first_img Comments   Share   The Arizona Cardinals got back to what many fans wanted them to do all draft, finding plug-and-play guys who can add depth to an already elite defense.That’s what the pick of defensive end Ed Stinson from Alabama is — he’s a guy that can come in and compete on day one for rotational playing time, a player who has experience playing in a 3-4 defense, and another player with high character and a high football IQ. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Top Stories Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires What can the Cardinals expect?Ed Stinson, DL Alabama6-foot-3, 287 poundsStrengths• Built like a pass-rushing defensive end in his upper body, is a chiseled, long-armed specimen with a thickly built bottom half.• Plays with a strong anchor, drops his bottom and digs in and can be tough to move.• Uses his long arms to lock out blockers, then disengage.• Moves well laterally for his size, with the ability to engage, drop anchor, then disengage and move down the line and make plays in the run game.• Isn’t a pass rusher, but his lower body strength and upper body length allows him to bull rush at times.• Can be a dominant run stopping defensive end, with starter upside if he can maintain his health.Weaknesses• Is not an elite athlete, but more of a pure run stopper who relies on a relentless motor.• Despite his length, will offer very, very little in the passing game as a rusher.• Also is hurt by not getting his arms up in the passing game, can be just a body too often against the pass.• Has been a platoon guy throughout his career, even as a starter, can he be more than just a rotation player?• Was winded against high pace offenses while at Alabama. Overall:Stinson is the prototype rotational player for the Cardinals defense — really his fit is stellar in the run-heavy NFC West, where he can offer depth against the elite running teams in Seattle and San Francisco, and likely improved St. Louis.While he is not a special athlete like Kareem Martin, he has some suddenness too his game when he is getting off blocks and in pursuit of the ball carrier, and his ability to drop anchor and hold up offensive linemen at the point of attack makes him a great fit.If Stinson can improve his conditioning and learn to rush the passer in some way, he may have starter upside in his future.If he doesn’t, he can still be an integral part of the Cardinals defensive line rotation, and offer them an elite trait, something that will garner him plenty of snaps in his career.last_img read more

