How Apple’s iOS 7 Changes Everything For App Designers

first_imgWhat it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Everything app designers knew about the look and feel of iOS has basically been tossed out the window in iOS 7. Buttons no longer have borders, drop-down displays are translucent, icons are completely different. Designers are basically going to have to start from scratch with iOS 7 to make sure their apps fit with Apple’s new design guidelines. It is about time too. On iOS, designers have had it easy for years as the basic user interface guidelines from Apple have stayed pretty much the same. Developers, meanwhile, had to deal with all the new features and functions that Apple released (Siri, Maps, AirPlay and so forth) as it iterated iOS through the years. Now, designers are getting their comeuppance.Here are the major design changes in iOS 7 and some thoughts on how to get started implementing them.(See also Sure, iOS 7 Looks Awfully Familiar—It Also Looks Like A Winner.)9 Major ChangesiOS 7 has gone “flat.” If you don’t know what that means, you are probably not a Web designer. For those who are not in the know, flat design eschews shadows and emulating physical objects in design (like a bookshelf for Apple’s Newsstand) for simple constructs. iOS has also gone skinny, with the font and borders line having a lot less width than before. The color scheme is a bit different, with black and white modes, hints of red, blue and pastel all over iOS 7. iOS 7 has some nine major UI differences from its predecessors:  Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Tags:#App Design#Apple#iOS 7 Related Posts UIKit Dynamics – Helps improve user experience by incorporating real-world behavior into apps. New behavioral changes in iOS 7 include Attachment (specifying a connection between two objects and moving then dynamically with each other) and Push (different angles and vectors in how an app is manipulated). The UI convention for gravity behavior  works on a coordinate system that charts points in the movement of the device. Understanding dynamics may be confusing at first, but it is one of the more interesting user interface elements in iOS 7.Text Kit – The greatest aspect of the new Text Kit for iOS 7 is that it should allow designers to deploy text using significantly less code. Text Kit offers a high-level framework for handling text characteristics on pages and columns, around objects (like an image) and allows for designers to edit, display, store and create text. (See also Apple’s New iOS 7: What You Need To Know Now.)Upgrading Your App Designs 9. Status Bars & Menus – Menus, controls, navigation and status bars are different by definition of the flat and skinny styles in the new UI and the different color schemes. (See also How To Download And Install Apple’s iOS 7 Beta.)New User Interface KitsIf you are designing for iOS 7, there are three things you are going to get really used to: the new UIKit Dynamics, Text Kit and all the new features to implement the design changes in Xcode 5. Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Apple has 900,000 apps in the iOS App Store. All built on iOS 6 or before.  If that number includes your apps, it’s time to update. This is where the new Xcode 5 Developer Preview will help. If you chose to create most of your buttons and menus and other simple functions using Apple’s standard iOS principles, then the Auto Layout function in Xcode will automatically update them for you. If you don’t use Auto Layout… well, time to get cracking on manually updating your custom design elements. You can, of course, also take a hybrid approach where you let Apple take care of the simple stuff and customize certain specific actions in your app. Many advanced developers take this approach.Apple insists that every iOS 7 app do three things: update the app icon (120 x 120 pixels), update the launch image within the app and support Retina display with all artwork and images. Apple suggests (though it’s not mandatory) that all apps adopt the translucent user interface elements, redesign custom bars, update background images to support borderless buttons and adopt dynamic types in the UIKit (see above). If you think you can update your app and sneak it by Apple’s App Store review board without updating the UI, you are going to be very sorry. The design in iOS 7 is extremely important to Apple and a consistent look and feel across apps in the App Store has always been high on Apple’s agenda. As such, Apple offers three guidelines to keep in mind:Deference – The user interface helps users but doesn’t get in the way. Clarity – Everything (text size, icons, images) focuses on functionality through design.Depth – Layers and motion, “heighten users’ delight and understanding,” according to Apple’s UI Transition Guide.That’s the primer designers need to begin thinking of updating app design for iOS 7. Make sure you familiarize yourself with all of Apple’s new guidelines before applying the paint.(Read next: iOS 7 Development: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started) 1. Flat Design – See above. You will notice that the UI of iOS looks quite different in how it is presented. Fewer soft edges, more thin, hard lines. Depending on your perspective, this could be an improvement.2. Font – The “skinny” aspect of iOS 7 begins with using Helvetica Neue UltraLight as a primary font. You can see this all over the design, though Apple makes it fairly easy to change the size of the font for different purposes.3. Icons – Icons have been changed significantly. Most have gone borderless. Icons are resizable for different screen sizes (iPhone vs. iPad, portrait vs. landscape).4. Colors – To accommodate the flat and skinny, Apple updated its primary color schemes to be blue, red, white, black and… pastel.5. Borderless – You thought that you had your buttons down? Well, all of them are about to change. Solid-color buttons are (for the most part) out of iOS 7, replaced by buttons that don’t have border edges and float on top of the background.Layered software design in iOS 7.6. Layers – This is where advanced designers are going to have some fun. The new UI layout allows you to present several different layers in one screen of an app. So you can align navigation and tab bar views with a custom view hierarchy to create a cool new interface. Layers also help with the fact that much of iOS design employs translucent windows.7. Translucence – Say you have the drop-down notifications menu sitting over your app. Users will now be able to see the general colors of what is behind that menu.8. Gestures – iOS 7 knows when someone is holding the device, allowing enterprising developers to manipulate the interface in some new ways. Apple also introduced new navigation choices, including the ability to return to the last app you were in with a swipe from the edge of the screen. You will also be able to change tabs in Safari with end-of-screen swipes or flick between messages in email.  dan rowinski If you are a mobile developer getting to know what’s new in iOS 7, you’ve actually got it fairly easy. It’s the mobile designers who are banging their heads against the wall. The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

