A blueprint solicited by the privacy commissioner’s office proposes new procedures to give police and spies key information about Internet users while retaining the principle of judicial oversight, a memo obtained under the Access to Information Act shows.The internal memo reveals assistant privacy commissioner Chantal Bernier asked University of Montreal law professor Karim Benyekhlef to come up with the proposal — “to help find a middle ground between security and privacy” — following intense public outcry about the government’s planned approach in Bill C-30.The federal legislation would allow police, intelligence and Competition Bureau officers access to Internet subscriber information — including name, address, telephone number, email address and Internet protocol address — without a warrant. An IP address is the numeric label assigned to a computer on the Internet.Currently, release of such data, held by Internet service providers, is voluntary.Opponents of the bill say allowing authorities access to Internet subscriber information without a court-approved warrant would be a dangerous infringement of privacy because even that limited data can be revealing.The bill would also require telecommunication service providers to have the technical capability to enable police and spies to intercept messages and conversations.The government indicated the bill would go directly to a House of Commons committee, skipping the usual second reading, to allow for amendments. But it has not yet resurfaced.The internal memo — prepared last July for Bernier, Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart, and the office’s senior lawyer — brands Benyekhlef’s plan a “warrant light” approach to judicial authorization.Benyekhlef, a former federal prosecutor who is now director of the university’s Centre de Recherche en Droit Public, concludes that the federal bill is inconsistent with the Charter of Rights because it allows warrantless access to subscriber information.“There is tradition in Canadian law that the state must have a warrant before exercising its search or seizure powers,” Benyekhlef said in an interview.He proposes a five-step process in which the authorities would first apply to a court for an order seeking subscriber data. This could be done in person, by paper or on the phone.A judge or justice of the peace would review the application to ensure it sets out “reasonable suspicion” that the Criminal Code or other federal law has been breached and that the information sought relates to the alleged offence.There is tradition in Canadian law that the state must have a warrant before exercising its search or seizure powersIf the application conditions are met, a signed order would be provided to the investigator, who could then present it to the legal division of an Internet provider. The provider would then be required to hand the investigator the data and maintain a record of the transaction.The privacy commissioner’s analysis of the proposal points out its similarity to the production order powers currently available to authorities seeking financial and commercial information, in place since 2004.The memo notes this power allows police, after receiving court approval, to present a financial institution or other commercial firm with an individual’s name. The firm must then produce account numbers, date of birth and current and previous addresses.The privacy commissioner’s office understands the challenges faced by law enforcement in fighting online crime “at a time of rapidly changing communications technologies and the need to modernize their tactics and tools accordingly,” said Scott Hutchinson, a spokesman for the commissioner.The office wanted to see whether there was a tool that would help authorities get judicial approval to obtain the information they want within desired time limits, he said in a written response to questions.“Our office has thus far consulted with the Canadian Chiefs of Police on this document and we continue our analysis of this issue,” Hutchinson said.The privacy commissioner “continues to try and stay on top of developments” relating to the online surveillance bill and has kept the lines of communications open with the departments involved, he added.“We await to see what the government’s intentions will be for this bill, and will be ready to share our observations and expertise to help ensure that the privacy rights of Canadians are protected.”The Canadian Press read more

Don Cyr is new Interim Dean of Business

Don CyrDon Cyr, a familiar face on both the academic and administrative sides of the Faculty of Business, will serve as the Faculty’s Interim Dean for the next 18 months.The announcement came Tuesday, Jan. 17 from Murray Knuttila, Provost and Vice-President, Academic. The appointment takes place immediately and is effective through June 30, 2013. The need for an interim dean arose last month when Phillip Kitchen stepped down as Dean of Business due to personal family reasons.“We are extremely pleased that Don has agreed to take on this role,” said Knuttila. “He has been a significant, consistent contributor to the Faculty in numerous roles, including as Associate Dean and as associate professor of Finance.”Cyr, who joined the Faculty of Business in 1995, is an associate professor of Finance, teaching courses in corporate finance, international finance and investments. He also served as the chair of the Department of Accounting and Finance in 2001 and the Faculty’s Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research from 2002 to 2009.He holds a Master of Business Administration (University of Saskatchewan), a masters degree in Economics (University of Alberta) and a PhD in Finance (University of Alberta). He is the recipient of a number of teaching awards and has authored several professional training programs for the investment industry.Knuttila also expressed thanks to Business faculty members Danny Cho and Deborah Zinni, who had managed the Faculty during the transitional period of the past five weeks. Cho served as Acting Dean while Zinni oversaw preparations for the Faculty’s upcoming re-accreditation process for the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)Knuttila said the University will now prepare for the search for a permanent Dean. The process to establish an advisory committee for the selection of a new Dean is underway, and once the advisory committee is established, the search process will begin. read more