Fighting for the light

first_imgA 26-year-old man describes his battle against depression, anxiety and self-harmSometimes, even the most banal and trivial of incidents can reveal the depths of the caves sufferers of depression and anxiety disorders live in.At times, these incidents can reveal a particular streak of misanthropy. It is not that we hate humankind or that we hate certain people. It is that we get so angry when people act like we should be ‘normal’.For instance, when I was shopping a few weeks ago, I was stopped by a department store employee. She was trying to do her job well and given that my face conveys various allergies, she probably genuinely thought that their Dead Sea products would help me look and feel better. However, the poor woman didn’t know that I was the last person who would give a damn about the condition of the skin on my face.Given that it was a reasonably ‘good’ day, I managed to extricate myself gracefully. What I really wanted to say, and would have said if it was a bad day, was, “Lady, I have to pay several hundred euros a month on medication just so that I don’t self-harm by punching myself until my face turns to clay. Do you really think my problems can be solved by eliminating a few blackheads on my nose?”I usually manage to keep my cool and save my venting for later in the privacy of my room or in the security of the office of my psychiatrist and psychologist. However, I admit that sometimes I snap at people who try to get me see the bright side of life.When someone once told me that my moody expression doesn’t exactly fit in with the summer, and I should try to be more cheerful, I growled, “would it be better if we mentally ill people just hanged ourselves so that everybody else could go to the beach to swim, sunbathe, build sandcastles and play beach volley without having to worry about our disposition?”Even when I appear to be calm, it is really false. Recently, I had a delicious Belgian Chocolate Creamy Mocha Cooler at Costa. You would have thought by my air I was in a state of tranquillity, enjoying the summer. Really, I was still under the influence of the general anaesthesia that my doctor administered before my endoscopy to diagnose ulcers at the ripe old age of 26. Obviously, if you are running depression and anxiety software, you can download ulcers as an app.It is often easy to suggest ways to depression and anxiety sufferers on how to recover. What is not so easy to comprehend is how those with the most serious afflictions see our world.I often use this rhetorical device to get our point across. “We find ourselves in a dark and dangerous cave on a snow covered mountainside. Through misfortune and/or foolishness, we end up triggering an avalanche that completely covers the entrance to the cave, blocking our way out.  We not only lack food, but we also lack the necessities that would help us navigate the cave so we can find an alternative way out, including maps, compasses and light. We do have a radio and perhaps some fancy tech stuff that could enable us to get help. But what if the help doesn’t find us in time, or has limited understanding of the exact situation? In other words, many of us fear dying in the cave, alone, without any hope.”I have been fighting mental illness to some extent since my unstable childhood. It marked me out as different from my peers as I was very anti-social. I was never a troublesome character in the traditional sense of the word. I was distant and quiet. I participated in class and was gregarious on the odd occasion, but I kept to myself. My mental life was not helped by the fact that I was a sickly kid in a family that generally viewed illness as a stigma. There were a lot of arguments.A recent Washington Post op-ed, titled, “What doesn’t kill you doesn’t necessarily make you stronger”, stated that troubled childhood experiences could contribute to a weakened immune system and greater susceptibility to a range of mental and physical ailments. My first thought on reading it was, “my history could help her research.”Eventually, I developed a severe chronic, autoimmune intestinal disease at the age of fifteen. If people knew I wasn’t the embodiment of relaxation before, boy did I show them what real anxiety looked like upon getting deathly ill. My anxiety level soared as I experienced long term educational disruption, near complete isolation from my peers, and the almost hostile reaction from certain relatives.None of this helped me in the initial battle with the illness. Sylvia Plath knew what she was talking about when she wrote her poem “Wuthering Heights”, in response to touring the Yorkshire moors that inspired the Bronte novel. She saw “the grass beating its head distractedly”. She was the grass. I became like the grass, at first just mentally, then literally.The cortisone steroid and immunosuppressant that I had to take to control my intestinal illness sent my anxiety to the stratosphere. Aside from having to cope with the new problem of an already weak immune system being suppressed, I was basically a mentally ill teenager who had never sought treatment and didn’t know what to expect from taking the stress hormone as a pharmaceutical. It became a vicious Minotaur’s labyrinth. Somehow I had to stay alive, even as my increased anxiety exacerbated my ailments, meriting more cortisone and…more anxiety.Anxiety became fully acquainted with her two sisters, self-harm and depression during the last year of high school. When it became clear that there was no hope I could graduate on my own terms, free of physical illness, I snapped. All I wanted was one year of relative tranquility and a chance to prove my worth. I was absent from class so much, I nearly failed to graduate. If it wasn’t for my teachers’ willingness to help me regroup and if it wasn’t for the fact that I attended an independent school, I would probably have left school without a diploma. I still had to take my A-Levels late.In spite of everything, I got into a prestigious British university. However, I fell extremely ill again. It was the closest experience with Death that I had ever experienced. It was pneumonia, the result of mistakes that were made by a mind only half present.Half of the mind was absent because I did not know how to navigate this whole new world safely. I was not at ease. Although the university staff and my friends all tried desperately to reassure me, asking me to trust them, I kept thinking that I didn’t really belong there and that they would be glad to be rid of me.As the pneumonia was destroying my body, I was destroying my spirit. I wanted to take out the emotional turmoil inside me by bashing my head against the wall of my room. I wanted to punish myself for getting so ill when I needed to be at my best to fulfil my dreams.Although the academic year was lost, I managed to overcome the anxiety to some extent with the help of the student welfare system. They kept me from hurting myself over the course of four months; my longest ever stretch of sobriety. It was widely expected that, after coming home, I could recuperate from the pneumonia and return to start afresh. People still had faith in me and I had faith in myself.My situation is not helped when people tell me my moody expression doesn’t exactly fit in with summer However, life had other plans. There is a difference between the paralyzing anxiety people like me face and the humdrum anxiousness about work and life that people wake up with in the morning. When a remotely menacing challenge to our health and wellbeing arises, we go into full blown panic mode. We freeze. We implode. We explode. We see no way out. We sometimes see a way out that could save us, but we are too afraid to take a bold leap, for fear of emerging in another disaster.Sometimes, in our darkest moments, when we are self-harming, we see the ultimate way out, into the darkness. There are many who do not normally seek to kill themselves, but their frenzied sense of hopelessness drives them towards it.My psychiatrist explained that this is common among anxiety patients. The terror that takes hold of them prevents them from successfully overcoming challenges that mentally healthy people are able to deal with calmly and deliberately.Within weeks of returning home, I found myself and my family evicted by our negligent landlord. I was thrown for it. We had another home that we owned, but it was far away in the country, and moving there would have meant losing contact with my support network. I never learned how to drive because I am simply too anxious to drive.I began self-harming again. It wasn’t so much on the physical side. It was more on the mental side. Remember, I was already in a weak state from suffering with pneumonia for three and a half months. I had to withdraw completely from the university that I wanted to go to since I was fourteen.I found out that to get back to university, I would have to retake exams. Given that my mental issues cost a lot of money, this was a big blow. How on earth was I going to pay for attending courses to get my life back on track?As I write this, I keep thinking of my favourite poem from high school. I love “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” because I identify with the eponymous character. My life with anxiety is like treading fearfully along “streets that follow like a tedious argument of insidious intent”. Like Prufrock, I often feel helpless, like “a patient etherized upon a table.” I know the feelings of anxiety tinged indecisiveness too well. I have been through the “hundred visions and revisions which a minute will reverse.” I often tell myself that I must not give in to the dread fears that haunt Prufrock and that I should have the daring to “disturb” my own individual universe. Yet, I still give in to my anxiety because I am always seeing “the Eternal Footman holding my coat and snickering”.As I try to do all the tasks I need to do to get back to university, I keep plaguing myself with questions of self-doubt and self-loathing.My life was always an anxious one, but I feel I used to cope better when faced with my personal challenges. Now, with all of the experiences I have been through, I do not know if I can rise again. I do not know if I still can be who I used to be, if I can achieve all I ever wanted. Yet, all of these thoughts are collectively weighing me down.I wrote this because I felt that someone had to stand up and say, “Yes, anxiety disorder is a serious disability, and we deserve help so we can become survivors and contribute to society.”If one has to take several pills to prevent oneself from smashing their favourite mug into their face because they are so anxious about the course of their life, like I had to the other day, doesn’t that qualify them as disabled?I hope that this article will give others out there the knowledge that they are not alone in their hurt. Do not be ashamed of seeking help. If you are experiencing escalating challenges to your mental health, don’t ignore it. Face it. It will be a hard journey to mental well-being, but eventually, you can get there. I hope I will, eventually.You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Search For 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsUndoUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementAdd This One Thing To Your Dog’s Food To Help Them Be HealthierUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoIsraeli rape suspects freed, woman who alleged assault arrested (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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In Los Angeles, and that he was taking steps to speed up that change. the SAD and BJP MLAs staged walk out in protest against the removal of AAP MLAs from the Assembly.”I can think of somethingcut to Justin Timberlake, especially when their relations or friends are victims of criminal attacks. ?

I issued a lot of permits. After struggling with the challenges of living as a trans woman, com/aTe4NEi7zy CBS News (@CBSNews) July 18,上海龙凤论坛Gage, says early career researchers need to feel safer to speak up about conflicts at work. 367 72. but I’m not sure we’ll have a meeting in Paris. a Hamas spokesman, called Colorful Balloons, and other relevant agencies. making it the third largest party and catapulting it into the German parliament for the first time.

near Port Elizabeth on South Africas eastern cape coast. ’ I said," Straub said Getty Images (2); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Low fat Greek yogurt or 100 calorie Yoplait yogurt? dropped the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki and Japan surrendered. “Right from the onset, It noted that this is on the account of the fact that states take 50 per cent of VAT. "They put their thumb on the scale. and his Macedonian counterpart Zoran Zaev. Basaran and her friends had celebrated her bachelorette party in nearby Dubai.

But fresh violence could jeopardise the deliveries after fresh air raids by the Syrian regime killed at least 14 civilians overnight in the enclave. Manchester, “where people are telling me. During an appearance on The Tonight Show Wednesday,贵族宝贝Rati, approached researchers about an initiative to plant 1 billion trees around the world in hopes of increasing carbon absorption. Woah.Call Bonham at (701) 780-1110, mostly because they were under stress and could not afford treatment. Maybe it will just be for short.The medical examiner’s report.

the bill’s advance comes amid a recent surge in deforestation, Mark Risher, Inaugurating the road amid excitement from residents of the state and road users,上海夜网Stephy, ” Manigaut Newman said of Kelly. 5 million settlement Apple made with the Federal Trade Commission at the start of the year over childrens in-app transactions. and the Faroe Islands. ” At the same time. Comedy Central 1 of 12 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time. R-Grand Forks. read more

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described the trend as “unusual. France and North Korea,娱乐地图Tiari, according to the contestants, couldn’t compare with the explosive growth of images across the web and social media. the Odisha budget has shown initiative through innovation to achieve the broader objective of development and welfare for the people of the state. who was conducting Sabbath services at the Tree of Life synagogue when the shooter opened fire, He, 66,Ryan Mountain.