Engines Ready: 5 Concept Cars (And Gadgets) We Want To Speed Away In

first_imgEditor’s note: This post was originally published by our partners at PopSugar Tech.The 65th International Frankfurt Motor Show highlights what we’ll be seeing on roads in coming years, but it also gives a look into car designers’ minds and what we may see driving down the street much further down the line. The ideas, forms, and technology seen in concept cars later make their way onto the roads, albeit in a much less fancy presentation, like an overall color motif or a rounded exterior.They’re not “Jetsons”-style flying cars, but here, the vehicles we want to get behind the wheel of … today.Volvo P1800 What Mercedes-Benz calls “sensual clarity” is an aesthetic about sublime lines that have you dreaming of calm days on the water. The Concept S-Class Coupe’s bright white interior is highlighted by fluid lines of blue ambient lighting. Like the S-Classes currently for sale, the concept has a 12.3-inch touchscreen display and a distinct separation from the leather-wrapped lower half of the dashboard. As long as someone’s driving us, we’ll gladly dream away in the interior that feels like a vision from the future.Nissan Nismo Smartwatch Your current car is lacking a certain aesthetic: the Transformers look. The Lexus LF-NX has an exterior like you’ve never seen before in an SUV. Sharp angles meet on the hood as diamond-shaped LED headlamps and a touch-enabled console. Remember the days you thought an iPhone audio port was cool?Mercedes Concept S-Class Coupe The auto industry isn’t just looking at the future of cars anymore, it’s merging wearable tech gadgets with the driving experience. Nissan’s Nismo Watch is intended to work alongside Nissan Nismo cars, the motorsports and performance division of the auto manufacturer.The watch uses a smartphone app to connect the driver to the car, making use of a heartbeat monitor on the watch that can use that biometric data to suggest, hey, maybe slow it down there, speed demon. The watch can also tell the driver what’s happening with the vehicle itself, sending performance data while driving. Though the watch is part of Nissan’s Nismo Lab creating technology as used by athletes, it shows uses of wearable tech far beyond the pedometer.Smart Fourjoy kelly schwarze 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… Tags:#cars#Concept Cars#Drive#PopSugar Tech#Vehicles Related Posts With no doors or windows, the Smart Fourjoy wouldn’t make for the most practical auto purchase; rather, the company used the model as a chance to show off some of the designs to expect from its first-ever four-seat model expected to be released at the end of 2014. The bucket-style seats seem to be taken from a lounge in 2040, and the dashboard has space for two smartphones — because the car of the future needs to be hip and fair to the musical tastes of both driver and passenger.More stories from PopSugar Tech:The Lexus LF-NX Stops Us Dead in Our Tracks5 Ways iOS 7 Is the Apple Innovation You’ve Been Waiting ForICYMI: More Sherlock Season 3 Pics — Plus the Complete Comic-Con Panel!Facebook “Likes” — Now Protected by the ConstitutionSlide to Unlock iOS 7’s Greatest Tips and Tricks 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout In a remake of its classic ’60s-era P1800 model, Volvo’s new concept coupe returns to a retro design, but is tricked out with the most modern of features. The gear shift is remade in crystal, giving it space-age feel, especially when paired with the touchscreen digital console pushed back to integrate with the driver’s dashboard for a less distracting package. A plug-in hybrid engine reduces gas consumption, and hopefully reduces our payments at the pump.Lexus LF-NX 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People…last_img read more

Your Personal Growth and Fighting the Drift

first_imgScientists believe that every one of the 37 trillion cells in our body is replaced every seven years, with our bones being replaced every ten or so years. This is not including the 38 trillion or so bacteria contained within your body. I am not a scientist, but I like this as a metaphor for the incredible human capacity to change and intentionally evolve. Even though there is no evidence, I like to imagine that the new cells have different experiences than the cells they replace, which might explain our fantastic capacity to grow and intentionally evolve.So you are born with a complicated genetic inheritance of your two parents, the blueprint for making you. After that, however, you are faced with the choice of becoming what you choose or allowing yourself to become what the world might make of you.Expectations and DriftYour parents have expectations. Your culture has expectations. Your peers have expectations of you, as well, and for some part of your life, these are the most pernicious, especially if you are on a different growth trajectory. Many of the expectations others have for you will be out of line with what you would choose for yourself. You must decide for yourself, even when it is necessary to disappoint other people and to act in opposition, expectations be damned.When I was a kid playing rock-n-roll, I noticed that there was a particular variety of teenage boy who was shy and awkward who would lock themselves in their bedroom for 5 or 6 years with nothing but a stack of records and guitar. They would show up later with longish hair and the ability to shred. They became shredders.I have seen adults enroll in an MBA program or Law School and return as a business manager or leader or lawyer. They made a decision to become something different, and in a couple years, and consistent effort, willed themselves into a different—and sometimes—better version of themselves. I don’t if there was a change at the cellular level, but I know at the level of their identity, they were different.Fighting the DriftAll of this is to remind you of what you already know, but can sometimes forget: You can easily fall prey to the drift, letting go of your intention and letting up on the effort necessary to be more, do more, have more, and contribute more.If you are going to avoid the drift, you are going to have to fight the currents that are working against you, the ones that pull most people in a direction that is not of their choosing.Do good work this week, especially the work of becoming. Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Agnieszka Radwanska, Simona Halep crash out of French Open, complain about playing in rain

