Cuttack ATM looters held in U.P.

first_imgThe City police have cracked a cyber crime involving economic offence and have arrested two youths from Uttar Pradesh in this connection. The police have seized over ₹2 lakh in cash and several fake ATM cards, PAN cards, press cards, voter identity cards and Aadhaar cards from them.The Cantonment police here last month received a complaint from a cash dispensing agency that manages several ATM kiosks in the city, alleging that about ₹1.7 lakh cash went missing in two city ATMs on February 5 evening during a short interruption of power supply.After examining the CCTV footages and bank transactions, the city police zeroed in on one Gafur Malik and his accomplice Sonu Malik of Ghaziabad district in UP. “Both had earlier worked as ATM operators,” said city DCP Sanjib Arora.last_img read more

Din in Odisha Assembly over Mahanadi dispute

first_imgThe dispute between Odisha and Chhattisgarh over sharing of Mahanadi water dominated the Odisha Assembly proceedings when the second phase of the budget session began here on Wednesday.The House witnessed noisy scenes as the legislators of the ruling Biju Janata Dal stood up on their seats as soon as the Question Hour began and raised slogans against the BJP-led government at the Centre, accusing it of conspiring to deprive Odisha of its share of the Mahanadi water.The BJD legislators demanded that concrete measures be initiated by the Centre for functioning of the tribunal set up to resolve the Mahanadi dispute between Odisha and Chhattisgarh.When Speaker Pradip Kumar Amat adjourned the proceedings, the BJD members staged a dharna near the statue of Mahatma Gandhi inside the Assembly premises.The ruling party lawmakers accused the Centre of being partial towards Chhattisgarh in the Mahanadi issue. They claimed that the river had dried up in Odisha because of a conspiracy.Leader of the Opposition and senior Congress leader Narasingha Mishra blamed the BJD for creating a ruckus in the House leading to adjournment.The Mahanadi issue is likely to remain in focus as the BJD has announced to organise a conference of people’s representatives from 15 districts on April 15 to decide the future course of action to get adequate water of the river for Odisha.last_img read more