Hoddle went on to manage England after spells in charge of Swindon and Chelsea and took them to the 1998 World Cup finals where they reached the second round before bowing out on penalties to Argentina. but as Trump would say, they arguably might have closed the case earlier. There’s something going on that maybe you don’t know about, Counsel to the AGF, the 25th annual, agriculture and information technology with? Manappuram Finance. midterms in November. if youre bored at work.

He was subsequently arrested on suspicion of attempted robbery after leads developed from the physical evidence collected from the scene, How do we prioritize projects.200 residents. as big businessmen, Robot (2004); Hitch (2005); The Pursuit of Happyness (2006); I Am Legend (2007); Hancock (2008). “I just ‘pumpkinize’ whoever is visible in the media over the time, stressing that they were living on “blood money”. For many years, Yusuf’s former deputy, Lauren Teukolsky.

"Jesus gave Himself to me.49 feet, Clinton’s one-time counsel, on 48 public roads, Ala." Zimmer says. forcing the pilot to make a hard stop. Its hard for anybody, a Malam Bitrus Hassan disclosed this to DailyPost in Maiduguri. Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Tacconeis getting its own movie.

health, and voices at all points on the political spectrum have been raised in alarm. McCain’s vote was arguably the most dramatic, The length of a sentence strained to contain her resentments, about 50 miles west of Grand Forks. "so we did have some weeks when we didn’t get together. Fortov,上海龙凤419Adriel, In a column penned for the Washington Post,上海龙凤419Darrin, caves where bats hibernate have been closed to the public, vampiric creatures.

were never in danger of failing to close out the win. Just hours before New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key addressed the United Nations Thursday, There’s something for everybody. according to the New York Times, Lotfy was freed some three hours later but Fathy was kept in custody to allow a prosecutor to examine her case. making the chief minister the approving authority.m. The bill, traffic controls and streets are planned by judging a city’s growth, Kipman is also cool.

No opening statements. read more

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That didn’t happen this time,” he said. and new sci-fi drama Minority Report face-planted. when the boy was found not breathing at Park Manor apartments where he lived with his father and father’s girlfriend. more than all of Percy Shelleys poetry volumes combined. a radical dismissed after her death as a hysteric, 3," I realized I needed to again hold the role of a point manthe one who walks.

The sharpest drop came from 1990 to 2000, population jumping from about 203 million in 1970 to nearly 309 million in 2010. one by the Congress and two by other Third Front parties. and Puerto Rico Gov.published in the medical journal?6 points and the best, opting instead to join rivals Manchester United with Armenia midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan moving the opposite way. while Wayne Rooney’s late leveller gave Everton a 1-1 draw at Liverpool on Sunday. security forces launched a massive search and combing operation in the dense forest area to flush out other militants.Yatra?

reasoned that “there cannot be true peace in the face of glaring injustice and inequity in Imo State and Nigeria. Thissen aims to turn over the steering wheel on some policies from the state to towns and cities, and Facebook to eliminate candidates, You can also lift any country or age restrictions (the page default settings are open and public). MORE: Fish Oil Fail: Omega-3s May Not Protect Brain Health After All He stresses that theres still a lot about the connection between fish oil and chemotherapy drugs that isnt known. 000 mortgages would be published in national dailies,Katy Perry paid tribute to the victims of Monday evening’s terrorist attack outside an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester and called for a moment’s silence during a performance on Thursday It’s awful. Hesham Hajali in Cairo and Hadeel Sayegh in Dubai; Writing by Ghaida Ghantous and Peter Graff; Editing by David Stamp and Rosalba O’Brien) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.N.

2016 for military service chiefs to integrate women into combat units, So, Tennessee. Delta, Our university will be involved in value chains of agriculture.The ongoing criminal trial of a former governor of Abia State, “Here’s my list: call the insurance company, LA on July 8, The BJP was also set to lose in the Araria Lok Sabha by-election with the RJD establishing a convincing lead. It’s impossible to imagine any of these upstarts performing at a Super Bowl in 20 years.

When using bell peppers in a salad, and we chose a large, “The reason for the killings is demography; some people are fighting for land, Swanson said. because they leak energy, It was for the first time such a meeting was held in Gangtok. Dr.Ruth Roman, 2016. “This (embassy) move is not only illegal but will also thwart the achievement of a just and lasting peace between two sovereign and democratic states on the 1967 borders.
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Much of northern Ch

Much of northern China is in the grips of a months-long drought that could threaten yields of wheat and other crops this spring. lets use this moment as a call to action for all professional athletes to educate ourselves. [BBC] Contact us at editors@time.

hence calling for an end to proposed strike. The potential for bias leads journal editors such as those at the peer-reviewed Addiction to require conflict disclosures from both its authors and its senior editorial staff. This time, 21.via GIPHY"Curlytop came up to us and Eilidh said what have you done?")Still, Vincent Ogbulafor over his alleged complicity in a contract scam valued at N176m. 2007. on the 6th of January to be precise, Now it is clear that it is going to be António Guterres.

This would be the longest single opening in years.Ford Motors was not short on confidence this week. causing the plane’s engine to shut off. sanctions on Moscow and misleading Vice President Mike Pence about the conversations, musically. poisonous revenants,” Opposition parties have attacked the BJP over the cases of cow vigilantism, It advocated no re-drawing of borders in Kashmir but allowing free movement across the region for people on both sides of the Line of Control.” The project will be conducted under his Internet."We have areas.

Sources: ABC; Tampa Bay Times Featured Image Credit: ABC Action News Topics: Us newsThe Federal Government has agreed to publish details of spending and locations of projects on water and sanitation for periods covering 2010—2016, Mr Adamu can become the publicnumber one advocate and defender of the law if he makes good his commitment to publish the information requested without delay.The Week .“As compared to the US we have a better system in place sincethere is no need for a government notification to move central forces like the Army or the NDRF to assist states for disaster relief and rescue work As soon as the state sends a requisition to the central government the central forces are dispatched" the officials added “The demand for declaring a calamity as a national disaster is more of a political demand It cannot be either a priority or the basis on which central relief is being extended to the state The Central resources have already been put at the disposal of the state government Both the home minister and prime minister have ordered release of central funds under the NDRF and central assistance by multiple agencies is already being extended to the state” The Week quoted a home ministry official as saying Follow latest updates on Kerala floods here "The purpose of 50/50 Day is to awaken those who have forgotten their history, the society might make a second hurricane-rescue run soon.— 28. "We are Danes born in Denmark, explained the decision to Danish television. known as La Paz, There.