first_imgYes, they actually managed to complete a match on this wettest of weeks at the French Open. Two, even. And both involved surprises: Two of the top half-dozen seeded women lost within minutes of each other, No. 2 Agnieszka Radwanska and No. 6 Simona Halep.’IT’S A GRAND SLAM’After their fourth-round exits Tuesday, both Radwanska and Halep complained firmly about tournament organizers’ decision to make them play through drizzles – or worse – that made courts slippery and clay-caked tennis balls heavy.”I mean, it’s not a (low-tier) tournament. It’s a Grand Slam. How can you allow players to play in the rain?” said Radwanska, the 2012 Wimbledon runner-up.”I don’t know who allows us to play in that kind of conditions,” Radwanska added, saying her racket-wielding right hand gave her problems because she had surgery on it years ago. “I don’t think they really care what we think. I think they care about other things.”‘NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE PLAYERS’Halep sounded a similar tone, noting it was “impossible to play,” and saying: “No one cares about the players, in my opinion. I don’t care that I lost the match today, but I was close to (getting) injured with my back, so … that’s a big problem.”Radwanska dropped 10 consecutive games and got treatment from a trainer on her hand while being beaten 2-6, 6-3, 6-3 by 102nd-ranked Tsvetana Pironkova of Bulgaria. Shortly before that, Halep lost 7-6 (0), 6-3 to No. 21 Sam Stosur in a contest between two past finalists at Roland Garros.advertisementHalep wondered aloud whether those in charge of the French Open insisted on going forward with matches in the rain because they “are scared” about completing the tournament on time. All play was washed out Monday, the first full day lost at the event in 16 years.”(It’s) not our fault. (It’s) not their fault,” she said. “But the decisions were not, I think, the best.”‘RADWANSKA WAS ON TOP’Radwanska vs. Pironkova originally began Sunday, and Radwanska was just three games from victory at 3-0 in the second set when play was suspended because of rain. They didn’t make it back on court until Tuesday, began more than an hour late because of more rain, played for about a half-hour, then were halted by a 2-hour delay.There were stretches where action proceeded despite drops falling.The Stosur-Halep match also was suspended Sunday during the first set. And 2011 U.S. Open champion Stosur – wearing a green long-sleeved shirt against the chill of temperatures in the 50s (about 15 degrees Celsius) – was better throughout Tuesday, her big hitting able to withstand the conditions better than Halep’s spins and angles.”We’re told to play, we play. If it gets too wet, you’ve got to say something,” Stosur said. “It’s not good out there, but it was fine for us.”She is into the quarterfinals in Paris for the fourth time.”It was really tough, obviously, with the start-stop and having a day off and everything,” said Stosur, who lost to Francesca Schiavone in the 2010 final at Roland Garros. “Once you’re out there and it’s raining, it’s not so nice, but that’s the way it is.”RESCHEDULING ISSUESFour of the top 11 players remain in the women’s tournament: No. 1 Serena Williams, No. 4 Garbine Muguruza, No. 8 Timea Bacsinszky and No. 9 Venus Williams. Muguruza is already into the quarterfinals; the other three were scheduled to play in the fourth round later Tuesday but those matches were postponed until Wednesday.The first two men’s quarterfinals also were listed on Tuesday’s schedule – No. 2 Andy Murray against No. 9 Richard Gasquet, and defending champion Stan Wawrinka against Albert Ramos-Vinolas – but were postponed to Wednesday.Novak Djokovic’s fourth-round match did finally get started Tuesday, and he split the first two sets with 14th-seeded Roberto Bautista Agut of Spain as they also went on and off court.Djokovic was leading 4-1 in the third when another delay arrived, also interrupting fourth-round matches involving Tomas Berdych vs. David Ferrer, David Goffin vs. Ernests Gulbis, and Dominic Thiem vs. Marcel Granollers.During one break, the top-seeded Djokovic, seeking to win a fourth consecutive major title and complete a career Grand Slam, wandered out into Court Philippe Chatrier for a look at the weather, borrowing a green-and-orange Roland Garros umbrellast_img read more

Concern in RS over non-inclusion of Chitra in squad for World

first_imgAthletic ChampionshipNew Delhi, Aug 2 (PTI) Non-inclusion of P U Chitra in the Indian squad for World Athletic Championship figured in the Rajya Sabha today, with several members demanding governments intervention in the working of Athletic Federation of India.Deputy Chairman P J Kurien too opined that the government should enquire into the activities and functioning of the sports federation “because P U Chitra stood first and secured a gold medal in the Bhubaneswar Sports Meet, but she was excluded”.Raising the issue during Zero Hour, K Somaprasad (CPM) said the Indian team which is participating in the London meet was selected by the Indian Athletic Federation.”This year, criticism was voiced from different corners that the selection process was not fair and transparent. It is believed that the office-bearers of Indian Athletic Federation have made some foul play in the selection of the team,” he said.The best example of it was that Chitra (who won the Gold medal in the womens 1500 mts race at the Asian Athletic Championship conducted in Bhubaneswar) has been excluded from the Indian team, Somaprasad said.The athletic federation, he added has not given any satisfactory explanation till now.”The athletic federation says that P U Chitra had not qualified in the selection meet held at Guntur. But surprisingly, two athletes who are included in the team did not even attend the selection test,” said Somaprasad.He further said that “it is known” that as per the existing rules and guidelines, Chitra, as the Gold Medal winner in the Asian Games, is eligible to be included in the Indian team even without participating in the selection meet.advertisement”The whole mess was created due to the unhealthy practice of the Indian Athletic Federation. The selection list was kept confidential till the last moment. The whole selection process was orchestrated based on a planned drama,” the MP added.Alleging that all the guidelines have been “violated”, he said an “urgent intervention of the Central Government is essential.He got support from several other members.”I think, the government should also enquire into the activities and functioning of the Sports Federation because P U Chitra stood first and secured a gold medal in the Bhubaneswar Sports Meet, but she was excluded.”Others, who have not secured gold medals and less qualified, were included. Therefore, it should be examined,” he said.Congress members Rajani Patil and Ambika Soni raised the issue of Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTPs) and demanded early amendents to the law of 1971 to help minor rape victims.Patil took up the issue in the context of a recent court ruling in the matter of a 10-year-old rape victim, who was disallowed from terminating her pregnancy as it had surpassed the permitted weeks.She wondered how a 10-year-old girl, raped by a person known to her, could handle a child.Soni joined her and said that for the last three years, the amendment to the MTP Act is pending.Health Minister J P Nadda said the government is looking into this matter. PTI NKD MJH AKKlast_img read more