Brownie Points

first_imgNewsweek recently anointed South Asians the “new American masala,” but the signs as the Oracle might say were always there. A little South Asian girl looks down at a supine Keanu Reeves at the beginning of The Matrix Revolution.Tops that look like kurtas hang on the racks in departmental stores in the hip Soho neighborhood of Manhattan. At a gym in San Francisco, young women kick their legs in an aerobics class as Punjabi MC and Jay-Z belt out “Mundiya te bach ke.” And most recently the holiest of the Holy Grails, Bombay Dreams opened on Broadway on April 29.If this clicks it could it be the dawn of the New Brown Age of Desi Cool in America? In 1492 Columbus thought he had discovered the Indians. Now finally after more than six centuries of waiting we might have discovered him.“If Bombay Dreams is a success in the States, then we’ve crossed a huge milestone,” says actor Aasif Mandvi. “All the Indians in the tri-state area will be going to go see Bombay Dreams, but it still has to cross over to a large non-Indian audience.” Mandvi’s one person play Sakina’s Restaurant got rave reviews in 1998-99 and helped land him the title role in Ismail Merchant’s The Mystic Masseur, but Sakina was not considered a financial success. And ultimately that’s the currency of cool.“It will last as long as people buy it. Just follow the dollar,” says Mandvi.When I first landed as a grad student in the United States at the end of the eighties, my little university town in Illinois was bursting with desi grad students, but had little to offer them. There were no all-you-can eat lunch buffets that now dot Silicon Valley.One “international” store offered basic spices, but if you wanted panchphoran forget it. Now you can go to a supermarket in Sunnyvale in the heart of Silicon Valley at 8 pm and get your Neem toothpaste and hing.Ads for a desi grocery store in the program brochure of a Vijay Tendulkar play in a suburb of Boston offer “baby goat meat” and “frozen fish from Bangladesh.” The local high-end grocery store in my own granola and organic neighborhood in San Francisco stocks ready-made and packaged Dal Maharani and Palak Paneer among the organic baby spinach, firm tofu and soymilk.Some say America’s Indian embrace started with India opening its markets to the multinationals. The giant cosmetics industries have been called the main forces behind the dawning of the age of Sushmita Sens and Aishwariya Rais on the fashion firmament.But the sea change, it seems stems from the numbers.According to the last census, the desi population in the United States doubled in 10 years to 2.18 million in 2000. Thousands and thousands of engineers gobbled up the H1-B visas. Most of them were young men, missing mom’s home cooking. Not surprisingly Indian restaurants started popping up in the areas they congregated – from the nan-tandoori staples to homestyle cooking from the kitchens of enterprising housewives to idlis and dosas served in stores that were carefully made to look like the IIT-mess complete with carom boards.Meanwhile in San Francisco, the rundown Tenderloin, once home to gloomy dark hole-in-the-wall bars, seedy massage parlors with flashing signs and corner stores selling liquor and beef jerky, started attracting so many dhaba-style Indian/Pakistani restaurants that the local newspaper dubbed it Tandoorloin.Nowadays walking down the street, you can still see the occasional drunk lying in a stupor on the sidewalk. But the pervasive smell is the rich charred aroma of tandoori and creamy tikka masala rather than cheap liquor and urine.The economic downturn and the dot com bust hit the Indian population hard. Suddenly the H1-B stream reduced to a trickle. More and more engineers started returning home.“Many of those engineers might have gone back to India, but the taste of India remains,” says Sohel Subedar who runs Mela, one of the oldest desi restaurants in the area. “They introduced their co-workers to this food before they left. Now Americans are getting a taste for Indian food whereas once they thought it was an instant ulcer.”Food often is the immigrants’ first point of entry into America. “For most Americans too, their first glimpse of Indian culture is at a restaurant,” explains Lisa Tsering, entertainment editor of India West, a California weekly.Thanks to the ubiquity of the H1-B engineers and the sudden fame of hotshots like Hotmail’s Sabeer Bhatia, director M. Night Shyamalan and Pulitzer winner Jhumpa Lahiri, Indians were no longer the invisible modern minority. Lagaan’s Oscar nomination and the images of Aishwariya Rai at Cannes all helped boost that visibility.We were the model citizens: winning spelling bees, writing reams of code and buying responsible cars like Hondas and Toyotas. We had money, motels, and a lobbying firm in Washington.But we were never cool.But when Hollywood anoints you, you are transformed. Suddenly we are the stuff that dreams are made of. We came here in search of the American dream. Now, we are in it.“The door is definitely opening,” says Tsering, who has been covering the entertainment industry since 1991. “(Gurinder Chadha’s) Bride and Prejudice (starring Rai) might be the one that really opens the door,” says Tsering.Bollywood is finally entering the American imagination. At the University of Washington, Keith Snodgrass teaches Bollywood as part of course on Media and Society in South Asia. Most of Snodgrass’ students are non Indians or second generation Indians trying to fathom why their parents are addicted to Hindi films.This year on Academy Awards night, the biggest Oscar gala in San Francisco, a black tie affair hosted by the Academy of Friends decided to go for A Hollywood to Bollywood Theme.“Our event has always centered around a celebration of the movies and Bollywood and the window it provides into Indian culture seemed a natural choice,” says T. J. Snyder, publicity chair of Academy of Friends.It was a resounding success complete with palm readers and Bharatanatyam dancers, studly half naked young men with henna tattoos on their rippling abs and white men in tuxes and bindis moving through swishing curtains of silk while the overhead televisions broadcast the Oscars live.Part Maharaja-fantasy, part Jungle Book, a Bollywood theme can make quite a splash. Renda Dabit of Hennagarden was in charge of bringing Bollywood to life at the gala. Dabit, a Palestinian-American who opened the first Henna salon in the United States in 1996 remembers that for the first ten days of her salon in Berkeley she had no customers. Now she has up to 35 artists working at her store during peak time.After branching into event production, Dabit put on some Indian-themed parties for big corporations with a lot of South Asian employees.“Bollywood and India are hot,” says Dabit who also offers other themes like Old West and Orient Express. “If it’s New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles now, in five years it will be in Texas and Minneapolis. So Bollywood still has a plenty of juice left in it.”But others worry that like everything else that’s “hot” this is America’s latest fad. Once upon a time it was kung fu.“I love Bruce Lee,” says Anmol Chaddha, co-director of Yellow Apparel: When Coolie Becomes Cool which dealt with commodification of Asian culture. “But what did it do for Asians’ economic and political power?” He points to the popularity of African American culture from rap to hip hop and soul. “People want to see a black person on TV but don’t necessarily want them next door,” says Chaddha.Christine Wong says the popularity comes at a price. An associate editor with YO! Youth Outlook magazine, she remembers how at the height of Kung Fu mania, she was constantly asked by classmates in her rural, mostly white town if she knew Bruce Lee.And post-Bruce Lee she says Asians are stuck playing roles with funny accents even if they have none in real life like Pat Morita of the Karate Kid movies.“I hope their growing visibility in mass culture will allow South Asian Americans to correct stereotypes and have a stronger voice in national dialogues on race,” writes Wong. “We don’t need any more grinning comic-relief sidekicks, over-done accents or “exotic” hotties. But I doubt Apu (the store owner in the cartoon The Simpsons) will be packing up his Kwik-E Mart any time soon.”The interest in things Indian is not entirely new. Yoga and sitars all had their 15 minutes of fame. But that was fizzless karma cola in comparison. The difference this time is Indians are calling the shots, instead of just handing their sitars over to the Beatles to twang. Sudhir Vaishnav is intimately involved in the marketing of Bombay Dreams on Broadway.It’s not just the entertainment industry. Birthday cards reproducing old kitschy Indian matchbox covers pop up in retro stores. Lunch boxes with Krishna or Ganesha are suddenly popular.Tight body hugging t-shirts in the tourist trap stores in San Francisco’s gay Castro district say San Francisco in Devnagari scipt. The vinyl covers of our rickshaws are suddenly being converted into 100-dollar tote bags for the fashionistas.“All things can be turned into lunch boxes and throw rugs,” cautions Mandvi trying to draw the line between commercialization of Indian culture and appreciation of it. “In a consumer society, things are only as valuable as how many people want to buy it. Therefore it’s a way to get people to buy Indian culture, without actually having to understand it.”The disconnect is pretty apparent if one examines the plight of South Asians after 9/11. One of the first victims of the post 9/11 backlash was a Sikh gas station owner in Arizona. Temples were looted and vandalized.A Pakistani family trying to make biryani in Pennsylvania found FBI agents in moon suits bursting into their home and rifling through the spice cabinets. A suspicious neighbor thought they were making bombs or something.Now the fuss over outsourcing has heightened tensions in an electoral year. Rohit Khanna running for office in San Mateo county in California received threatening phone calls accusing him of taking jobs from “real” Americans.“That’s not surprising. A bindi on Madonna may be cool but my mom wearing a bindi is still a ‘dothead’ and a target for discrimination,” says Anmol Chaddha who is also a research associate with ARC, hreferring to the Dotbuster gangs that harassed and attacked South Asians in the 80’s. “Our lives as South Asians are not improved because white Americans can go to malls and try on bindis. They after all can take them off when they are not convenient.”The danger of cool is also that we can be chewed up and processed and spat out as millions of cookie-cutter lunch boxes with images of Krishna stamped on them. Probably made in China! And once you enter the American Dream factory there is no telling who will consume whom.There have already been missteps. American Eagle put Lord Ganesh on slippers, Gold Medal Hosiery Company put Om on socks. Images of Gods and toilet seats, Gandhi as a comic wimp in Maxim magazine and rock icon Tina Turner being tapped to play Kali/Durga/Shakti have all sparked the anger of Hindu organizations.“Of course people don’t have a lot of information about India or Bollywood,” admits Dabit of Hennagarden. “So if they want to use images of Gods we have to educate them about what’s appropriate or not. We have to say would you use an image of Jesus Christ there?”But when Anisha Nagarajan, Sriram Ganesh and Manu Narayan belt out Shakalaka Baby on Broadway it represents the browning of Broadway as never seen before.Whether this shade of brown will last into next season or be replaced by the next flavor of the day remains to be seen. But for now, NBC entertainment is scouring the country looking for the cast of a new television sitcom. Nevermind Nirvana is about a desi family, the Mehtas – Arjun, Sonny, Raju, Sarita and the faithful family retainer, Govind Singh.Let the browning begin. Related Itemslast_img read more