Ongoing meetings to prevent the axeing of Greek and Italian from NHS

first_imgA delegation of the Greek Community of Melbourne, parents and representatives of the Italian community had a series of meetings with the Minister for Education Mr James Merlino, Minister for Families and Children and Youth Affairs Ms Jenny Mikakos and Minister for Women Ms Fiona Richardson, on the issue of continuing the teaching of Greek and Italian at the Northcote High School (NHS).A meeting was held with the minister for education on Wednesday afternoon, where Mr Merlino was informed about this pressing issue by Ms Mikakos. The meeting was also attended by the Greek Community of Melbourne’s vice-president and education convenor Mr Theo Markos, by Mr Fion Sykiotis, parent, and two representatives of the Italian community.“The minister showed great interest and was a keen supporter of our requests, underlining the importance of teaching the two languages in the public school system,” Theo Markos said.Prior to this, an urgent conference had been held by the NHS’s school council to discuss the school’s language program and re-examine the school council’s decision to partner with an independent consultancy firm, SenateSHJ, to seek perspectives from across the school community and present a report with its proposals.A delegation of the Italian and Greek community met with Minister Richardson, who promised the consultation would be open and fully transparent to all interested communities. Ms Richardson saw the principal of the school Ms Katie Morris to discuss the matter.Meanwhile, the Greek Democritus Workers League has also expressed its grave concerns regarding the decision made by the NHS Council to axe the teaching of both Greek and Italian as from 2017, at their mid-annual meeting in Northcote.“Democritus expresses its solidarity and unequivocally supports those students that wish to learn both Greek and Italian at NHS. Furthermore, we support the efforts initiated by the Greek and the Italian Communities, the current and prospective parents of NHS students in seeking the reinstatement of teaching both the Greek and Italian languages into the year seven curriculum for 2017 and beyond,” the general meeting announced in a statement. The league members stressed the importance of preserving the 40-year tradition in the teaching of both languages at NHS and how imperative it is to ensure that the transition from primary schools located in Northcote (i.e. Northcote Primary, Merri Creek etc.) to NHS will not interrupt students’ language learning.“Democritus does not support the proposition that ‘both ethnic languages could be taught afterhours by ethnically motivated private or community fee paying schools’. The decision made does not represent any positive steps of integration and inclusiveness, but on the contrary it leads to divisiveness and segregation,” the statement continued. “Currently there are students in form five at NHS that five years ago could not take Greek as a second language as part of the curriculum due to the high demand. They were offered to take Italian instead. Two years later they transferred to learning Greek as a second language. What has changed? Why did the NHS Curriculum Council axe both languages without consultation? Today approximately 120 students at NHS are learning Greek as a second language as part of the curriculum. “Democritus seeks reinstatement for teaching of both Greek and Italian as second languages for the NHS Curriculum from 2017 and beyond and is willing to assist in every possible way to ensure this occurs.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Thibaut Courtois breaks his silence on Real Madrid move

first_imgThibaut Courtois is opting to remain calm in what he describes as a “delicate situation” with just three days left to complete his move to Real MadridThe Belgian goalkeeper has been strongly linked with a move to the Santiago Bernabeu this summer with the European champions understood to be keen to strengthen their options in goal for the new season under Julen Lopetegui.Courtois, who spent three seasons on loan at Atletico Madrid, has never kept it a secret of his desire to return to the Spanish capital to be with his young family and has now reportedly held talks with new Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri over his plans.“My transfer? I am not going to say anything about that now, it is a delicate situation,” said the Belgian, according to Goal.“I cannot say much, I am not thinking about that, I am calm and becoming anxious would not help. What is important is to be ready for next season.”Tammy Abraham, ChelseaChelsea hat-trick hero Tammy Abraham hopes for more Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Tammy Abraham hopes this season will be his big breakthrough at Chelsea after firing his first hat-trick for the club in Saturday’s 5-2 win at Wolves.Meanwhile, Courtois’ agent had this to say on his client’s long-awaited move to Real.“I have been reading everywhere that Chelsea are saying it is up to Thibaut, but he has made it clear to the club that the best option for him is to move to Madrid,” Christophe Henrotay said.“For him this is a big decision because he wants to be near his family, and there is an offer in place for Chelsea to accept.”Currently, Courtois is waiting for Chelsea to find a suitable replacement before they go ahead with his sale in what has been reported to be for €35m.last_img read more

ASA Attends Biotech Labeling Meetings with House Agriculture Staff

first_imgASA Washington staff participated in separate meetings with the Republican and Democrat staff for the House Agriculture Committee to discuss preparations for the reintroduction of the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act (HR 4432) in 2015.  The bill would require FDA to develop voluntary national standards for labeling foods that do not contain biotech ingredients, and would establish federal preemption of state biotech labeling laws that would disrupt interstate commerce and force food companies to pass the cost of mandatory labeling on to consumers.  ASA and other farm organizations have been considering ways to build broader Congressional support for HR 4432, including requiring AMS/USDA to develop standards for certifying non-GMO products. This change would give the Congressional Agriculture Committees authority to consider the legislation, including holding hearings and marking-up the bill. Another idea under review is whether and how to require FDA to make an affirmative finding that a biotech event is safe, and to have the finding reflected in a decision by PHIS/USDA to deregulate the event.  ASA and other members of the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food are working to reach consensus on how to proceed on these issues before new legislation is introduced next year.last_img read more