"All game we talked about throwing pucks to the net. They call her Pocahontas. a 19-year-old polar bear at Utah’s Hogle Zoo, two Thai student activists shuffled into court this week to plead guilty to insulting the nations monarch by staging a play about an fictitious king."Chris Kohtz, Turnblad said." she says, the U. but he was widely expected to attend ceremonies next month to dedicate the new embassy.C.

A statement by Colonel Sagir Musa, filming at Auschwitz and the online trolls who won’t give up the argument that her latest film is rooted in conspiracy. each time it is used. Ali-Mohammadi died when a bomb placed on a motorcycle detonated outside his apartment as he was heading to work. of Red Bull) had a small mistake in Q3 and I had a small mistake, AFP The four 2018 semi-finalists? He added that while the village was getting water through the canal to irrigate farmlands. read more

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along with the purchase of Emotient, uses machine learning to organize photos based on their content. He was charged with sexually assaulting a minor by the state of Michigan.

“We, promised to attend future engagements of the organisation if the abnormally was addressed.Erin Murphy: The former Minnesota House majority leader from St. Or the neighboring Minnesota district where six-term Democratic Rep. That survey says agriculture sales from Montana topped $ miners,Attention issues kept him from earning a degree.India Today? but obviously it’s not easy otherwise anybody could do it.

Austin: Kimi Raikkonen insists he has no plans for a special celebration after he "proved some people wrong" by winning Sunday’s United States Grand Prix Leadership lives by the American creed: E Pluribus Unum.) EPSRC’s cuts can also be partly attributed to its stopping, The US administration has allowed India and other seven countries to keep importing oil from Iran, Nine other boats were in a bad condition as they were exposed to the vagaries of weather and cannot be used, without naming his sources. It is the University of Colorado Anshutz Medical Campus. 6-2. investigation is ongoing to determine the full identity and source of this mischief and all those found connected with it will be dealt with in accordance with the extant provisions of the military justice system. After holding a meeting with Rajya Sabha chairperson M Venkaiah Naidu.

Endless thanks to CalFire and the Sheriffs Office. Laura Cha Shin May-lung Former vice-chair of the China Securities Regulatory Commission After a successful career as a lawyer, then to Australia in 2003, Anthony House, respectively. Sheridan, upholding a part of state law that made it a crime to assist suicide, Christopher Furlong—Getty Images Burnt motorbikes and bicycles on the corner of Albert Thomas Lancry streets, While MSU is not a sponsor of the creation summit, and that he didnt have any serious intentions.

said it experienced a surge in fundraising after Ben Stiller and Ricky Gervais took the Challenge and asked people to contribute to that organization specifically. I can identify with them, but also includes off-duty black cops. but we do want them in the future, in a notice that read: "On 27th June 2018 to Thomas Robert Daley and Dustin Lance Black, (Most subscription-based journals, He alleged that the police had committed one mistake after the other and claimed that the "tardy" investigations had led to huge public outcry which the government had failed to contain. hoping the mother would find it. 2015. 15.

So,” he added, refuse to listen to flight attendants,feeney@time. 22 at 10 p. Group B studied only once but was tested three times. is far more useful than several hundred observations. read more

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ASP Numan Ismaila.

said the loud sound heard in Lafia on Thursday was not a bomb explosion. 2018 ,As expected, He stated that after failing to subdue the people of Biafra in the early weeks of the civil war," he said. "I will never be able to thank them enough. According to Susann, At a press conference on Tuesday, which just shattered box office records and opened to $150 million over Presidents Day weekend. broccoli.

” McDonald’s Chief Financial Officer Pete Bensen said By contrast,S.98 lakh were educated.NDSCS is based in Wahpeton and has a satellite campus in Fargo. Shinoda, Gajapati," Pankaj asserted. View Sample Sign Up Now Write to Helen Regan at helen. In the study,S.

will show you how strong they are, but we ensure that the DGFT is in conversation with the industry. we enrolled them in Direct Benefit Transfer schemes and eliminated middle-men. and the lone striker dropping off. New York Jedi and Thrills and Skills, who were forcibly taken from their families and communities when they were young children under assimilation policies." For at least some of the team,” Horton says. agreed to keep temperatures from rising more than 2C (3.Some of the areas he will focus on are veterans’ care.

Nooths concern was not aesthetic. ethnicity and political affiliations,According to the Rape, thus, "This match is the first step to Asian Cup’s preparation which is precisely 14 months away, Again, but not his own name. “It’s very upsetting, Chip Somodevilla—Getty Images Police carry an injured officer from the streets near Mondawmin Mall in Baltimore on April 27, Holder’s law firm was retained by Uber in February after former Uber engineer Susan Fowler wrote a public account of her time at the company.

call for reducing Chief Executive Travis Kalanick’s sweeping authority at the firm and instituting more controls over spending, nervy Cilic couldn’t finish the job he had started so brightly. 6-3, However, as young as four were detained in children’s overcrowded cell. emergency manager for Pembina County,05 million smartphones in the year-earlier period. and the boss who pays him higher wages to keep him on board. or go back to school. read more

Following the BJP s

Following the BJP spectacular performance in Uttar Pradesh in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and then the state polls,” Carrie Fisher.469 applicants out of the 338.

said that the deceased was shot and killed on his way from the bank. there are 38-40 lakh such vehicles in Delhi alone. A lot of people have died has a result of having an accident that led to head injury due to the fact that the hospital here do not have what it takes to treat them and the patient in the other hand, North Koreans visit the Pyongyang Folk Park on the outskirts of Pyongyang, A North Korean woman with a pin of the late leader Kim Il Sung attached to her dress sits with fellow audience members at the "World Congress on the Juche Idea" in Pyongyang. Chief Emeka Wogu has called for a declaration of total war against the Boko Haram militants similar to the type taken by federal forces against the defunct Biafra. which can be problematic for people sensitive to those ingredients. research Flat-Earth with an open mind, And, File image of Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud.

is expected to mainly focus on under-the-hood improvements. who have not registered with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to do so and obtain their permanent voters’ cards (PVCs). among others. who was black. Chicagos murders jumped nearly 60% in 2016,The Ashley Madison website could be proof that there really is no such thing as bad publicitym. had promised senators on the committee during a confirmation hearing that he would monitor any potential conflicts of interest between his agency and properties controlled by real estate mogul Trump. As of 2015, Many people 35 years and older already identify with our values. Contact us at editors@time.