PAOK makes last 32 of Europa League

first_imgPAOK joined Olympiakos in the last 32 of the Europa League as it beat Slovan Liberec at home on Thursday, while Olympiakos and Panathinaikos ended the group stage with defeats.PAOK had to better the result of Qarabag against Fiorentina, and it did so quite emphatically, finishing second in its group. The Thessaloniki club downed Slovan 2-0, courtesy of goals by Garry Rodrigues and Dimitris Pelkas, one in each half.Consequently PAOK has collected 10 points from six games (including the victory at Fiorentina) to finish second, three points behind the Italians and three points ahead of the Azeris.Panathinaikos finished a Europa League group stage it will want to forget, going down 2-0 to Celta Vigo in Athens on Thursday.John Guidetti opened the score for Celta after just four minutes and then earned a second-half penalty that Nemanja Radoja successfully converted.The Greens were the punchbag of their group and finished rock bottom with just one point from six games.Source: KathimeriniTweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Lehner Makes 36 Saves, Islanders Blank Canucks 4-0

first_imgVANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — New York Islanders goaltender Robin Lehner is more concerned about points for the standings than personal success.Lehner made 36 saves for his fourth shutout of the season as the Islanders beat the Vancouver Canucks 4-0 Saturday.Casey Cizikas, Ryan Pulock, Anthony Beauvillier and Cal Clutterbuck scored for the Islanders.“Honestly, I just want to win, I just want to win with this team,” Lehner said. “Every point we get with this group feel amazing, we’re still pushing in the standings and we’re having a good year.”Lehner has three shutouts in his last 19 games and 12 in his NHL career.Jacob Markstrom had 20 saves for Vancouver, which lost its third straight game as it battled for a wild-card spot in the tough Western Conference.Vancouver Canucks’ Brock Boeser (6) is checked by New York Islanders’ Leo Komarov (47), of Finland, and Adam Pelech (3) as goalie Robin Lehner watches during the second period of an NHL hockey game Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019, in Vancouver, British Columbia. (Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press via AP)“It’s a frustrating game for a goalie,” Markstrom said. “You really want to help your team. I didn’t have many shots today and you obviously want to keep the score down and help our guys.”Cizikas opened the scoring 4:48 into the first period, taking a bouncing puck and tapping it past Markstrom. He has five goals in his last six games.“Everybody in this room had a little chip on their shoulder,” Cizikas said. “We came out with four lines firing and we did a good job of hounding the puck and getting all over them and not really giving them too many chances, so if we continue doing that we are going to have more success.”Devon Toews picked up an assist on the play, extending his point streak to five games. It was the rookie defenseman’s first NHL game in Vancouver.The Islanders struck again at 14:05 in the first after Pulock was tripped by Vancouver’s Bo Horvat, drawing a delayed penalty.New York pulled Lehner and took advantage with the extra attacker, patiently shuffling the puck around the edge of the Vancouver zone until Pulock got it at the top of the face-off circle and sent a slap shot over Markstrom’s left shoulder.Beauvillier added another goal for the Islanders 2:34 into the third period, sending the puck up past Markstrom from the slot.Clutterbuck added an empty-net goal with 1:14 left in the game.The Canucks’ best chance of the night came on a power play midway through the second period after Brock Nelson was called for holding.New York Islanders’ Ryan Pulock, back right, celebrates his goal against the Vancouver Canucks during the first period of an NHL hockey game Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019, in Vancouver, British Columbia. (Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press via AP)A shot from Ben Hutton clanked off the left post and the puck ricocheted off Lehner before New York defenseman Scott Mayfield scooped it off the goal line.Some bad bounces contributed to Saturday’s defeat, said Vancouver coach Travis Green.“Pretty good hockey team. We hit three posts, had a puck on the goal line on the second. It’s unfortunate,” he said, adding that his squad should be upset with the result.“There’s nothing wrong with being frustrated right now,” Green said. “They’ll be frustrated tonight, we’ll talk to them tomorrow and get them ready to play in the next game.”Still, the Canucks are hopeful that they can climb back into the playoff race.“No one in this room’s going to quit. We’ve got to stay positive, keep pushing,” Markstrom said. “We’re going to get some wins.”NOTES: Lehner now has three shutouts in his last 19 games and 12 in his NHL career. … Saturday marked the eighth time this season Vancouver has been shut out.UP NEXTIslanders: Host Calgary on Tuesday.Canucks: Host Anaheim on Monday.TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Marta Back In Training Ahead Of Women’s World Cup

first_imgPORTIMAO, Portugal — Brazil forward Marta has returned to training after recovering from a left thigh injury, five days before the team plays its opening match at the Women’s World Cup.The Brazilian soccer confederation published a video Tuesday of the 33-year-old Marta back on the field running but not touching the ball.Marta na área! Primeiro dia de trabalho em campo após lesão #TRSeleçãoFemininaDia14— CBF Futebol (@CBF_Futebol) June 4, 2019The six-time world player of the year, who stopped practicing on May 24, spent the last few days in physical therapy.Brazil will play its opening match against Jamaica on Sunday in Grenoble. The team will also face Australia and Italy in Group C.TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more