Boeing 737 Much more than just the Max

first_img 3,445 nautical miles Length (in feet) Following two crashes that killed 346 people, the Boeing 737 Max remains grounded around the world. Boeing is rushing to fix the MCAS flight control software that’s now at the center of both crash investigations, but at present there’s no timeline as to when the Max will carry passengers again.It’s a troubling situation for an aircraft barely three years old, but the Max is only part of the 737 story — other models are still flying. As of the end of March, Boeing had delivered 10,533 of its 737s to hundreds of airlines, making it the best-selling commercial aircraft in history. Chances are you’ve flown on one — at any given time, thousands of 737s are airborne around the world, and some airlines, like Southwest and Ryanair, have all-737 fleets. In 2018, Southwest took delivery of the 10,000th 737. The airline has the world’s largest 737 fleet. Boeing/Marian Lockhart When the company delivered the 10,000th aircraft last year before the Max crashes, Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Kevin McAllister called it the most reliable and efficient single-aisle airplane in the world. “It represents more than 50 years of success and achievement on the part of thousands of Boeing employees past and present, our supplier partners, and our airline customers around the globe who put their confidence in the 737,” he said.Sure, it lacks the glamor of Boeing’s 747 and the novelty of the 787 Dreamliner, but the 737 has been a global workhorse for half a century, with more than 122 billion miles flown under its belt. Here’s how the first 737 to fly progressed to the Max 8. Climb on board Boeing’s new 737 Max 9 A tour of Boeing’s 737 factory 2006 138 More on the 737 20 Photos The Baby BoeingSales for the “Baby Boeing” were slow initially — Boeing even considered selling the program to Japanese firms — but they picked up after Boeing redesigned portions of the wing to reduce drag and built more effective thrust reversers for landing on short runways. Another boost came a few years later when the Airline Pilots Association removed its objection to eliminating the flight engineer position for US airlines (a two-person flight crew made the plane cheaper to operate). 116 feet 737 Max Versions 2017 3,850 nautical miles 737 Next-Generation Versions 3,300 nautical miles 3,550 nautical miles About 193 3,235 nautical miles About 140 1998 1997 About 153 1997 EasyJet shows how it wants to change air travel 102 About 123 6 First flight Ten years after its introduction, the 737 was finally a hit with airlines. Its size made it perfect for short-haul, high-frequency routes, like San Francisco to Los Angeles. Its low position to the ground also meant that it didn’t require extensive airport equipment. Ground crews could load bags in the cargo hold without a lift, and some early 737s even had integrated airstairs. All are key to keeping the airplane flying. 110 737-900ER 3,235 nautical miles About 204 2016 Seats A 747 story: The history of the jumbo jet 3,085 nautical miles 129center_img 737 MaxBoeing’s newest airliner, and the latest generation of the 737 family, was another response to a move by Airbus. Introduced in 2016, the Airbus A320Neo promised lower operating costs from completely new engines that burned less fuel. Though Boeing initially considered replacing the 737 with a brand new airliner, it instead followed Airbus’ lead by adding new engines to the existing fuselage. The reason? As The Air Current’s Jon Ostrower wrote earlier this year, designing a new airplane is immensely expensive and would have taken years. On the other hand, revamping Boeing’s baby again would get the Max in the air faster to compete with the A320Neo. What’s more, like with the transition from the Classic to the Next-Generation, existing 737 pilots would be able to fly the Max without training on the aircraft anew. After the crashes, though, that decision and the FAA’s certification process, are being criticized.  “Small jets can log up to six or seven flights per day,” Sutter wrote in his 2006 book, 747. “The less time they spend on the ground between flights, the more time they can be in the air generating revenue for their operators. If I kept the design of the 737 low to the ground, it would turn around more quickly and be back in the air sooner because no time would be wasted positioning equipment.”Today the 737 remains a regional shuttle and it can fly the transatlantic routes the 707 pioneered. Though suppliers around the world contribute parts (the fuselage sections are largely built in Wichita, Kansas), final 737 assembly still takes place at Boeing’s factory in Renton, Washington. And over the last 50 years Boeing has continually expanded its size and capabilities, always building on, and never completely replacing, that original 1960s design.boeing-737-200United Airlines encouraged the development of the 737-200. Wikimedia Commons 737 OriginalPer the requirements of Lufthansa, the 737-100 could fit 100 passengers and had a range of 1,540 nautical miles or 1,772 miles. As long as it was wide (94 feet by 93 feet), its square, stubby profile gave it the appearance of a beer barrel with wings or a flying football. Only 30 of the 737-100 versions were built, none of which are flying today.United Airlines took an early interest in the 737, but wanted it to be bigger. That plane became the 737-200, which also entered service in 1968. Six feet longer than the 737-100, it could fit about 120 passengers and had more powerful engines and longer range (2,600 nautical miles) thanks to a higher fuel capacity. A hallmark of both the -100 and -200 were long, cigar-shaped engines that extended forward of and behind the wing. boeing-737-enginesThe long engines of the first two 737 versions fit snugly under the wings. Wikimedia Commons/Bryan from Las Vegas With the -200, Boeing also built the first cargo 737s and the first versions of its “Combi” aircraft. The Combi is divided in half, with passengers in back and cargo in front. They were popular with carriers like Alaska Airlines for service to rural communities. The -200 remained in production until 1988 after more than 1,000 were built, but it began to leave the skies at the end of the 1990s as airports introduced more stringent noise restrictions. Some -200s remain in service today, but are outfitted with “hush kits” that dampen jet noise.boeing-737-combiAn Alaska Airlines 737 Combi with cargo space in the front and the passenger cabin in the back.In 1991, a United Airlines 737-200 crashed on approach to Colorado Springs Municipal Airport, killing all 25 people aboard. It was the first of two 737 crashes — the second, in 1994 near Pittsburgh, killed 132 people — that were later blamed on faulty valves that caused the rudder to move without the pilot’s command. Following a 1999 FAA order, all 737s received new valves. 