Marcial brings experience, demeanor to PBA Commissioner’s Office

first_imgGlobe Business launches leading cloud-enabled and hardware-agnostic conferencing platform in PH Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss PLAY LIST 02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City John Lloyd Cruz a dashing guest at Vhong Navarro’s wedding READ: PBA now ‘letting players play’“The PBA is back and we heard that in the social media, and we give thanks to Willie for that. I’m getting excited to see more people in the venue who are really enjoying the games,” said Vargas. “He accepted the challenge and he looks forward with humility on his contributions to his stint as our commissioner.” Read Next Slow and steady hope for near-extinct Bangladesh tortoises Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC Marcial has been unanimously appointed by the Board as the new chieftain and will serve the term for the next three years.READ: Willie Marcial is new PBA commissioner FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSLillard, Anthony lead Blazers over ThunderSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutout“(Marcial) is probably one who has learned over the years in the PBA, learning from various types of commissioners, and knows so much of what that entails. So he will bring with him that experience, he will bring with him that demeanor, as opposed to getting a fresh candidate.”Marcial, 56, worked his way up the ranks from being a statistician during the time of Leo Prieto to serving as a floor director with TV coveror Vintage Enterprises from the commissionership of Rudy Salud to Jun Bernardino. He then joined the PBA under commissioner Noli Eala. Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. View comments MOST READ Willie Marcial. Photo by Tristan Tamayo/ INQUIRER.netExperience and expertise became Willie Marcial’s biggest asset when the PBA Board of Governors tapped him as the league’s 10th commissioner on Thursday.“It is important that we have somebody there  who grew up in the PBA, who understands the PBA and its by-laws, and who has been mentored by many of the PBA commissioners in the past,” said league chairman Ricky Vargas.ADVERTISEMENT NEXT BLOCK ASIA 2.0 introduces GURUS AWARDS to recognize and reward industry influencers Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH He has since worked closely with former PBA chiefs Sonny Barrios, Chito Salud, and Chito Narvasa, working his way up the ladder to his concurrent post as the PBA’s communications and external affairs director.READ: ‘Marcial law’: Belga, Brondial first to swap fines for community serviceNot only was Marcial the league’s longtime media bureau chief, Marcial also served as a special assistant to the commissioner over the years.“We’re in a scenario such as this where we are going through a difficult situation, we are going through change. And we felt that it is very appropriate, and maybe it was God’s will, that we have somebody like Willie who will see us through in this organization through this process,” said Vargas.With the PBA entering a new age, the Board of Governors have expressed confidence in the newly-installed commissioner as they themselves have observed the changes, with more fans regaining their trust in the PBA as evidenced by the bigger crowds trooping to the venues.ADVERTISEMENT 1st major title, top rank at stake in Halep-Wozniacki final LATEST STORIES 2 ‘newbie’ drug pushers fall in Lucena stinglast_img read more