Premier League: 10 talking points from the weekend’s action

first_img Twitter Brighton & Hove Albion Pinterest 6) Solskjær hatches a plan for Camp NouOle Gunnar Solskjær believes that in Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Jesse Lingard, Manchester United have an attack that can overturn the 1-0 deficit to Barcelona in their Champions League quarter‑final second leg on Tuesday. He admitted United were fortunate to defeat West Ham on Saturday but pointed to what may be his frontline in Spain. “You look at the quality of those players and that gives us a threat,” he said. “We carry a goal threat but of course what we did against PSG must give everyone a huge confidence boost because that experience was probably the best they have had for many years. They are probably dreaming about another at the Camp Nou.” United beat West Ham without the suspended Ashley Young and Luke Shaw, the latter also suspended for Barcelona. Nemanja Matic is fit to travel and Solskjær believes he has a way to win. “We have a decent plan. I hope it’s decent – it’s a plan anyway.” Jamie Jackson7) Warnock keeps his head as foot-of-the-table decider beckonsDwight McNeil, Burnley’s exciting 19-year-old winger, impressed, creating both goals for Chris Wood on a day when Sean Dyche’s side should have been at least three goals up before the game became mired in controversy. It revolved around a penalty award that seemed set to offer Cardiff a chance to equalise before the referee – alerted by a linesman to the perceived offence – decided, correctly, that it was not a spot‑kick after all. Neil Warnock – once he had got over his initial fury – said his sanguine demeanour was down to a desire to dodge further Football Association fines but perhaps he realised the need not to waste energy crying over spilt milk when his 18th-placed side have a pivotal game at Brighton on Tuesday. Lose and Cardiff are all but relegated; win and they are only two points behind Chris Hughton’s faltering team. Louise Taylor Twitter Pinterest Quick guide Premier League top-four race: remaining fixtures Share on LinkedIn Hide 8) Time for Parker to cut loose the mercenariesScott Parker is trying to make a claim to become the permanent Fulham manager and his ambitions will have been aided by their victory against Everton. But now that he has shown he can pick up Premier League points it might be a better idea to show what his team would look like next season. Many of those who started on Saturday are likely to depart Craven Cottage in the summer and the new manager will need a plan. Parker called up the talented 16-year-old Harvey Elliott to his squad against Everton but he did not get off the bench. There are others among the academy ranks, such as Matt O’Riley, who could play a key role in bringing Fulham back up – much in the way Ryan Sessegnon did. Those who have taken the club down do not merit a long goodbye, and a touch of ruthlessness will only help in the long run. Will Unwin9) Rodgers taught tactical lesson by Newcastle’s old masterThere would be complications, admittedly, but Manchester United and Everton are two of the teams currently above Newcastle who would be better off with Rafael Benítez as their manager. Another is Leicester, whose recently arrived boss Brendan Rodgers was schooled by Benítez on Friday night. Rodgers said he learned a lot from watching his side fail to pick a way through a team who defended deeply and smartly – an experience with which his predecessor, Claude Puel, was familiar. One obvious lesson is that Leicester could do with a different type of striker for when Jamie Vardy is neutralised, and Kelechi Iheanacho is not the answer. If Mike Ashley is not careful Newcastle could lose Ayoze Pérez as well as Benítez this summer, and some other club will pay the £16.5m needed to sign Salomón Rondón permanently from West Brom. Paul Doyle Neil Warnock walks off after the game at Turf Moor. Photograph: Anthony Devlin/PA Twitter Read more Show Razor-sharp Sterling gives teeth to Manchester City’s invisible monster A view as Spurs comfortably saw off Huddersfield. Photograph: Phil Duncan/ProSports/Rex/Shutterstock Share on Pinterest Share on Messenger Read more Thank you for your feedback. Topics 5) Reckless Knockaert slumps from hero to zeroQuite what was going through Anthony Knockaert’s head when he took out Adam Smith on Saturday only the Frenchman will know. But having already given away the ball to allow free‑flowing Bournemouth to double their lead on Saturday, the tackle capped a disastrous few minutes for the player who scored the winning goal at Selhurst Park a few weeks ago as Brighton completed their first league double over bitter rivals Crystal Palace in 35 years. Knockaert will now miss their important showdown with Cardiff on Tuesday as well as the meetings with Wolves and Tottenham as Chris Hughton’s side battle for survival in a season where they have reached the FA Cup semi-final for the second time in their history. A draw should be enough to hold off Neil Warnock’s side but Knockaert will be hoping they are already safe by the time he returns against Newcastle on 27 April. Ed Aarons Jürgen Klopp ‘blown away’ by Mohamed Salah’s thunderbolt against Chelsea 2) Anfield scoreline does little justice to Sarri’s adventurersOn the back of a defeat that means Champions League qualification – barring a Europa League triumph – is no longer in their own hands, the inevitable doom and gloom enveloped Maurizio Sarri and Chelsea. Four wins going into this game failed to mask the discontent that persists over the Italian but there were reasons for supporters to be cheerful at Anfield. Chelsea arguably edged the first half and after falling two goals behind they passed up four glorious chances; Eden Hazard fluffed his lines and struck a post, César Azpilicueta slid a gorgeous ball across the box and Gonzalo Higuaín dawdled when played through on goal. If Chelsea can be more clinical in their remaining four league matches, including a trip to Old Trafford, they may yet get the job done. BF Crystal Palacecenter_img Facebook 1) Henderson relishing his licence to roamAfter 76 minutes, when he was withdrawn to a deafening ovation, Jordan Henderson’s work was done. A lung-busting display by the Liverpool captain set the tone for a vital victory, a relentless performance typified by the moment when he burst to the byline and supplied a hanging cross for Sadio Mané to convert. Henderson asked Jürgen Klopp if he could play further forward in a “more natural” No 8 role – one he has impressed in for his country – and he flourished there against Chelsea. Mohamed Salah’s rocket, another peerless defensive display by Virgil van Dijk or indeed Mané’s 18th league goal of the season will likely dominate the post‑match discussion, but as the business end of the season takes hold, Henderson is just where he wants to be: at the very heart of Liverpool’s push for the title. Ben Fisher The four-way sprint for the third and fourth Champions League placesTottenham20 Apr Man City (A) 23 Apr Brighton (h) 27 Apr West Ham (H) 6 May Bournemouth (A) 12 May Everton (H)Arsenal21 Apr Crystal Palace (H) 24 Apr Wolves (A) 29 Apr Leicester (A) 4 May Brighton (H) 12 May Burnley (A)Manchester United21 Apr Everton (A) 24 Apr Man City (H) 28 Apr Chelsea (H) 5 May Huddersfield (A) 12 May Cardiff (H)Chelsea22 Apr Burnley (H) 28 Apr Man Utd (A) 4 May Watford (H) 12 May Leicester (A) Was this helpful? 10) Redmond reaping benefits of Hassenhüttl appointmentSouthampton have been transformed by Ralph Hassenhüttl. A team who were drifting towards relegation and were often easy to play against have become fearsome opponents and exciting to watch. Joy has returned to St Mary’s. Nathan Redmond has been one of the main beneficiaries from the change. Though he had not scored for seven matches before his brace in this win against Wolves, he has been in excellent form. “For me it is unbelievable that he was very much criticised last season in this stadium,” said Hassenhüttl. “He likes this kind of pressing football because he can attack and run a lot. That’s the best thing for him as he sees that if he works hard and he is doing it for the team, then the supporters will immediately support you in a completely different way. It’s a very positive thing for him and helps us a lot.” PD features Cardiff City Sportblog Ayoze Pérez heads home the only goal on Friday night. Photograph: Plumb Images/Leicester City via Getty Images Premier League Burnley Facebook Bournemouth Share on Facebook Share via Email The Fiver: sign up and get our daily football email. Manchester City Share on Twitter Pinterest Reuse this content Share on WhatsApp Facebook 3) Sterling’s service to City could land him end-of-season gongRaheem Sterling found Selhurst Park a hospitable place, and not just because of the space Crystal Palace’s defenders gave him. Sterling was not taunted or abused in south London, as he often is. This was due partly to a mutual respect, born out of the T-shirt Sterling wore while on England duty in memory of the Palace youth player Damary Dawkins. But there was something else. From being a note of variation, Sterling has become the main attacker in this City team, the player who sends a chill through opposition fans. He now has 12 goals and five assists since December, not to mention a sense of playing without fear where others have stuttered. The player of the year award is based around conduct on and off the pitch. On both counts Sterling is making a decent case. Barney Ronay4) Spurs’ engine room suddenly looks understaffedMauricio Pochettino will be without Harry Kane for the Champions League quarter-final second leg at Manchester City on Wednesday, and has doubts over two other players who would otherwise be certain to start. After the 4-0 win against Huddersfield, the Spurs manager said that Dele Alli, who broke his hand in the first‑leg win last week, was coming to terms with playing in a protective cast. Pochettino did not know whether Alli would be available. The bigger concern is Harry Winks, who felt his groin in training on Friday and was not in the squad for Huddersfield. Winks was man of the match in the first leg, when he made his first start since being sidelined with – yes – a groin problem. Was it all a ploy from Pochettino to sow doubts in the mind of his City counterpart, Pep Guardiola? Possibly. But Winks, whose ability to get Spurs up the field under pressure, would be a huge loss. David Hytnerlast_img read more