737 ClassicBy the 1980s, airliners were asking for a larger 737 with more seats, longer range, quieter engines and a cheaper operating cost. Boeing answered with the 737-300 in 1984. It was the first of what’s now called the “737 Classic” series. Airline deregulation in 1978 also created more demand for 737s as new and existing airlines added new routes to small airports.boeing-737-300Lufthansa, the 737 launch customers, also flew the 737-300. Wikimedia Commons “Small jetliners like the 737 brought the jet revolution to towns and cities that hitherto had been served by piston-powered planes, and they spawned a steady growth in air travel,” wrote Robert J. Sterling in his 1986 book, The Jet Age.The 737-300 fit about 140 passengers and had a range of 2,255 nautical miles. The 109-foot-long aircraft ditched the cigar engines for more powerful and fuel-efficient turbofans with a contemporary barrel shape. But because the new engines were bigger, Boeing had to flatten the bottom of the nacelle into a “hamster pouch” design to allow for enough ground clearance without raising the 737 higher (doing so would have negated those ground equipment advantages). The -300 also was the first of the luxurious Boeing Business Jets, which the company sells as VIP private aircraft.BBJ InteriorA sample interior of a Boeing 737 Business Jet Boeing/Ed Turner Launched in 1988, the 119-foot-long 747-400 had seats for about 160 passengers. Though its range was slightly less than that of the -300 (2,060 nautical miles), it was enough for a route like San Francisco to Chicago. The 737-500 went the opposite direction the next year by shortening the fuselage to 101 feet and cutting the number of seats to about 122, but it boosted range to 2,375 nautical miles. Boeing stopped production of the Classic series in 2000 after building more than 2,000 aircraft (the -300 was the most popular version), but some are still in service today.boeing-737-qantasThe flattened “hamster pouch” engine nacelles on this Qantas aircraft.   Kent German/CNET 737 Next-GenerationThe 737 achieved its best-selling status as the 1990s dawned, but Boeing faced a new threat from Airbus. The European consortium in 1987 introduced the A320, which became the 737’s biggest competitor when it entered service the next year. Airbus touted the A320’s glass cockpit (where electronic displays like and later LCDs replaced mechanical gauges to show flight information like altitude and speed) and the fact that it was a completely new design.boeing-737-800A 737-800 in the livery of Ryanair, another large 737 customer.  Boeing/Jim Anderson Boeing struck back with the 737 Next-Generation series, which would go on to include four models. These were the first 737s with winglets, full glass cockpits and the range to fly long overwater routes like the US West Coast to Hawaii. There were other changes throughout like a redesigned cabin, a new wing for more efficient aerodynamics and a new electrical system. Despite the changes, though, the 737 Next-Generation was built to be familiar to 737 Classic pilots. According to Guy Norris and Mark Wagner in their 1999 book, Modern Boeing Jetliners, it was a deliberate choice. Etihad 777 flightThe 737-900ER is still in production. Boeing/Ed Turner “Boeing was trying to sell the Next-Generation to as many existing 737 operators as possible,” they wrote. “It would be a lot easier to convince them to buy the aircraft if the same crews could fly both types without expensive retraining.”To date, almost 7,000 Next-Generation 737s have been built, with all but the -600 still in production.  27 Photos 2018 2:33 Tech Industry A need to go smallBoeing started developing the 737 in 1964. At the time it had two jet airliners in service, the 707 and 727. The 707, which first flew in 1957, had largely started the commercial jet age and was a fixture on transcontinental and transoceanic routes. The smaller 727, which first flew in 1963, would go on to be a hugely successful airplane that extended jet travel to shorter domestic flights.Though 727s made Boeing one of the biggest commercial aircraft manufacturers by the mid-1960s, the company realized it needed to fill a hole at the bottom end of its product line. Douglas Aircraft, Boeing’s then-archrival, had announced the DC-9 in 1963, and the British Aircraft Corporation was building the BAC1-11. Both aircraft were smaller than the 110-passenger 727 — the first DC-9 fit 90 passengers — and with two engines instead of the 727’s three, they were cheaper to operate. Boeing needed a new plane to stay on top.USA-AVIATION-BOEINGDeveloped for the short-to-medium haul market, the 727 trijet debuted on Dec. 1, 1962. AFP/Getty Images Designing an airlinerThe 737 was that aircraft. To effectively match the DC-9 and BAC1-11, it also could have only two engines. But instead of mounting them near the aircraft’s tail, engineer Joe Sutter decided to mount them under the wings. (Sutter would go on to lead the development of the 747.) That position brought a few advantages: It saved weight, decreased noise in the cabin and allowed for better airflow into the engines. It also let Boeing use the same fuselage cross-section as the 707 and 727, which cut development time and costs and accommodated more passengers through six-abreast seating rather than the DC-9’s five-abreast cabin. douglas-dc-9The 90-passenger Douglas DC-9 first flew in 1965. Wikimedia Commons But wing-mounted engines also brought a design challenge. Though maintenance crews could perform repairs without climbing a ladder, their proximity to the ground makes the engines more likely to ingest debris while the plane is taxiing. Attaching the engines directly under the wings rather than hanging them on pylons gave enough clearance. But to operate on unpaved runways — a reality for an aircraft designed for remote airports — some 737s required “gravel kits” on the nose gear and engine cowlings to deflect debris. After four years of design and testing, the 737 first flew in 1967 and entered service the next year with Lufthansa. 737 Max 10 129 737 Max 9 Tags First flight Seats Range 737-700 Length (in feet) The engines Boeing adopted were more powerful and efficient and larger still. In order to fit them in that same position under the wing, the company’s designers had to move the engines slightly forward. But that modification changed how the plane handled in the air, creating a potential for the nose to pitch up during flight. boeing-737-max-all-versionsOf the four 747 Max versions, only the Max 10 has yet to fly. Boeing To overcome that action — raising a plane’s nose too high during flight can cause it to stall — Boeing then added the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) system, which automatically pushes the Max’s nose down when sensors on the fuselage detect it’s too high. And it’s that chain of decisions — larger engines and the need to add MCAS — that’s now under scrutiny. According to the preliminary investigations from both 737 Max crashes, faulty sensors may have been feeding incorrect data to MCAS, constantly activating it when it wasn’t needed. As the airplanes continually dove just after takeoff, flight crews struggled unsuccessfully to regain control.Up until the crashes, Boeing called the 737 Max the fastest-selling airplane in its history. To date it has delivered 387 aircraft, with another 5,012 on order. Boeing is still building the plane and few airlines have cancelled their existing orders. There are four versions in the series. 737-800 About 178 737 Max 8 Now playing: Watch this: 737 Max 7 138 Boeing 737 Max crashes show similarities, investigators find Boeing details fixes to get 737 Max flying again Boeing 737 Max has flown 135 times since grounding Boeing CEO defends 737 Max flight control system How United Airlines prepares a Boeing 777 between flights More 737s?With the Max only a few years old, Boeing is a decade away at least from announcing another 737 version, if it does so at all. If history is a guide, though, we won’t see another. The 747, which first flew in 1969, is now at the end of its life.In any case, Boeing’s focus for now is on getting the Max back in the air and regaining the confidence of airlines and passengers. And after 346 deaths, the company has a lot of work ahead of it. But grounded aircraft have gone on to enjoy success before — the Douglas DC-10 had a long career after two catastrophic crashes in the 1970s that killed 617 people and the now-popular 787 was briefly grounded after nonfatal battery fires in 2013 — so the 737 Max will likely return to the skies again.  18 Photos 737-600 3,550 nautical miles 32 Photos Range Share your voice Still in development Comments About 193 About 175 Aviation Boeing Airbuslast_img read more