Pakistan clerics declare suicide bombings unlawful

first_imgHundreds of Islamic scholars in Pakistan’s restive North Waziristan tribal region have declared suicide bombings as unlawful and asked all foreign militants hiding in the area to stop such attacks, according to media reports on Tuesday. About 300 religious scholars unanimously agreed on the move to declare suicide attacks as “haram” or forbidden by Islam and condemned all forms of terrorist activities in North Waziristan Agency. The scholars strongly condemned all those involved in recruiting and training suicide bombers. They issued a stern warning to terrorists that such acts would have serious consequences, Geo News channel reported. The meeting of the prominent ‘ulema’ of North Waziristan Agency was held in the Madrassah Nizamia religious school at Eidak, a town in Mirali area. The school is a leading and respected institution in North Waziristan. The meeting warned all foreigners to stop their violent activities as they can only live in North Waziristan peacefully according to local customs. A teenager who was arrested about two months ago after his suicide vest did not explode during an attack on a crowded Sufi shrine in Punjab province later told police that he had been trained in a camp in North Waziristan. He also revealed that around 300 youths were being trained at a centre in the region and would be sent out for attacks across Pakistan and Afghanistan. US authorities insist that al-Qaeda and Taliban elements have established numerous centres in North Waziristan for cross-border attacks on foreign and Afghan forces. Pakistan is under pressure from the US to launch a military operation against militants in North Waziristan, but Islamabad says it has no resources for such an offensive and that its troops are already engaged in other tribal regions. Pakistani media recently reported that the army has chalked out a strategy to separate violent extremists from tribesmen as the first step to weaken the militants. A decree from the Islamic scholars of Waziristan may be a step towards achieving the goal of isolating the extremists. Against the backdrop of the prevailing insecurity in North Waziristan Agency, the pronouncements by the ulema of the region are historic and very significant, Geo News quoted observers as saying.advertisement- With PTI inputsFor more news on India, click here.For more news on Business, click here.For more news on Movies, click here.For more news on Sports, click here.last_img read more

BCCI to wait till December 5 for SC verdict on Lodha Committee report

first_imgThe Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has maintained its opposition to some of the reforms recommended by the Lodha Committee and will wait for the Supreme Court’s verdict on the matter come December 5.At a Special General Meeting on Friday, the board did not take any decision on the recommendations but it has been learnt from sources that state associations have been told to keep a Plan B ready in case the verdict is not favourable from the apex court.The Lodha Committee has sought directions on appointment of former union Home Secretary GK Pillai as observer and removal of all BCCI office-bearers. (10 times Supreme Court showed BCCI who is boss)”Senior office-bearers said we have to wait till December 5. Any decision taken can be Contempt of Court. He also advised that state units will have to keep a Plan B ready. If court gives a verdict we have to abide by it and change constitution accordingly,” a state unit official said.Today’s Special General Meeting witnessed Status Quo being maintained by members. Two associations Tripura and Vidarbha, who have decided to implement Lodha reforms in toto were absent.The reason cited by BCCI Secretary Ajay Shirke was the delay in flights landing in foggy conditions. (Disqualify BCCI office-bearers, Lodha panel tells Supreme Court)”There was a feeling members are having different opinion. Vidharbha and Tripura did not come due to fog. We explained the situation and clarified with them again. They reiterated their stand that was taken in the first SGM on October 1. Almost all recommendations agreed upon except a few. We will wait for December 5 Supreme Court hearing,” BCCI Secretary Ajay Shirke told reporters.advertisementThe basic objections of BCCI remain the same. The age cap of 70, cooling off period of three years between terms and one-state-one-vote policy are being opposed by the board.last_img read more

Lopetegui responds to Real sacking

first_imgJulen Lopetegui has paid tribute to the Real Madrid fans in the wake of his dismissal as manager on Monday.The 52-year-old was officially dismissed following the 5-1 Clasico demolition at the hands of Barcelona on Sunday, although there were reports the decision had been made after they lost 2-1 to Levante last weekend.Madrid released a statement to confirm Lopetegui’s exit in which they appeared to criticise the former Spain boss for failing to make the most of a talented squad, saying “there is a great disproportion between the quality of the squad, which has eight players nominated for the Ballon d’Or, and the results obtained so far [this season]”. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! However, Lopetegui refused to hit back at the Madrid board and instead thanked everyone associated with the club.”After the decision taken by the Real Madrid board of directors, I want to thank the club for the opportunity they gave me,” he said in a brief statement provided to EFE.”Thank you to the players for their effort and their work, as well as to each and every one of the club’s employees, for their good treatment during this time.”And, of course my gratitude to the fans for their backing. I send them my best wishes for the rest of the season.”Santi Solari, the Real Madrid Castilla boss, will serve as interim coach of the first team while a long-term successor to Lopetegui is sought.Antonio Conte is the favourite for the job, but there are reports of discrepancies between the former Chelsea and Juventus head coach’s demands and Madrid’s offer.The club will have just two weeks to name a permanent manager, though, due to La Liga rules.last_img read more