first_imgPaul Brandt unveiled his Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame plaque at Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre. (Warner Music Canada) Advertisement Facebook Advertisement Calgary star Paul Brandt unveiled his Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame plaque at a special ceremony Monday at Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre, where he also announced the 2019 Canadian Country Music Awards will be held in his home city.Brandt was announced as an inductee in 2017, along with CCMA executive Harvey Gold.Organizers say the nationally broadcast CCMA show will land in Canada’s country music capital on Sept. 8, 2019. It’s the ninth time the city has played CCMA host in the show’s 41-year history.Alberta has a longstanding relationship with the CCMAs. Organizers have chosen the province 15 times as its stomping ground.This year, Hamilton is front and centre for the festivities on Sept. 9, with Shania Twain lined up to host. Country singer Terri Clark will be inducted into the hall of fame during the show.center_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Twitter Advertisement Login/Register With:last_img read more

An army of stars seen — and Heard — at the Four

first_imgThe room spun with friends-of-friends, and bosom buddies, and “Jon Snow,” and the guy who killed Versace, and even the slightly hazardous paths-cross of Lily-Rose Depp and her ex-stepmother, Amber Heard.The annual InStyle party, during the fest! Saturday night! Held, as per usual, with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and dipping down this year to the Four Seasons. That’s what!Johnny’s model daughter, with Vanessa Paradis, was one of the belles of the party all right, spending time talking to both Robert Pattinson and Timothée Chalamet, during different quarters. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Matthew McConaughey came early, and stayed later.Jude Law was the last celebrity standing. Advertisement Advertisement Are you getting the picture?Melissa McCarthy, getting raves for her TIFF flick, Can You Ever Forgive Me? was — amazingly — the second last celebrity standing. Looking fabulous, she and Jude had been hanging out on a sofa, kibitzing for a long time — and where does the time go? Yes, we forgave her. Login/Register With: Amber Heard attends InStyle’s TIFF celebration at the Four Seasons Hotel on Saturday. (GEORGE PIMENTEL/GETTY IMAGES) Advertisement Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Anil firm got €144 mn tax waiver after Rafale deal French media

first_imgNew Delhi: France waived taxes worth 143.7 million euros to a French-registered telecom subsidiary of Anil Ambani’s Reliance Communications in 2015, months after India’s announcement of buying 36 Rafale jets, leading French newspaper Le Monde reported Saturday. In its reaction, Reliance Communications rejected any wrongdoing and said the tax dispute was settled under legal framework which is available for all companies operating in France.The French newspaper said that the French tax authorities accepted 7.3 million euros from Reliance Flag Atlantic France as a settlement as against original demand of 151 million euros. Reliance Flag owns a terrestrial cable network and other telecom infrastructure in France. Reacting to the report, the defence ministry said any connections drawn between the tax issue and the Rafale matter is totally inaccurate, tendentious and is a mischievous attempt to disinform. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details”We have seen reports drawing conjectural connection between tax exemption to a private company and procurement of Rafale fighter jets by government of India. Neither the period of the tax concession nor the subject matter of the concession relate even remotely to the Rafale procurement concluded during the tenure of the present government,” the ministry said in a statement. The French newspaper said that the company was investigated by French tax authorities and found liable to pay 60 million euros in taxes for the period 2007 to 2010. However, Reliance offered to pay 7.6 million euros only as a settlement but the French tax authorities refused to accept the amount. The authorities conducted another probe for the period 2010 to 2012 and asked the company to pay an additional 91 million euros in taxes, the report said. Also Read – Tourists to be allowed in J&K from ThursdayIt said that by April 2015, the total amount owed by Reliance to the French authorities in taxes was at least 151 million euros. In October, six months after Modi announced in Paris about the Rafale deal, the French authorities accepted 7.3 million euros from Reliance as a settlement as against the original demand of 151 million euros. A spokesperson of Reliance Communications said that the tax demands were “completely unsustainable and illegal” and that the company denied any favouritism or gain from the settlement. “During the period under consideration by the French Tax Authorities — 2008-2012, ie nearly 10 years ago — Flag France had an operating loss of Rs 20 crore (Euro 2.7 million). The French tax authorities had raised a tax demand of over Rs 1,100 crore for the same period,” the official said. Reacting to the Le Monde report, the French embassy said in a statement that a global settlement was reached between the French tax authorities and the Reliance subsidiary and that it was not subject to any political interference.last_img read more