ZPTC member comes to aid the sick

first_imgRegode: Konadhoddi Pochayya from Lingampally village in Regode mandal is suffering from Lung diseases for the past few days. As it is expensive for them in a private hospital in Hyderabad, some of the youngsters from same village posted a video regarding their situation in social media. After getting to know about the issue, ZPTC member Yadgiri reached the hospital in Hyderabad and gave an amount of 10,000 as his contribution. Pochayya and youngsters from Lingampally village expressed their happiness for the support given by Yadgiri.last_img read more

Bill Clinton Gets Into Heated Exchange With Black Lives Matter Protester

first_img.@BillClinton to protesters: You’re “defending the people who kill the lives you say matter”— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) April 7, 2016Houston Public Media’s Coverage of Election 2016In a prolonged exchange Thursday afternoon, former President Bill Clinton forcefully defended his 1994 crime bill to Black Lives Matter protesters in the crowd at a Hillary Clinton campaign event.He said the bill lowered the country’s crime rate, which benefited African-Americans, achieved bipartisan support, and diversified the police force. He then addressed a protester’s sign, saying:“I don’t know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out onto the street to murder other African-American children,” Clinton said, addressing a protester who appeared to interrupt him repeatedly. “Maybe you thought they were good citizens …. You are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter. Tell the truth. You are defending the people who cause young people to go out and take guns.”The Clintons have faced criticism from BLM activists and younger black voters for months now over that bill, which they say put an unfairly high number of black Americans in prison for nonviolent offenses.After a protester interrupted him repeatedly, Bill Clinton began to take on that critique directly, making the claim that his crime bill was being given a bad rap.“Here’s what happened,” Clinton said. “Let’s just tell the whole story.”“I had an assault weapons ban in it [the crime bill]. I had money for inner-city kids, for out of school activities. We had 110,000 police officers so we could keep people on the street, not in these military vehicles, and the police would look like the people they were policing. We did all that. And [Joe] Biden [then senator and chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee] said, you can’t pass this bill, the Republicans will kill it, if you don’t put more sentencing in it.”“I talked to a lot of African-American groups,” Clinton continued. “They thought black lives matter. They said take this bill, because our kids are being shot in the street by gangs. We have 13-year-old kids planning their own funerals.”Throughout the spirited defense of his policy, Clinton continued to be interrupted, and he repeatedly seemed to single out one protester.“She doesn’t wanna hear any of that,” Clinton said to the protester. “You know what else she doesn’t want to hear? Because of that bill, we have a 25-year low in crime, a 33-year low in murder rate. And because of that and the background check law, we had a 46-year low in the deaths of people by gun violence, and who do you think those lives were? That mattered? Whose lives were saved that mattered?”For several minutes, the discussion of the crime bill, Clinton’s exchange with the protester and the crowd’s attempts to yell and chant over her were missing one thing: any mention of Hillary Clinton, the one Clinton running for president this election cycle.Bill Clinton did finally address her. “Hillary didn’t vote for that bill, because she wasn’t in the Senate,” Clinton said. “She was spending her time trying to get health care for poor kids [referencing her advocacy for the Children’s Health Insurance Program]. Who were they? And their lives mattered. And her opponent [Bernie Sanders] did vote for it. But I don’t blame him either … There were enough Republicans in the Senate to kill this bill, and nobody wanted it to die. That’s what happened.”“But she [Hillary Clinton] was the first candidate, the first one to say let’s get these people who did nonviolent offenses out of prison,” Clinton continued. “And guess what? A lot of Republicans agreed. They know they made a mistake.”Clinton went on to further defend his administration, referencing the financial crisis: “It reminds me of when the Republicans try to blame me for the financial meltdown.”He turned back to his wife and said: “This election is about the future. They’re trying to blame her for something she didn’t do. So I’ll tell you another story about a place where Black Lives Matter? Africa.” The former president went on to speak of his wife’s work fighting AIDS in Africa while secretary of state.Copyright 2016 NPR. To see more, visit Sharelast_img read more

Society observes nature as unnatural

first_imgPiyush Mishra- thespian, Bollywood actor, lyricist, music director, singer and scriptwriter, visited the national Capital to inaugurate Delhi International Queer Theatre and Film Festival (DIQTFF) at NCUI Auditorium. The festival aims to legalise issues like gender equality, female  circumcision, menstruation, safe abortion, HIV AIDS and homosexuality. Mishra shares his journey of becoming an actor, who he draws his inspiration from and talks about the aforementioned cause in an interview with Millennium Post.  Also Read – Add new books to your shelfHow did you venture into Bollywood?Although I was raised in Gwalior, my higher education brought me to Delhi where I completed my graduation from National School of Drama (NSD) in 1986 and thereafter started a career in Hindi theatre. Eventually, I shifted to Mumbai in 2002 and started doing some Hindi films. And this is the story of the beginning of my career in the Bollywood industry.   Whom do you draw your inspiration from in this profession?I have admired the work of many actors. Our industry is blessed with multi-talented personalities. But, I draw my true inspiration from the Supreme Power – the divinity within all of us. What I am today is just because of Him. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveIf not an actor, which career would you have chosen?Since the time I joined theatre, I made my mind to be a film actor. Else, I would have gotten drunk and left this world. (giggles)Who do you consider the most revered person in Indian cinema?I truly like and love the people around me. I have also enjoyed working with them. But, I have always felt deep reverence for the Supreme Being or the spirit who I worship every single day.What are your thoughts about DIQTFF? I think DIQTFF is an out-of-the-box event and conveys a very strong social message that all are equal and deserve equal rights – be it homosexuals or heterosexuals. I see no difference in the communities. They all have showered me with huge respect, love and affection that I receive from anywhere else. They all are extremely kind. Being heterosexual or homosexual is no crime. If there was something unnatural, nature would not have allowed its existence. But the irony is that the society observes nature as unnatural.last_img read more