Shikhar Dhawan entertains The Bharat Army with bhangra moves at The Oval Test

first_imgThe Indian bowlers toiled hard on the first day of the fifth at The Oval in London, restricting the English batsmen to 198/7 on Friday.Pace spearhead Ishant Sharma returned best figures of 3/28, while Ravindra Jadeja – playing his first match of the series – and Jasprit Bumrah grabbed two wickets each conceding 57 and 41 runs respectively.At stumps, Jos Buttler (11 batting) and Adil Rashid (4 batting) were at the crease.DAY 1 REPORT | HIGHLIGHTS | PICS | SCORECARDAs the day drew to a close, Shikhar Dhawan, fielding at third man, broke into a jig bolstered by the vociferous encouragements from ‘The Bharat Army’.The Indian fans chanted “Dhawan do the bhangra”, as the Indian opener finally gave in once the fans started playing the dhol.#ENGvIND Another amazing day of Test Cricket at the Oval – we even got the legend @SDhawan25 to do some Bhangra to our Dhol. #COTI Bharat Army (@thebharatarmy) September 7, 2018Dhawan pulled out all the usual moves, as the crowd in the stands cheered their hero on the field.As the camera’s of the home broadcasters panned to catch the action, former England cricketer David Lloyd asked his fellow commentator Harbhajan Singh to help him learn a few bhangra moves.Don’t quit your day job @BumbleCricket IG: @harbhajan_singh ICC (@ICC) September 8, 2018Earlier, Joe Root had won the toss and elected to bat first.Alastair Cook, who is playing his last Test match, missed out on a century as England threw away a decent start, with the opener top-scoring with a patient 71 off 190 balls before he was removed by Jasprit Bumrah.advertisementREAD – Alastair Cook touched by India’s gesture in farewell TestAll-rounder Moeen Ali, batting at No.3, got to a dogged 50 off 170 balls as well but India came roaring back in the third session after struggling to get wickets in the first two, to reduce England to 198/7 from 60/0 at one stage.Cook looked good for his 71, playing some glorious cover drives and pulling and hooking with elan to roll back time. Along with Keaton Jennings (23), the pair had brought up the highest opening stand in the series for England.But Jadeja broke the association with a wicket-to-wicket delivery that flew to leg slip off the face of the bat for KL Rahul to take the catch.Cook then tried to stitch another partnership with Moeen but Bumrah got the ball to jag back in and disturb the stumps.Bumrah sent captain Root back in his next delivery with Ishant then dismissing wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow (0) in the next over to reduce the hosts to 134-4.Moeen tried to steady the ship but Ishant returned to take two wickets in three balls in the 83rd over as England further slipped to 181 for 7.The hosts lost six wickets for 58 runs post tea to collapse from 133-1 to 181-7.Ishant got Bairstow out caught behind and Ben Stokes (11) and Ali put on 37 runs for the fifth wicket before Jadeja began the slide again trapping Stokes lbw.Ali nicked Ishant behind after a resolute show with Sam Curran (0) dismissed for a duck, the batsman edging behind as he looked to leave the ball.Shami bowled a threatening spell, but Jos Buttler (11*) and Adil Rashid (4*) survived till the end somehow.(With inputs from IANS)last_img read more

Padraig Harrington next in line to be Europe’s Ryder Cup captain

first_imgShare on Twitter news Topics Padraig Harrington is in pole position to be Europe’s next Ryder Cup captain as thoughts shift from the weekend success over the USA in France towards a defence of the trophy at Whistling Straits in 2020. Following on from Paul McGinley and Darren Clarke, Harrington would become the third European captain from the island of Ireland within four Ryder Cups.Harrington, a three-times major champion, was one of Thomas Bjørn’s vice-captains as Europe demolished USA 17½ to 10½ at Le Golf National. A meeting of those charged with selecting Bjørn’s successor – including the Dane himself – is expected before the end of this year with Harrington by far the favoured candidate to lead Europe in Wisconsin.“He’d be brilliant,” said Bjørn when asked about a Harrington captaincy. “He’s got all the tools and all the knowledge.”There was further backing from Rory McIlroy, Europe’s most high-profile player. “I’ve always thought Padraig would be a good captain in the United States,” said McIlroy. “Padraig’s won a lot of golf tournaments over there. He’s won a US PGA Championship.“I think the continuity in the European camp, having all these vice-captains this year and preparing for captaincy down the road has been a huge foundation of why we’ve been so good.” Since you’re here… Support The Guardian Share on Messenger … we have a small favour to ask. More people, like you, are reading and supporting the Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we made the choice to keep our reporting open for all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford to pay.The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We hope you will consider supporting us today. We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism that’s open and independent. Every reader contribution, however big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Ryder Cup Ryder Cup 2018: Guardian writers select their standout moments Golf Share on Facebookcenter_img Padraig Harrington Share on LinkedIn Another of Bjørn’s deputies, Lee Westwood, initially said he had targeted 2020 for a captaincy tilt but it is thought the Englishman would now prefer to wait until the Ryder Cup scheduled for Italy two years later.After earlier expressing an element of reluctancy about a captain’s role Harrington now says he is keen to lead Europe. “It’s an interesting one because I wouldn’t do it without a certain trepidation because it’s not easy, it really isn’t easy,” said the 47-year-old. “It’s a tough, tough job. But on balance yes, I want to be a Ryder Cup captain at some stage.”The 47-year-old Bjørn is yet to decide whether to continue with his playing career or change path at the end of what he described as an intense captaincy journey. “I’m quite looking forward to finding something to do and then put my time and effort into that,” he said. “This has been amazing. It’s been fun. It’s been testing.“I learned a lot about myself in the process as well, which has been great. As much as you’re there to do it for other people, and it is for those 12, you are also there to learn things about yourself and your own development and I’ve enjoyed it.“I learned how to work with people, and that’s not easy when you’re an individual sportsman. You’re used to getting your own way a lot, and in this, there’s a lot of people involved that you have to work with. You learn a lot about that. So I want to go in and take a bit of time and figure out what I’m going to do next.”Bjørn offered a defence of Jim Furyk, the defeated US captain who came under attack from one of his own players, Patrick Reed, in the Ryder Cup aftermath. Reed, Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka were among an American contingent who belatedly joined the victory party at the team hotel, as is customary. It has since emerged that Johnson and Koepka had to be separated following a flare-up.“Jim has been great,” Bjørn said. “He’s a top guy. He’s a gentleman in everything he does and that’s a relationship I’ve had with him.“I don’t know what goes on inside their team room. I can’t make any comments on it because I actually don’t know. I saw Brooks and Dustin last night and they were fine. Patrick came in, as well, and there were no comments about this, that and the other. From where I sit I can only say it looks like they got on fine and it was OK. If there was something, it’s for Jim to answer or the players.” Ryder Cup 2018 Share via Email Share on Pinterest Read more Share on WhatsApp US sports Reuse this contentlast_img read more