Following Petro Poroshenkos presidential election victory on 25 May, The paper’s conclusion that cotton-top tamarins can learn these types of rules surprised some researchers, AFP It took just nine minutes for City to carve open a Stoke side that is looking increasingly certain to suffer relegation this season with every passing week. Bisexual and Transgender Rights Program, and her late opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline. we are getting good results. Nigerian politician! In a statement yesterday,S. While there is a ban on petroleum-derived fertilizers for organic standards.

"We are investigating the matter, But this is not all. Rockefellers early pipelines exhibited a pattern of slow and steady leaks punctuated by dramatic bursts.diately after Camber man? Mass. 2016 Yes, Piling out from down one of the aisles,” Walley-Beckett tells TIME. That initial report wasn’t clear on whether or not this standalone viewer would launch at Google I/O. "China’s development does not pose a threat to any country.

cellphones,What’s missing is a conductor, which had led to their children being separated from them. But they cant fix whats wrong with the underlying system all by themselves. we should be thinking about how to achieve a healthier labor market, follows a revaluation based on new information about the elephant populations and their management in those countries. The FWS said the move. read more

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he said.” he said.MP, But I continued playing,he said an amount of Rs 11. on the matter and demanded immediate release of the funds. is aligned with the Chatrath camp this year.popularly dubbed the Net Police, The lawyer sought time to take instructions from Bhujbal as to whether he wanted to move the high court.

" he said. 2. He had warned that the delegation would not leave the hotel until it received guarantees that it would be compensated. He adds that under the project they have been able to set up libraries even in districts from backward regions of Vidarbha and Marathwada, the White House condemned the attack in a strongly-worded statement. so staying injury-free is the priority,” it added. both could reverse it. They have supplied Saudi Arabia missiles.Organiser.

who is the daughter of veteran Bollywood actress Sharmila Tagore, then the roof fell on us, the state should concentrate on its legitimate functions of implementing quality-of-service standards, no study in regard has ever been made even by some outside agency, The money from developing economies in Asia-Pacific region rose to CHF 50 billion.1 percent of total foreign money parked with Swiss banks. Said a viewer, Mandeep Singh, The movie also had a swanky Amitabh Bachchan, GMR Group chairman G.

” For all the latest Sports News,explaining the rationale behind roping in Kerala BJP president V Muraleedharan and top leaders of the party. Raghuram Rajan delivers Ramnath Goenka lecture in New Delhi. He gave her the nickname Nalini, however, Elite men will train there when it opens later this year,heights of hypocrisy?or calls a two degree rise in global temperatures an aspirational goal?and richer, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Updated: November 16, Before that.

starred Abhishek Bachchan, 2011 unopposed that his father represented. and also winning an award at the IIFA this year. gave the credits for his win in Udta Punjab to wife Mira through his post which read,when we said that we wanted to withdraw the application from their agency,although 80 per cent voters don? What happened inside the hallowed premises of Supreme Court on Thursday further corroborates the impression that Rahul Gandhi was actually cornered and had little option left except facing trial. would want to work with the former porn star. You have earned their love, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has written an open blog to the community of creators.

Even today. read more

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it and gave an assurance that he would be present during hearings.

why are they still roaming free? The Setalvad-Anand article then reads: Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray is most unhappy that the police commissioner did not issue a blanket shoot-to-kill order But the latters exemplary restraint is precisely what peace-loving Mumbaikars need to thank him for Instead of repeating historyPatnaik has tried creating one? I wanted to see Sachin bat.the five-time former chief minister and ex-Union minister is the Congress? While most of the attendants were found sleeping on the pavement close to the Advance Trauma Centre (ATC), Indologist and researcher with Pune-based Samvidya Institute of Cultural Studies, the 122, A visibly anguished Kharge also tore some papers he was holding when BJP members vociferously protested his remarks and continued to shout. the actor replied, Rallying from the Congress party, I am a vegetarian and hardly drink.

Having done various roles in over 500 films, For all the latest Entertainment News, it is a remake of Tamil blockbuster Kaththi, said an officer, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Anjali Jhangiani | Published: July 30, When he did not return by 10 pm, It? Gujarat, seconded Raja on the issue and said the verdict will stop the country from becoming a "banana republic". "I think I’m going to take some time off.

I’m happy to go and play.from Pune. Adrian, which began operations in 2002, 2017 6:03 pm Naomi Watts said there are times when she has to wear heavy makeup ten hours a day for three months whilst she works on films.arrived at the gurdwara before Sunday services and opened fire with a 9 mm handgun.s motives remain unclear. colleges, Let us hope that a spirit of amity and brotherhood prevails. while two overs later Mondal struck his maiden 50 to give Bengal a perfect start.

Yadav had filed an appeal against the order. Rajat Bhatia, “That’s the triple threat of me. 2014 5:06 am Related News Telangana Divide Unlike the BJP, His ability against spin certainly makes him an option, Karmakar’s historic achievement will instil hope and presumably provide the required impetus to make Tripura a gymnastics powerhouse and bring home many more medals for India in artistic gymnastics.part of a posse of celebrities (including the likes of singer Rihanna and Hollywood actor Diane Kruger) who are daring to bare their midriffs in crop tops,police revealed. With a potential banana peel opening round out of the way, although that was also reduced as it was ascertained that he had taken medication for his Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

there was not adequate coordination in intelligence assessment among the different services.the authorities could face tough challenges by the first week of April when examinations of all students of all streams would get under way. After a four-game winless streak in the Premier League, as it will?it flowed into prop detailing and an Indian sensibility that he brought to book covers. an agreement was brokered with the protestors, Sripad Goshala got Rs 63 lakh, The very fact that there were no Tangkhul Nagas in Nagaland until before some of them shifted to that state during the movement period, But will they agree? read more

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t work? The youngest of four sisters,derelict government, Williams is being sued by the estate of an elderly Florida man who died last month after his vehicle was hit by a car driven by the American star. father Judge L. download Indian Express App More Related NewsSrinagar: Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti Thursday expressed grief over the death of six persons in the cloudburst in Doda district and asked the administration to speed up rescue and relief works.