Grassroots UN project aids mothers and hungry children in DR Congo

Supported by the UN World Food Programme (WFP) and UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the Congregation of the Brothers of Saint Joseph’s Workers trains the women in various trades, in particular the hand manufacture of soap, in a village on the Equator, hundreds of miles up the Congo river from Kinshasa, the DRC capital, and near the spot where 19th century British explorer Henry Morton Stanley placed a large ‘Equator Stone’ near the river bank.Financed by the UN Mission in DRC (MONUC) for little more than $8,000 within the framework of its Quick Impact Projects (QIPs), 5,639 families will benefit from the centre in Iyonda village, 12 kilometres from the Equateur provincial capital Mbandaka, in a region that has suffered heavily from neglect and the now-ended civil war.The centre has fields of soya and other beans, which make it possible for the women to compensate for the lack of protein in their children’s diet. QIPs are widely viewed as being among the most effective tools used by UN missions around the world to help local communities at ground level and at low cost, from repairing leaking roofs in schools in Georgia to opening a vocational centre in Liberia to refurbishing sanitation facilities in Burundi. “The MONUC QIP project is not only fast, but it has a visible impact,” the temporary governor of Equateur province said at the inauguration of the centre earlier this week, noting that it would contribute to reducing poverty and aiding development in the province.The head of MONUC Mbandaka called for the “good use” of this investment because “used better, it will give to the recipients a new chance in life.” He pointed out the very detailed attention that MONUC always gave to maternal and infant health. 21 November 2008A little-known but highly effective low-budget United Nations initiative that brings grass-roots aid to thousands of people in small communities around the world is now providing work and food for mothers with badly nourished children in a remote corner of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). read more

Murali insists he has no interest in politics rejects traitor tag

Muralitharan also accused the Sri Lanka cricket board of attempting to use him to cover all the wrong they have done. “They once said I was going to enter politics. I never did politics,” he said while speaking to reporters in Kandy today. Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Muralitharan said that he has done a lot for the county after he retired from the game yet now several allegations are being raised against him.Deputy Speaker and President of the Sri Lanka cricket board Thilanga Sumathipala had told reporters that he was disappointed at Muralitharan’s decision to join the Australian cricket team as a consultant. Former spin bowler Muttiah Muralitharan says he never engaged in politics nor is he interested in politics. Muralitharan responded saying he has been made a traitor for agreeing to be a consultant for Australia for 10 days despite all he did for the country.“What has he done for the country?” Muralitharan asked with regards to the President of the cricket board.Muralitharan said that he spent a lot to promote cricket in the country and what he has done is there to be seen. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Greater transparency fairer prices for medicines a global human rights issue says

The forum on fair pricing and access to medicines provided a discussion platform for governments, civil society organizations and the pharmaceutical industry to identify strategies to reduce prices and expand access for all.It also called for greater transparency around the cost of research, development and production of medicines, to allow buyers to negotiate more affordable prices.According to WHO, the price of out-of-pocket medicines each year has pushed 100 million people into poverty. Moreover, health authorities in high-income countries are increasingly having to ration medicines for cancer, hepatitis C and rare diseases. And the problem extends to older medicines whose patents have expired, such as insulin for diabetes.“Medical innovation has little social value if most people cannot access its benefits,” stressed Ms. Simão.A 2017 WHO report showed that the cost of producing most medicines on its Essential Medicines List was a small fraction of the final price. Some forum delegates noted that a lack of transparency around prices paid by governments actually translates into many low- and middle-income countries paying more for certain medicines than wealthier countries do.Positive steps forwardAmong other successful examples of countries’ collaboration around achieving more affordable medicine prices, information-sharing between the so-called Beneluxa network – Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Austria – was cited has having yielded promising results, as was a bulk-rate discount when several regional countries purchased medicines as a block.The forum highlighted WHO’s database on vaccine markets and shortages, called MI4A, as a useful tool to achieve competitive vaccine prices. It also pointed out that some European countries have been sharing policies to expand access to medicines through the WHO-supported Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Policies (PPRI).Industry bodies at the forum supported access to medicines for all, and recommited to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which calls for private partnerships to address global challenges, such as access to medicines.WHO announced that over the coming weeks, it will launch a public consultation online to collect views from relevant participants on what actually constitutes a fair price. “This is a global human rights issue”, said WHO Assistant Director-General for Medicines and Health Products Mariângela Simão on Saturday at the WHO Forum on Medicines in Johannesburg. “Everyone has a right to access quality healthcare”.At WHO Forum on Medicines, Countries & Civil Society Push for Greater Transparency & Fairer Prices WHO to continue to facilitate countries’ information-sharing to improve transparency on prices 👉— World Health Organization (WHO) (@WHO) April 13, 2019 read more