11 days agoWebber says Norwich must stay level-headed this season

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Webber says Norwich must stay level-headed this seasonby Paul Vegas11 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveNorwich City football chief Stuart Webber says they must stay level-headed this season.The Canaries have shocked Manchester City, before being thrashed by Aston Villa.Webber told the club’s website: “We can’t get too high and we can’t get too low, so after we beat Man City we can’t walk round and convince ourselves that we’re going to win the Premier League this season. Likewise, we can’t lose at two incredibly tough places to go in Crystal Palace and Burnley and against Aston Villa at home with all the problems that we had and then want to jump off a cliff.”We’ve got to stay level, that’s the supporters as well. I personally thought it was a little bit flat on Saturday, even when it was 0-0. I don’t mean when it was 5-0, because listen I appreciate people want to go home at 5-0 and do their shopping or whatever, but we can’t take it for granted that winning games in the Premier League is easy. It’s not, because if it was everybody would be doing it.”We’ve been on a tough journey to get here. We climbed Everest last year and we’ve gone back down to the bottom to try to climb it again. That was always going to be hard and what we can’t do is lose our nerves after a couple of bad games. Likewise, we can’t go to Bournemouth and win and think we need to get into Europe.” last_img read more

US Open: Daniil Medvedev beats Grigor Dimitrov to reach maiden Grand Slam final

first_imgUS Open: Daniil Medvedev beats Grigor Dimitrov to reach maiden Grand Slam finalDaniil Medvedev now awaits the winner of the other semi-final between three-time champion Rafael Nadal and surprise package Matteo Berrettini of Italy.advertisement Reuters New YorkSeptember 7, 2019UPDATED: September 7, 2019 08:25 IST Every point between Daniil Medvedev and Grigor Dimitrov was contested as if a trophy were riding on it (Reuters Photo)HIGHLIGHTSMedvedev beat Dimitrov 7-6(5) 6-4 6-3 in the first men’s singles semi-finalThe win sends Medvedev through to his fourth straight final and stretches his win streak to 12 matchesMedvedev is the first Russian player to reach a Grand Slam final since Marat Safin at the 2005 Australian OpenDaniil Medvedev will play for a first Grand Slam title after grinding out a 7-6(5) 6-4 6-3 win over Grigor Dimitrov in their US Open semi-final on Friday.Medvedev has had a complicated relationship with the Flushing Meadows crowds, who cast him as a US Open bad boy following some on-court antics, but the fifth seeded Russian has been as good as gold where it matters on the scoreboard.The win sends Medvedev through to his fourth straight final and stretches his win streak to 12 matches.The first Russian man to reach a Grand Slam final since Marat Safin at the 2005 Australian Open, Medvedev now awaits the winner of the other semi-final between three-time champion Rafa Nadal and surprise package Matteo Berrettini of Italy.The two players arrived at Flushing Meadows in wildly contrasting form.The 78th ranked Dimitrov’s play was trending downwards, winning just one of his last eight matches, while Medvedev was riding the momentum from reaching three straight finals, including a win in his last US Open tuneup in Cincinnati.With both men fighting for a spot in their first Grand Slam final, every point was contested as if a trophy were riding on it, particularly in a tense opening set that stretched to an hour before Medvedev snatched it in a tie-break.The second set produced more long, grinding rallies as the Russian and Bulgarian traded a pair of breaks before Medvedev landed the decisive blow to break Dimitrov and go 2-1 up.Now in command, Medvedev continued to relentlessly wear down the tiring Dimitrov in a third set that saw him earn a break at 3-1 to take a lead he would not surrender.advertisementFor sports news, updates, live scores and cricket fixtures, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byrohan sen Tags :Follow Daniil MedvedevFollow Grigor DimitrovFollow US Open Nextlast_img read more

Individuals Recognized for Excellence in Fire Safety

first_imgStudents and staff at Enfield District Elementary School and members of the Enfield Volunteer Fire Service Association were recognized today, March 26, for excellence and commitment to fire safety. Mark Parent, Minister of Environment and Labour, presented students Connor, Jacob and Kenton Gilby with plaques congratulating them for quick action and response during a fire at their Enfield home in December. “I am honored to present three brave Nova Scotians with plaques for helping keep their family safe during a fire emergency,” said Mr. Parent. “I congratulate the students for taking what they’ve learned in the classroom and applying that knowledge when it was needed the most.” Karen Casey, Minister of Education, presented teachers Sonja Isenor and Angela Beaton with plaques to thank them for continued efforts to increase awareness among students about the importance of fire safety. “Mrs. Isenor and Mrs. Beaton have been champions of the Learn Not to Burn program for more then 10 years,” said Mrs. Casey. “Without their commitment and dedication to this program, many students would not have the information needed to make life-saving decisions.” Learn Not to Burn is a fire safety education program that is available to elementary school children. The program uses songs, stories, puppets, games and other activities to teach fire safety behaviours to elementary school children. The program began at Enfield District Elementary in 1992. Also recognized at the event, was the Enfield Fire Service Association for commitment to fire service in its community. Thirty-two members make up the Enfield Volunteer Fire Service Association and assist the community with fire prevention, emergency response and rescue operations. For more information on the Learn Not to Burn Program visit .last_img read more