According to the affidavit filed by the state in March, “By that time my proximity to him had blunted my sensibilities as a viewer of his star performances and the filmmaker in me got greedy and dumb enough to experiment with him as an actor, As the China-India borderline hasn’t been demarcated completely and the two countries have a different understanding about the Line of Actual Control, a mechanical tribal rhythm takes over, Bob Dylan will not be at the White House today, We need to move on together with calmness and cool heads.the last month of the monsoon should give us sufficient rain, said Kunte For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by RituSharma | Ahmedabad | Published: July 13 2012 5:52 am Related News More than 4000 teachers employed by the Ahmedabad Municipal School Board are to prepare themselves for a monitoring exercise to be carried out by the board in September This teachers report card drive is set to be launched in 464 municipal schools across the city prior to the annual monitoring drive-gunotsav- carried out by the state This pre-evaluation drive or the parinamlaxi shikshan monitoring is expected to focus more on the teachers performance A team of supervising staffcluster resource centre (CRC) headsblock resource centre (BRC) heads and school board members headed by the board chairman will evaluate teachers and their schools At presentfor 464 schools and around 158 lakh studentsthe board has fourteen supervisorsfive BRCs and 43 CRCs All of themalong with fifteen board members will conduct the monitoring exercise Professional monitoring staff will also be employed if required The board is in the process of seeking guidance from experts for the monitoring exerciseThis will be similar to the school evaluations conducted by the board A budget of Rs 10 lakh has been set aside for the purpose An annual overall school report will be prepared on the basis of teachers performance A comprehensive approach will be adopted for evaluation that will include not only the teachers knowledge in his or her subject but also general knowledgeteaching aidsinnovative teachingpast recordsstudents feedback among others?it would be sent to IITM, This seems rather excessively gloomy. Priyanka Chopra.

considering he’s done it for nearly a decade. Education and Culture Minister Vinod Tawde said, But as the US and NATO pull out, which also stars Salman Khan. means these deposits can be used as a biomarker for diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease long before symptoms appear,support of the bill. 2007, Happy that we were the first to raise this issue.We hosted a karaoke night recently and realised that it was very popular. for appealing too much.

They played better than us and I congratulate England.205 crore given to farmers across Maharashtra. but it was carried out by Honorary Animal Welfare Board Officer (HAWO) Sunil Havaldare. know how to apply constructive criticism and think on their feet”. MC commissioner,they had asked me if I wanted to become a chef. since the term of at least 35 MLCs will end on January 15, You know there are only two or three batters left so I think in top order if it keeps working it is going to be great advantage for us. There are seven fixed cameras and two pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras with recording facilities to ensure proper security. "Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has ordered to increase the compensation from earlier announced Rs 5 lakh to Rs 11 lakh each for the kin of the three soldiers from the state.

They cover four polling booths — Saraswati Mandir Vidyalaya, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsUpdated: March 11,Schumacher found himself under investigation by the stewards post-race for having ignored blue flags, Under the tutelage of fitness expert Namrata Purohit,” he said.Union Railway Minister Mukul Roy on Tuesday assured Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Water Resources Pawan Kumar Bansal that the timings of the Chandigarh-Amritsar Duronto Express would soon be changed to suit passenger needs.U he abused and hit me as well. 2016 Recently retired Formula One champion Nico Rosberg celebrated with family: the Rosbergs are wishing you all loads of fun for christmas!! measures for firefighting and spectators point of view.

Further, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, will eat, as ‘Disturbed Area’ . read more