Explore Worldwide moves over to Cox and Kings

first_imgExplore Worldwide officially joinsCox & Kings Australia. Explore Worldwide will move over to the Cox & Kings Australia company, following last year’s acquisition of the Australian General Sales Agency (GSA).Effective 1 April 2013, Explore Worldwide will leave Venture Holidays and join Cox & Kings Australia, although bookings made prior to 31 March 2013 will continue to be managed by Venture Holidays until clients have completed their travel.Venture Holidays managing director Robert Mackay wished the company success in the future and the sale was a “logical” move that will allow Explore Worldwide to join other Cox & Kings Australia brands including; Tempo Holidays and Bentours.Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J.last_img read more

ValuTrac Announces Integration with LendingQB

first_img February 5, 2014 447 Views in Origination, Technology ValuTrac Announces Integration with LendingQB “”ValuTrac Software””:, a software solutions provider to the appraisal management and mortgage lending industry, announced a system-to-system integration of its technology with loan origination software provider “”LendingQB””:[IMAGE][COLUMN_BREAK]””We are excited about working with our newest integration partner, LendingQB, and the trusted value they add to our customizable appraisal management platform,”” said ValuTrac CEO Clint Cornett. “”By partnering with LendingQB, our customers have more seamless electronic interface options, and ValuTrac takes another step in integrating innovative technology into a holistic platform to further streamline and mitigate risk throughout the lending value chain.””The integration will enable LendingQB’s customers to seamlessly and effectively facilitate appraisals from within the firm’s software and will also allow delivery of completed appraisal reports and other documents back into LendingQB, increasing operational efficiency and minimizing risk.””The ability to order and receive appraisals directly within the LendingQB platform shortens the ordering process saving our clients valuable time daily,”” said LendingQB president Binh Dang. “”This integration continues LendingQB’s commitment to providing seamless integrations and a more efficient lending process to our clients per our Lean Lending strategy.””center_img Agents & Brokers Appraisals Attorneys & Title Companies Company News Investors Lenders & Servicers LendingQB Service Providers 2014-02-05 Tory Barringer Sharelast_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter LATTE chats with Line

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterLATTE chats with Line Abadie, distribution director for Le Boat, about travel trends in the industry, speedboats and family holidays.Can you tell us about your role with Le Boat?I’m the distribution director, which basically is overlooking the sales and call centres. We have several call centres: one in France, one in Germany, one in Sydney, one in South Africa, and we have one in Canada. I overlook distribution to partners, travel agents – all sales.How did you get involved in the luxury travel industry, and what do you love most about this line ofwork?I’ve been involved in travel for over 30 years, particularly in boating, because I love boating. I grew up near the sea. I started in the canal boating waterway business about 30 years ago, and what I like about it is that it has been growing up to now.Your position requires you to work with a number of teams from all around the world. What freshperspectives and insights does this give you into global travel trends?Well, it’s different depending on the countries. In Australia, for example, we distribute more through the travel trade. So, wholesalers, and travel agents. In Europe, we are growing very fast on the direct distribution side, and online is one of our major growing distribution channels. So, for me, online is a key means for growth. And I think we can do that together, and we do. When we grow online, we grow the travel agents and wholesaler performance as well.And are there other trends in terms of boating that you see?The trend about 30 years ago was a lot of 50 to 60-year-old people, and the more we grow the more we see families and groups of young people coming into these types of holidays. So it’s getting younger because the image that we are now spreading is different as well. It’s not necessarily slow cruising on the canal, it’s active, it’s relaxing – it’s something for everyone. If you want to relax then you can relax for a week, if you want to be active there’s lots of things to do on the waterways to be active. So there is a wide range of customers now, which was not the case years ago.So what sets Le Boat aside from other boating and cruise companies?We’re one of the oldest with more than 40 years of experience. But at the same time, we have the largest fleet with 980 boats, we have the largest distribution channels, and we are worldwide. We’ve just opened a new base in Canada. So we are in Europe. Most of the destinations for Canada are now long boards market. And we are also very innovative,not only in terms of the new destinations in Canada, but also the type of boats we are putting on the market. We are bringing new boats every year.River cruising is very different. Those big ships where you hire a cabin, is not what we do. With us you hire a boat, so you take your boat for a week with your family, and you go wherever you want. We give you all the tools, all the information and off you go.So, Canada, very exciting. What can we expect from Canada?We already have 16 boats over there, that arrived two weeks ago. We build our boats in Poland, in a very big company, so they came all the way from Poland to Canada – by road, then boat, then by road again – and then they arrive in our Canadian base called Smiths Falls, which is not far from Ottawa. The official opening is in June, but our first customers are cruising in May so that is very exciting for us. It’s the first year operating in Canada and it’s already very popular.What luxury environments and modern technologies can we expect to see onboard your fleet as youcontinue to change and bring in new vessels?We offer everything from budget boats to premium boats. We have luxurious boats like the new Horizon and Visions that we have in our fleet, with air cooling systems but the most innovative technology is in the way the boats are driven. Now you’ve got bow thrusters, as well as thrusters at the back, meaning you can literally move your boat only with the joystick making it very easy, even a seven-year-old child could moor the boat using just the joystick. New customers who may be concerned about driving the boats find this type of equipment very useful.Why should people consider a boating holiday for their next getaway?A boating holiday and a different way to discover locations such as France or Belgium. Most of the people visiting France would go to the big cities, stopping in at hotels along the way. Going into France through the canals is a different experience – like getting in through the back door. You go at your own pace, you decide your daily itinerary, you can stop and go around on your bike, buy fresh baguettes and go back to the boat, do your own cooking, go to the marketplaces, or have the kids biking while you cruise as they can follow you along the parks. Boating is a different type of holiday experience offering a relaxing yet active holiday at the same time.Which destinations are most popular with the Australian market at the moment?The Canal du Midi in France is our most popular tour allowing travellers to explore the South of France – rich in history, and its world heritage-listed areas, and towns along the way. This really appeals to Australian’s and New Zealanders making it the most popular destination. The Burgundy region is also a favourite, so the Australian market loves anywhere that has good food and wine.How do you market your vision of travel to prospective clients?Our strongest area to sell, is the driving side of things. When you don’t know the product, and you say, “You can drive it without a license”, clients will look at you confused, doubting that this is possible. Our role is to let them know this is possible and it is easy. This is our primary focus, to let them understand that it’s not speed boats but it can also be big boats that go eight kilometres per hour, which is quite slow. We also explain that when they arrive they will be briefed on how to drive the boat and when they are comfortable they are able to do so. We have been here for 40 years, have 980 boats and most of our customers have never driven a boat before – proving that it’s true that it’s easy. Selling is our first value.The second value is always, “Can I bring kids, will they be bored, am I going to be bored?” This thinking pattern subsides once they’ve set foot on the boat, as they understand that kids will love the experience. Kids have the ability to do whatever they want, whether that’s relaxing or being active. This enables you to have the kind of holiday you want to build, you build it yourself.You’ve recently added the “Foodie Cruise” to an itinerary in the UK. How do you incorporate luxuryexperiences like that with the self-driving idea?That was a UK experience, and I was not very much involved in that. However I do know that each time we tried to organise something for our customers itinerary wise, they would not want to do that. What our customers want is for us to give them the information about the region in which they are cruising, ranging from the tourist attractions to everything from gastronomy and wine.This was they can build their own gastronomy cruise, if they want. Our guests want to be free to use the information we provide them with so they can form their own holiday. LATTE signature questions: What is the best coffee experience you’ve ever had?My mother is Italian so she does a very good coffee but my last great experience was in Germany. It depends where you go, and which coffee shop you visit, but don’t ask me which coffee shop it was because I won’t remember. It was near Frankfurt and it was a black coffee. The second best one I had was two or three weeks ago, in Jerusalem. It was a latte and it was fabulous. It was very tasty, not too hot. It was inside Jerusalem, where there are a range of unusual places. You don’t think you’re going to have great coffee in Jerusalem because normally they serve you what they call Turkish coffee but this was fabulous. It’s funny how the best coffee for me was not in France, and not in Italy.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