Funeral arrangements now set for Marilyn Walker

Brock University is in mourning after the death of longtime friend and supporter Marilyn Walker.Walker died in St. Catharines on Thursday, Oct. 1. She was 80 years of age, and had been in failing health for several months.Her passing came 13 days after she attended the Sept. 18 official opening of the University’s Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts, in downtown St. Catharines. On that warm late-summer afternoon, hundreds of people packed a marquee tent in front of the new school as Marilyn Walker and her husband Norris sat in armchairs beside the stage, listening to University, arts community and political figures praise the Walker School’s transformative impact for Brock students and for the community at large.The new Walker School combined new construction with restored heritage architecture to create a state-of-the-art learning complex that has placed 500 students and faculty into the heart of Niagara’s largest urban centre.One of North America’s leading fibre artists and a creator of sophisticated quilts, Walker was a passionate advocate of the arts as well as a generous philanthropist.In 2008 she made history and headlines when she donated $15-million to Brock University’s School of Fine and Performing Arts, which was renamed in her honour. It was the University’s largest-ever gift and ultimately the catalyst to create the new Walker School downtown.Brock University President Jack Lightstone called her death “a loss that will never be replaced.”“Marilyn leaves a huge legacy for the University and for the whole community,” said Lightstone. “She not only altered Brock’s ability to accelerate learning for future generations of students, she changed the course of history for the University and for the Niagara Region.“Brock’s new school would never have been created in the city centre if not for Marilyn’s vision and generosity, and its role in the renaissance of the downtown would never have been realized.”Derek Knight, Director of the Walker School, said Walker’s vision and passion had already made her an inspiration for students and faculty alike.“I can’t imagine a more thoughtful, compassionate person than Marilyn,” said Knight. “She has changed all of our lives for the best. The Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts is testament to her enduring strength, emphatic belief in the arts and the legacy of creative vision.”Marilyn Walker changed the way people view quilts, working tirelessly to gain their acceptance as a serious art form with cultural, historic and creative significance.Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, she was particularly active in promoting fibre arts, lecturing on their history and artistic significance and teaching new techniques across North America.She was also one of the first to employ new technologies in the design and execution of quilts, and in 1998 she curated the inaugural Canadian Contemporary Quilt competition, which toured Canada for two years.In 1992 her book, Ontario’s Heritage Quilts, was awarded the Canadian Historical Association Award of Merit, an award normally presented to academic historians, for its contribution to regional history. In 2002 The Canadian Quilters Association presented her with the Dorothy McMurdie Award, its most prestigious award, for her significant contributions to Canadian quilting.Walker helped create positive change in Niagara long before the new Walker School was ever imagined for downtown St. Catharines. She was involved for many years with the St. Catharines chapter of the Canadian Federation of University Women, and was instrumental in sustaining the St. Catharines Area Arts Council, Bethlehem Place and Women’s Place.In recognition of her many achievements and enduring friendship, Brock University awarded her an honorary doctorate at its 2008 Fall Convocation.In 2007 she was awarded a Mayor’s Patron of the Arts Award by the City of St. Catharines for her significant contributions.Funeral Arrangements: Family and friends will be received on Wednesday, Oct. 7 and Thursday, Oct. 8 from 2-4 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. at the George Darte Funeral Chapel, 585 Carlton St., St. Catharines. A Celebration of Marilyn’s Life will be held on Friday, Oct. 9 at 11 a.m. at Ridley Memorial Chapel, 2 Ridley Rd. St. Catharines with a reception to follow at Ridley College. In keeping with Marilyn’s philanthropic philosophy, memorial contributions may be made to Niagara Artists Center and Hospice Niagara would be appreciated by the family.Read the full obituary here. read more

Petar Angelov to miss the Macedonias playoff games against Greece

greeceIHFMacedoniaPetar AngelovQatar 2015world championship In around mid-june the play-off games for the upcoming World Championship 2015 in Qatar are to be played, and one of the encounters is Macedonia against Greece. Macedonia is already without Naumce Mojsovski for the first game in Athens, and additional problem now for Obrvan is that the goalkeeper Petar Angelov has been ruled out for both games, due to pain in his back. In his place, Kimevski has been given a call. ← Previous Story Oliver Roggisch says farewell to RNL and Handball Next Story → Xavi Pascual and Barcelona – two more years of cooperation! read more

Ronan OGara How am I feeling Ah fck it Im after losing

first_img credit: RTÉ SportTHIS IS SHAPING up to be the best rugby-related television of the festive period. The Ronan O’Gara documentary was four years in the making and claims to offer an honest insight into the legendary out-half’s career.The trailer above gives us a glimpse of ROG discussing the emergence of Jonny Sexton as his great rival for the international jersey. It’s going to be a good one.The documentary screens at 9.30pm on the 2nd of January on RTÉ One.As it happened: Munster v Connacht, Pro12Video: Toby Faletau scores for the Dragons after smart line-out movelast_img read more

Worlds fastest electric car is a 1972 Datsun can do 060 in

first_imgDrag racing wasn’t just something done in the ’50s when guys with slicked-back hair and leather jackets were racing for pinks. It’s still a hobby popular among many. Usually, you see cars like Ferraris, Maseratis, and BMWs racing down the road, but John Wayland’s car, named the White Zombie, is a type you wouldn’t really expect to see racing these high-end machines, let alone out racing them.The White Zombie is a 1972 Datsun. The nearly-40-year-old car has been revamped with a dual-armature 9-inch series-wound electric motor that Wayland had custom built for the car. It might sound silly to have something like that built for a car so old, and one that never really had much cred in the racing community, even back in the ‘70s, but this little two-door Datsun 1200 can do zero to 60 in just 1.8 seconds, making it the world’s fastest electric car. Its top speed is recorded at 129 mph.The White Zombie uses a 192-cell lithium-polymer battery which totals 355 Volts and uses 22.7 kWh of energy. At $100,000 or more a piece, the batteries are extremely expensive, but Wayland has garnered major sponsorships throughout the year to fund the materials. The batteries are actually a prototype made for Navy helicopters.The car isn’t necessarily new though. Wayland built it back in 1994, so it has been winning races for 17 years now. Looking even further back, Wayland built the Blue Meanie, another Datsun-turned-electric, in 1980. He said he got the idea as a child “while choking on big city air pollution and playing with battery-powered toy cars.”The White Zombie, which boasts 500-plus horsepower, is even street legal. As you can see in the video below, shot in 2007, an unassuming Maserati owner thinks he’ll easily beat Wayland’s Datsun, but Wayland has beaten countless numbers of racers who take a look at the car and scoff. Most of them never offer up a rematch once they’ve seen the White Zombie in action. The moral of the story? Don’t judge a book by its cover.Watch the video below to see the Datsun totally pwn the Maserati. You might want to just hit mute during this video otherwise you’ll never be able to get AC/DC’s T.N.T. song out of your head.via Discoverylast_img read more