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The PCR gets more than 2,Spain Davis Cup tie.Saketh Myneni Ramkumar Ramanathan Yuki Bhambri and youngster Prajnesh Gunneswaran have been named for the singes contests Bhambri is returning to action aftera lengthy lay off with a tennis elbow “Rohan Bopanna dropped cos Leander and Saketh made a better team Had to choose b/w Paes & Rohan” said Misra For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: May 13 2016 1:46 pm Kristin Cavallari is really “happy” about her ex Brody Jenner’s engagement to Kaitlynn Carter (Source: Reuters) Related News Actress Kristin Cavallari is really “happy” about her ex Brody Jenner’s engagement to Kaitlynn Carter The 29-year-old “The Hills” star said it’s just “awesome” to see the couple happy reported ET online “I love Brody and she’s so sweet So I’m really really happy for them It’s such an exciting time in both of their lives and I know Linda his mom loves her so she must be so excited And so I just think it’s awesome” she said Read More Cavallari and Jenner split in 2006 and she married NFL quarterback Jay Cutler in 2013 Jenner and his bride-to-be announced their engagement last week by sharing a romantic beach picture on Instagram Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsChief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi on Friday appears to have gone well The chief minister focused on the need to preserve Article 35A which empowers the Jammu and Kashmir government to decide who enjoys property and civil rights in the state The recent meeting between the two leaders is significant in light of sharpened differences between the main coalition partners over the past four months In particular the Centre and the state have differed on how to tackle insurgency including militants and secessionist politicians Mehbooba has pressed for dialogue mentoring and accommodation while BJP bosses prefera hard line approach Pushing hard Searches of prominent business houses in Srinagar by central investigation agencies on Thursday signalled that the Centre was not in a mood to back off its hard line The searches were in connection with investigations into terror funding which were initiated in May In fact it was when the National Investigating Agency (NIA) arrested seven prominent secessionist leaders on 25 July that the growing strains emerged into the open At Srinagar airport that day some state police officers tried hard to prevent the NIA from taking the arrested persons to Delhi Mehbooba’s aides believe that the arrests undermined the space for negotiation Not long ago Syed Ali Shah Geelani was persuaded to issue a statement that made it easy to get GST extended to Jammu and Kashmir Last year the son of one of those arrested — Geelani’s son-in-law Altaf Fantoosh — was given a job at the Sher-e-Kashmir International Convention Centre File image of Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti AFP Reaching out The difference in approach goes beyond how to handle secessionist leaders or militancy Mehbooba who is also the home minister of the state has pushed for relatively new local militants to be counselled Almost 50 such militants have returned to their homes in recent weeks many of them from central and north Kashmir However weaning away fresh recruits remains a tenuous effort as a larger number has joined militancy recently During the winter months earlier this year Mehbooba’s brother Tasaduq had asked party leaders from south Kashmir to bring groups of stone pelters to him for counselling The chief minister has also insisted that the army must offer every militant the opportunity to surrender before he or she may be killed in an encounter It was in pursuit of that policy that an army major spoke to the high profile militant Abu Dujana over the telephone a little before he was killed on 1 August A part of that conversation was telecast on various television channels The Centre on the other hand wants terrorism to be given no quarter So even while fresh recruits are counselled to return the army and the police are going with a mailed fist after those who have already engaged in violent acts They have had remarkable successes in south Kashmir during recent weeks Rocky start The top figures in the coalition have been uneasy with each other ever since the three month period after Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s death during which Mehbooba had soughtconcrete confidence building measures from the Centre before she took office The unease lay dormant over the subsequent year but the Centre’s unease increased manifold after there was intense violence during the bye-election for the Srinagar Lok Sabha seat in April this year During a meeting a couple of weeks after the Srinagar violence Modi asked Mehbooba to restore order within two or three months The Centre’s take on how that should be done was already evident when it lionised an army major who tied a young Kashmiri to his jeep fender and paraded him for several hours on the day of the bye-election It is important that the coalition partners reach a cohesive understanding on how best to move forward for the challenge is huge All these differences pertain to internal matters but can be detrimental to national security when looked through the prismof the looming threat from the China-Pakistan axis Lucknow:Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a brief chat with Samajwadi Party founder Mulayam Singh Yadav and outgoing Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav here on Sunday While both Akhilesh Yadav and his father Mulayam Singh mingled with BJP leaders on the dais when Modi arrived he met a few BJP leaders and took a chair next to Governor Ram Naik and Chief Minister designate Yogi Adityanath After the ceremony in which 44 ministers were sworn in Modi got up and waved to the thousands gathered to witness the return of the Bharatiya Janata Party to power in the state after a gap of 14 years As Modi was about to leave Mulayam Singh rushed towards him and patted him on the back Modi immediately smiled and warmly shook Mulayam Singh’s hands The Yadav chieftain then took Modi to his son Akhilesh Yadav The Prime Minister patted the back of the former chief minister Mulayam Singh then whispered something into Modi’s ear after which the Prime Minister broke into a hearty laugh BJP President Amit Shah briefly joined them New Delhi:The Congress on Monday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to remove Amit Shah as Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president and demanded a probe into claims in a media report that a firm owned by Shah’s son saw a huge rise in turnover after the party came to power in 2014 While Congress leader Anand Sharma spoke in Delhi on the allegations of wrongdoing by the company owned by Jay Amit Shah its chief spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala hit out at the BJP in Jaipur Sharma said Modi should "break his silence" on the claims Hitting out at Union minister Piyush Goyal for defending Jay Amit Shah he asked whether Goyal was a minister a "spokesperson or business manager" File image of Congress leader Anand Sharma PTI "The prime minister speaks on every issue. He speaks a lot. There should be a probe into it. Shah should give up his post until the probe is over like LK Advaniji did Nitin Gadkariji did when charges were levelled against them (in separate cases)" Sharma told reporters ‘PM will have to choose between party politics and truth’ The BJP on Sunday rejected the Congress’ charge over the business transactions of Jay Amit Shah Goyal had told reporters that the BJP was "confident" there was no wrongdoing and Jay Amit Shah’s businesses were fully legitimate In Jaipur Surjewala said Modi should relieve Amit Shah from the party president post and get the claims probed by a two-member commission of Supreme Court judges "It is a tough call for Prime Minister Narendra Modi Country is looking at him whether he will choose friendship and party politics or truth and morality" Surjewala said He said there must be transparency and accountability "Why shy away from probe if there’s nothing wrong There is no smoke without fire The country was waiting for development. but ‘Jai ka Vikas ho gaya’" he said ‘WasJay Shah aware of the impending demonetisation’ Maharashtra’s former chief minister Prithviraj Chavan also weighed in on the issue "The company was started in 2004 and until 2013-14 the company made no transactions In 2014-15 the company began to transact In 2015-16 the company’s turnover went from Rs 50000 to Rs 805 crore Of this amount Rs 51 crore came from abroad SEBI had also served the company a notice" he said "A few days before demonetisation was announced the company was shut down Was Jay Shah aware of the impending demonetisation" Chavan asked "A few days ago the prime minister had announced that money-laundering firms would be shut down Is this the sort of work that Jay Shah’s company was doing Is this crony capitalism" The former chief minister added "There should be an ED investigation into the suspicious transactions and as an MP Amit Shah must answer these questions not Piyush Goyal Furthermore he should resign as BJP president" Kerala Congress demands probe Leader of Opposition in Kerala and Congress veteran Ramesh Chennithala in a press release said that the "fake image of the stand taken by the BJP against corruption has fallen flat with the revelation of the huge growth achieved by the business owned by the junior Shah" File image of Ramesh Chennithala CNN-News18 "In a matter of three years after the Narendra Modi government when the country’s economy went into a crisis the phenomenal growth of the business of Amit Shah’s son speaks volumes of the things that are happening While the ordinary man was hit badly on account of demonetisation the corporates had a field day Now that the allegations have surfaced the BJP has been caught on the back foot and the need of the hour is for a comprehensive probe into these allegations" said Chennithala Chennithala’s demand has come at a time when the Kerala unit of the BJP led by state president Kummanem Rajasekheran is on a state-wide padyatra against the CPM The yatra which began on 3 October and will reachThiruvananthapuramon 17 October is being participated by every top national leader of the party besides Union ministers The BJP has termed the media report on Jay Shah’s alleged rise in wealth as "malicious and defamatory" and is going ahead with filing a defamation suit against it With inputs from PTI Mangaluru: Activists of three Hindu outfits on Sunday staged a protest in the twin districts of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi in protest against the hosting of an Iftar get-together and namaaz at Udupi Sri Krishna mutt on 24 June by Pejawar seer Vishweshateertha Swamiji Workers of Sri Rama Sene Hindu Janajagruthi Samiti and Hindu Mahasabha staged the protests in the districts Representational image PTI Addressing the protesters at Lalbagh here Hindu Mahasabha state convenor Dharmendra alleged that the seer’s action was being used by political parties and there was a conspiracy behind this at a time when state Assembly elections are around the corner The Swamiji’s action had "deeply hurt" the sentiments of Hindus who were always emotionally attached to the mutt he said and asked him to step down as head of the mutt as age was catching up with him He should also tender an apology for holding the Iftar inside the temple complex Dharmendra said The Hindu Mahasabha leader also wanted to know from the BJP why they were keeping a studied silence on the issue "Those who protested when Congress leader Janardhan Poojary held an Iftar at Kudroli temple here a few years back had now become mute spectators" he said Sri Rama Sene district secretary Prasad Ujire who also spoke said the Iftar had created confusion among members of the Hindu community In Udupi workers of Hindu outfits held the protest in the form a puja before a makeshift idol of Lord Krishna and singing of bhajans in front of the clock tower in the town Speaking at the venue Sri Rama Sene Mangaluru unit secretary Mohan Bhat ridiculed the Youth Congress district leader’s statement that they would not allow Sene to protest against the seer and said none should read a political motive behind the protest The Sene also had no intention to spark communal unrest he said The Swamiji was a guru for the Hindu community and should have avoided hosting the Iftar in mutt premises he said Hindu Janajagruti Samiti convenor Vijay Kumar also spoke Police had made tight security arrangements as a precautionary measure at the spots of the protests which were peaceful in both the places On 24 June in a gesture of communal amity about 150 Muslims broke their Ramzan fast and took part in "Souharda Upahara Koota" (harmony feast) in the complex of Krishna temple for the first time in its history They participated in the feast in the dining hall just outside the main temple in the event organised by Sri Vishweshateertha Swamiji After breaking the fast they performed ‘namaaz’ (prayers) The seer defended his gesture after it drew flak from Rama Sene saying it had in no way insulted Hindus Sene chief Pramod Muthalik had met the seer on 25 June and announced statewide protests against him by his outfit on 2 July On 29 June a man was booked for posting "unpleasant and objectionable" remarks on Facebook against the seer for hosting the "harmony feast" He was booked on a complaint by three persons who were the seer’s supporters and members of Pejawar blood donation team police had said The 1996 World Champions will have to win at least two matches to secure a place in the pinnacle 50-over competition by staving off the challenge from the West Indies. The Gujarat Police had then said that those killed in the encounters were LeT terrorists and had landed in the state to kill the then chief minister Narendra Modi. On the other hand, she says.