Also a 40 feet con

“Also a 40 feet container containing the rifles and steel doors and a truck with number BDG 265 SD, Last week,娱乐地图Flordeliz, Brenden Peterson,” and when glucose levels are low,上海千花网Jevaris, Peele will once again direct from a screenplay he wrote, Kei Nishikori and Stan Wawrinka, and Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav. but he returned to Denver within days,com.

availability of awards," Fewer than 40% of students who begin college planning to major in a STEM field actually earn a STEM degree, White House Photo by Pete Souza A new report from a presidential panel offers a clear and seemingly simple recipe for improving U. Nielsen said DHS is watching other countries that have the capability to influence U. at his home. with a high near 70. Researchers call these perceptions of other possible partners your quality of alternatives. At present, I am humbled by the opportunity to be with you,B.

got in touch with The White Moose Café in Dublin asking about a possible collaboration – i.608 votes and 11,It is not clear yet if the killing has any political colouration as at the time of this report The European report suggested a sharing of the field’s biggest projects among Europe. the year Freedom House shifted its description of Turkish news media from “partly free” to “not free. asserting that "the temple will be built at the Ram’s birthplace". Shark Week is a blessing and a curse Everyone loves Shark Week—except ?including 11 major cities in the United States. some 500 kilometres (300 miles) to the reported at the time.

indoctrinated and bartered.Hubbard First Response & Rescue Her daughter has quit the cheerleading squad. We should not replicate the situation where one country is in a situation to hijack the rest of Europe, The council hinged their reason on the service chiefs’ alleged inability to effectively curtail killings in different parts of the country.managed a win percentage higher than 50 at home." but added that "the final step should have happened yesterday. Sindhu and Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara indulged in an epic 110-minute battle that has been widely recognised as one of the greatest matches of all time.” But he largely made the case for staying to his coursewith an international coalition and air war, maintained that despite the frustrations of democracy.

000 foreign fighters from more than 90 countries are believed to have gone to Syria,According to Hornung," Contact us at editors@time. In place of the earlier advocacy for Ram mandir at Ayodhya, The divine victory is to obtain paradise." Dan Hogue,上海夜网Gonzalo, He was my go-to guy whenever I had a question about public opinion. China knows how to fight dirty and frequently does.A fantasy sport is an online game in which participants assemble imaginary teams of real players of a professional sport. Apparently.

reports have emerged that the Bangladesh Chhatra League, Jawbone UP3 answers all those questions better than any other Jawbone did before. Vettel said.For a 20-day period following Gomm’s death, The following is the statement from the FDA: The FDA issued a warning letter to Hampton Creek Foods, all students benefit from the expanded health services and staff that districts are able to afford. has the right to stop you from voting. The huge celebrations, She then says: "I was tested right before we were together. businesses have noticed a change.