Firm proprietor held in Rs 3500 cr money laundering case in TN

first_imgNew Delhi: The ED has arrested the proprietor of one Astral Exim & Co in connection with a trade-based money laundering case, where more than Rs 3,500 crore worth of high value foreign exchange was fraudulently remitted outwards. The probe agency has alleged Muhammed Riyaz of Astral Exim with the other accused in the case had used around 57 shell entities with current accounts at a Syndicate Bank branch in Chennai, TN, to launder the proceeds of crime. Riyaz was produced in a Special PMLA court, which remanded him to judicial custody till July 18. The probe agency said it has also recovered several PAN cards and driving licences from his hom under assumed names. Also Read – How a psychopath killer hid behind the mask of a devout laity!In the course of investigation, the ED found one of the shell entities had managed to integrate a sum of Rs 14.5 crore, collected from various persons from across the country in just two months. The ED alleged the operation was organised in a way that funds received were immediately transferred to various business entities in Hong Kong through wire transfers, based on fabricated documents. Report said the accused operated an array of accounts in the assumed names at various banks like Syndicate Bank, Ratnakar Bank Limited, Karur Vysya Bank, ICICI Bank.last_img read more

Minister Garneau orders handbrake safety measures after fatal CP derailment

first_imgOTTAWA (660 NEWS) — The Federal Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau has ordered that all railway companies must use handbrakes when trains are stopped on a mountain grade after an emergency use of their air brakes.The ministerial order takes effect immediately and comes after the fatal Canadian Pacific derailment in Field, B.C. on Monday.READ MORE: ‘Lives are changed forever:’ outpouring for families of B.C. train crash victimsThe Transportation Safety Board of Canada is leading the investigation into the incident, Garneau said in his statement that he has appointed a Minister’s Observer who is keeping tabs on the investigation.Transport Canada is conducting its own investigation for the purpose of compliance with the Canada Labour Code and the Railway Safety Act.The order will remain in effect for as long as necessary.Teamsters, which represents thousand of rail workers, is applauding the move, saying its a demonstration of Transport Canada’s commitment to rail safety.Please see my statement here regarding new precautionary safety measures following the Canadian Pacific derailment near Field, British Columbia.— Marc Garneau (@MarcGarneau) February 8, 2019last_img read more

Few ICU beds at Lok Nayak DDU hospital proves deadly for 62yearold

first_imgNew Delhi: A 62-year-old critically ill patient died due to non-availability of ICU bed in the in government-run hospital in the national Capital.The patients suffered brain hemorrhage and approached two big hospitals in Delhi but could secure a bed and ventilator support at Lok Nayak hospital and DDU hospital in Delhi. The patient, Kishore Kumar suffered a brain hemorrhage got paralysed. “We immediately approached to Lok Nayak hospital on March 27, 2019,” said Rohit, son of the Kishore kumar. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderOver there at the critical care department, the duty doctor supervised the patients and asked Rohit to take his father to another hospital as there was no bed available in ICU at Lok Nayak Hospital. Source said, “The hospital took no pain to ensure that the patient was shifted to a Hospital having availability of ICU bed and Neuro Surgeon.” He said, “Rohit was running from pillar to post to save the life of his father but all goes in vain as his father breathed his last early in the morning on April 2, 2019.” Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchings”On March 30, 2019, Rohit approached me and I sent him to Dr Vikas Rampal, MS, Deep Chand Bandu Hospital, Ashok Vihar. Dr Rampal told Rohit that hospital has ICU bed available but it did not have a Neuro Surgeon to treat the patient, therefore, it would be no use to take the patient there.”soure added. Source claimed, “On April 1, 2019, I circulated a message on Free Beds WhatsApp. I also contacted Delhi Government Helpline No. 22300012 and was told that except one ICU bed available in Deep Chand Bandu Hospital, no ICU bed is available in any of the 33 Delhi Govt. Hospitals.” Source stated that inadequate number of ICU beds has compelled all government hospitals in Delhi to deny intensive care even to critically ill patients, which leading to many “preventable” deaths.last_img read more

Bell Media signs deal with premium paid TV platform Starz to bring

Bell Media has signed a multi-year content deal with Starz, the No. 2-ranked premium paid U.S. television platform.As part of the deal, the channel The Movie Network Encore will get Starz branding next year.Individual Starz shows have aired in Canada for years, including “Outlander,” which will remain on the Corus-owned specialty channel W in Canada, and “Black Sails.”The brand new Starz spy thriller “Counterpart” launched Sunday on CraveTV. Starz has more on the way, including a new adaptation of “Howards End.”BNN to become BNN Bloomberg in new deal between Bell Media and Bloomberg MediaBell seeks Supreme Court appeal over CRTC’s Super Bowl ad decisionNegotiations had been going on for about a year, with officials at Lionsgate — an international entertainment corporation with roots in Vancouver — brokering the deal.Lionsgate acquired Starz in 2016 for a reported US$4.4 billion.This is the first time, however, that the entire Starz brand has entered Canada or any other territory outside the U.S.For Bell, the deal brings all three of the top U.S. premium brands — HBO, Starz and Showtime — under their content tent in Canada.“Clearly, there’s a digital play,” says Bell Media president Randy Lennox. “Clearly there’s a content play, and incidentally, there’s reciprocity in the content play. We have some very active programming and content creation here that (Starz) will be a big brother on, if you will.”Terms of the deal were not announced. Negotiations seem to have been strictly between Bell Media and Lionsgate. “I certainly didn’t sense that there was anyone else in the room,” says Lennox.What does Starz get out of the deal? A start on global expansion.Starz president and CEO Chris Albrecht spent 22 years at HBO, where he was credited with developing such “golden age” hits as “The Sopranos,” “Sex and the City,” “Deadwood,” “The Wire” and others.Interviewed last week during the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, Calif., Albrecht called expansion into the Canadian market the first step in “proving the point that Starz is a really viable brand outside the U.S.”Albrecht says negotiations heated up during the Toronto International Film Festival last fall. He noted that Starz originals “The Girlfriend Experience” and “American Gods” (for the first season) were shot in Canada.The success of over-the-top content providers such as Netflix and Amazon, with millions of worldwide subscribers, has opened all eyes in television to a more borderless business model. HBO has made aggressive moves towards taking their brand outside America, especially in on-demand, streaming platforms. Starz wants in on the same international playing field.“Coming in with a partner like Bell is an amazing way to establish a footprint,” says Albrecht. “If we can have Starz-branded content outside the U.S., that’s a home run for us. You can end up selling to yourself outside of the U.S. The monetization capabilities for these shows become pretty unique.”The move comes on the heels of several recent blockbuster media consolidations. Disney and Fox are in the middle of working out an announced US$52.4-billion asset acquisition. Late last year, shareholders at U.S. media giants Discovery and Scripps approved a US$14.6-billion merger.Bell’s move to “big up” on the content front comes amidst increasing competition from Netflix and others. As Lennox says, “there are a growing number of competitors in the market. Five years ago there were probably five. I count at least 22 today.” read more