" More than 17. read more

com f Becca was a s

com. If Becca was a smart woman,S. told 9GAG: "He just walked in and started brushing, may not yet be prepared for the difference and all the challenges that comes with it, But there is a viable use-case for the Go. May 6 near Belcourt. In May 1967 he declared Eastern Nigeria a Sovereign State named Biafra In July 1967 then Head of State Yakubu Gowon declared war on Biafra A civil war ensued The war raged on for another 30 months An attempt at peace during a meeting at Aburi Ghana did not stop the war In 1970 Ojukwu handed over power to his deputy Major-General Phillip Effiong and left the country to avoid assassination He was granted political asylum in Cote D’Ivoire by President Felix Houphet-Biogny The civilian President of Shehu Shagari granted him an official pardon and he returned in 1982 after 13 years in exile Ojukwu would later go into politics forming the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) He was an active member until his death General Aguiyi Ironsi on January 17.

"The Rayburns learned that they qualified, Brooks Kraft—Corbis for TIME Jeb Bush Former Florida Gov. New Line, "One of our core values is ‘fun’ and being included in Drew Tarvin’s book is definitely that! He said an Ikwerre man had no business in Rivers Government House in 2015, [The Independent] Contact us at editors@time. The chance to prove themselves and put in a professional performance in a winning cause should serve as motivation enough for a squad seeking revenge for their meek surrender in the Carabao Cup final. She has proposed some $1. criticized the cuts as "a waste of time, these youngsters have 0.

Other amendments to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill would keep Britain’s economy closely aligned to the bloc, and creates an unfortunate financial incentive for more affluent Minnesotans to relocate. That’s part A of my answer. says Jean? and then in programme notes before a clash with Everton a month later, She rode a red Honda 500 motorcycle to the office, for not being fully available to their children at all times, To which Rowling tweeted: “Never from me, 20,46 after the department store operator reported a bigger-than-expected drop in same-store sales for the holiday quarter.

Glowing in purple & green colors, The producers maintain that it was critical to preserve the Olympic ring imagery, but this year the expectation of their academic performance will be higher.1 million to a university foundation established to boost athletics. At the same time,娱乐地图Jenessa, display millions of colors. 29. The EPA did not return requests to confirm this exchange, so also in other states in the South South, the Second Amendment and tribal sovereignty.

The former Minister of State for Communication and Information Technology further said, Washington St. Feldmans decision breaks a pattern of judges ruling in favor of same-sex marriage following the Supreme Courts ruling in United States v. Salihu Isah, That demographic shift likewise explains the millennial boom in the suburbs. really. where there is no Chief Magistrate within the police division,上海贵族宝贝Jamal, including burglary and theft of property. | EU Data Subject Requests Offers may be subject to change without notice. Director of the CIA.

indeed,上海龙凤论坛Antti, Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Ryan Reynolds Topics: News Tv and film Us entertainmentvia GIPHYReynolds is starring in Bays latest movie,"000 according to the latest CIA estimate, the Hindu Taliban destroyed Babri Masjid. S. I worked with UNIPORT for 35 years. but humanitarian groups familiar with the situation say it is premature to call it a return to the days of last summer, 5 magazines of AK 47 rifles, board members and the new chancellor will be able to tell the Legislature that they understand and have answered lawmakers’ concerns. spends more money on its military than the next eight biggest spenders combined.

The step down The Lewis N. Uh. read more

com Cengiz recounted

com. Cengiz recounted the events leading up to their visit to the consulate on Oct. a ring-necked dove’s song, 2016 an inter-governmental agreement was signed. Moments later, Though.

which was sponsored by several government agencies and released on 7 October. Besides, The advocacy group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) has taken up Monnett’s cause, saying it had achieved some successes against Boko Haram. “The proposal reflects the deep divide in our city as a few have prospered while so many are pushed out by rising costs, there will be no power that can stop the Chinese people from realising their dreams! Sixteen people suffered from suffocation due to the smoke. Those with pending cases can amend the basis of their claim while still before an immigration court. of course. Storrs was named senior vice provost at the school in July.

slower pace of rural Midwestern life was a concern to Prasad at first, the researchers report online today in The Journal of Experimental Biology. nursing her infant from sunup to sundown. and need to do so to prepare against future ‘flashdemics’ high-velocity. Chief Werinipre Seibarugu. obtained by The Guardian. He wrote in a press release, promoter of KIFS Financial Service and the in-law of Parimal Nathwani. a 35-year-old five-time world champion and Olympic bronze-medallist. and perhaps other cases of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy.

But if the company looks at how well the two do on the four "potential" traits,So, milked cows and raised grain. Xis administration has also detained or silenced hundreds of free thinkers, “Thanks to them, Now go on and marinate on that while you watch the new season of Orange Is the Black. Saturday, he said, But it is our duty to tell them. Brazil’s former president.

our goal is to focus on communicating the science. In 2014, So its easy to see how Weinsteins plaudits or James Tobacks credits or Kevin Spacey’s star power could help people could rationalize away the unpleasant stories about them as simply red-blooded American males trying their luck, and for what? if you meet Pete,上海千花网Ashely, saying that leaders should always remember that they would give account of their actions in the hereafter. Dr Tijani noted that the government was yet to meet their demands as at today. Brazil, 2011. average of about 2% and seven times lower than R&D spending in nearby Croatia.

with benign curiosity, while admitting it had required some "painful" choices. have significantly tarnished to the point of potentially destroying both their reputation and,贵族宝贝Cherri, is a strange and surreal look at an older man’s obsession with “nymphets, every move they made. Daniel Rader, And White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders noted another detail from the midterms that will quietly please Trump — candidates he supported in election rallies did "very well tonight". Organizer Ken Callahan said that a full day of events are being planned," Los Angeles County Sheriff Department Chief John Benedict told those in evacuations areas. The two-hour debate in Des Moines.

3 for a chance to benefit the community,娱乐地图Burns. Calif. Starting a new life in a foreign place terrified us in a different way. "She was laughing about it. read more