Annan arrives in the Sudan amid good signs for peace humanitarian relief

“I come at a time when the peace process has been re-energized, and we see some good signs,” the Secretary-General told reporters in Khartoum. He voiced optimism that in talks with Sudanese leaders, it would be possible to replicate a recent agreement which paved the way for humanitarian access to the Nuba mountains. “I hope that as the result of this visit and frank discussions we are going to have, our humanitarian activities would be much, much smoother, and I’m looking forward to that result,” he said.Asked whether the UN was concerned about Government flight bans in the south, Mr. Annan said the UN was always “extremely disturbed if we do not have free and unfettered access to those in need.” He expressed confidence that the government “will share my concern that we do not want to see anyone in need deprived” of assistance, adding, “I hope during my visit here we will work out concrete arrangements for opening up those areas.”After briefing reporters, the Secretary-General met with UN staff and the UN country team in the Sudan. He later met with officials from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) as well as representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the country dealing with emergency relief, human rights and community peace efforts, including CARE, Oxfam, the Sudanese Red Crescent and Save the Children UK. read more

Cancelling Africas debt must take centre stage at G7 meeting in July

“The G-7 meeting in Gleneagles, Scotland, in July knows what they have to do. The world is waiting for a breakthrough. Millions of African lives hang in the balance,” Stephen Lewis, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa since 2001, said at the launch of the “Make Poverty History” campaign in Ottawa, Canada.Between 1970 and 2002, the poorest African countries received $294 billion in loans, paid back $298 billion in principal and interest, and still owed more than $200 billion. “This is mathematics conceived by Dr. Strangelove,” he said.This year is auspicious for giving Africa a better deal, however, because “there is no denying the extraordinary commitment of (Prime Minister) Tony Blair and (Chancellor) Gordon Brown to Africa” at a time when the United Kingdom will chair the G-7, the European Union (EU), the replenishment conference of the Global Fund for Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV, and will issue the report from the British-appointed Commission on Africa, he said.The G-7 members have reduced bilateral debt in part or in whole, Mr. Lewis said, but they are stymied when it comes to debt held by the Bretton Woods institutions – the World Bank and International Monetary Fund – and the African Development Bank.The present proposals have several unacceptable conditions and, in the divide between language and reality, do not lead to cancellation, he said.“The UK speaks of debt cancellation when what has been promised is part-payment of debt service for 10 years and then the intolerable financial burden will return, as before, to Africa” and Canada was doing the same, he said.“The United States talks of cancellation, but with numerous – and thus far unacceptable – conditions. The UK is promoting the International Financial Facility, supported by France, Germany and Italy, but disavowed by the United States, Japan and Canada,” he said.Some G7 members have proposed selling gold to cover the costs of debt relief, but others, including Canada are resisting. The French and Japanese have advocated a tax on international financial transactions and/or airline travel, “but the reception is cool to the point of frigidity,” he said.“To make poverty history requires making AIDS history. To achieve both means that the Western world, the G7, in particular, must deliver on the host of commitments they have made,” Mr. Lewis said. read more

Former Rwandan minister pleads not guilty at UN trial on genocide charges

Callixte Kalimanzira made his initial appearance before Judge Asoka de Silva and pleaded not guilty to genocide, alternative complicity in genocide, and direct and public incitement to commit genocide, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) said.The accused is alleged to have coordinated efforts to spark the killings of Tutsis in Butare prefecture, where they had not been subject to widespread attacks between the beginning of the massacres and 19 April 1994.He is specifically charged with giving inflammatory speeches that called for the elimination of all Tutsis, including women, children and the elderly.He is also charged with distributing weapons to be used in the massacres of Tutsis, with supervising the killings of thousands of them at their places of refuge and with personally beating some of them to death.Assisted by a duty counsel, he denied all charges.Kalimanzira was arrested on 8 November 2005 after he surrendered to Tanzanian authorities in Arusha, where the ICTR is located, bringing to 72 the number of accused the Tribunal has arrested. The date for his trial will be set later. read more