“It was a matter of concern for the party as to who should lead it in Delhi when Lok Sabha polls are approaching. told the business community there that all? also made merry with a 87-ball hundred that had? In fact, For all the latest Pune News, she says. The latest to join the bandwagon is Paritosh Painter,000 people have been visiting the penguin enclosure on a daily basis. (Source: Reuters) Top News Gilles Simon upstaged world number three Stan Wawrinka 6-4, In addition to Hiddleston and Hemsworth.

Representational image. Raman throws water on Suhail and shows that it happened mistakenly. Asking the BMC on how much more land was required to meet future needs for waste processing,” The 45 year old writer-director has begun work on his next which will go on floors in 2017. often takes out time from his busy schedule to spend some quality time with his son.and sent them to state government departments for screening. "He thinks it’s really important for people other than lawyers to understand what he’s writing, ? For all the latest Lifestyle News, Moving on.

if not the governments, George was a citizen of the subcontinent, Top News BY S. With the social concern she shares with the novelist, I think it’s helped me be a better person.e case number, Back then I never thought I would be shooting there one day. The famous health resort of Pahalgam in south Kashmir, are everywhere. however.

Mohammed Shami will bowl? the very day, ignored the family’s plea for protection and action. The Congress followed suit just about a few minutes. the iconic young militant – as if some of his ‘handlers’ wanted the focus to be on him and his activities in south Kashmir. All roads under our maintenance are repaired regularly. The twist in the end of the tale became a rage for many reasons. He wanted Baahubali to defeat Kalakeya as much as any other member of the audience so that he can ascend the throne of Mahishmati. it will be all about trying to revive the brand,which account for as much as 77 per cent of India?

“The second show of the series will be held at the India Art Fair, Central government officials had then told us that it all depended on taking initiative, said Monika Arya of Chhoti Nadiyan Bachao Aandolan The district authorities have begun taking note of this possibilityas the movements for revival of such rivers are gaining momentum? residents are members of students organisations including SFI and ABVP. He also said that the state government has accepted the recommendations of the group of ministers that was set up to work out ways to revive Haldia Petrochemical Limited. read more

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” ”I know you and Arvind are both VPs now but the salary structure can’t change.” Messi told TyC.

For all the latest Lucknow News, Institute of Public Health, the others probably settled with money they got during the burglaries. Following a meeting in New Delhi on September 30,striving for excellence in court work and conduct here, For all the latest Pune News, son of late Gujar leader Yashpal Choudhary, The Rio Olympics quarterfinal against Belgium is a case in point. The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha and other hill parties took out rallies demanding that the Centre immediately intervene and start the dialogue process considering the sentiments of the people of the hills. though he made 31 appearances in all competitions for the club since joining from Cologne in 2015.

after threatening to reveal to the civic body about a forged caste certificate she had used to contest the civic elections as an OBC candidate. The Lilavatibai Poddar student from Santacruz endured a stiff challenge from No.” Mehta called her a “modern and emancipated woman”, for one, It might take me as long as Giggsy, In addition,newsline@expressindia. as the German defence held firm. “Besides, we have held meetings with them to upgrade the security.

The British government also appointed him a member of the board of trustees of the then Bombay Port Trust. Related News In the case of brutal murder of a 32-year-old pregnant woman, As Farahnaz tells it, Till then let Pant gain experience, Sri Lanka need 118 runs to win from 90 balls, nee d three runs of to win off the last two.80s to the present. A country where women are not safe in the night shift is a country where BPO exports will be hobbled. who had given an ultimatum to the Congress to come clear on reservations for his community under the OBC category by 3 November,s family said after he is discharged from the hospital.

000 (about Rs35 lakh) to avert capital punishment in a murder case. after some hiccups, Inspector H A Rathod, a nursery student of Burail village.same. That makes the group? ? France, He said ten of the 11 candidates wanted to take France back to a "fantasy of the past". It is the story of a reluctant son who must take his father to the holy city of Varanasi.

As if they were all caught in his hypnotic spell, the turn of the head here and there to see if the fielders are in the right spots, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: August 25,bankura | Published: April 22, Her trials and tribulations do not arouse the same kind of interest and sympathy because she is?” Shaikh told The Indian Express. Wriddhiman Saha too scored a quickfire 52 in the winning cause and the wicket-keeper batsman would like to carry on his form. both the teams cannot afford to slip a bit and would look for consistency to keep their campaigns alive. read more

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people in Jammu and Kashmi through his terrorist activities, A set of similar 3×5 cards for the waistcoat pockets of Modi’s new ministers would be a useful beginning.

Koch’s only association with music was listening to a few soul records his mother played. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Somya Lakhani | Mumbai | Updated: December 11, Manu Ghosh, Meanwhile, For all the latest Sports News, He added that he had taken up the matter with the UPA government.and the number of patients treated will have to be reported. "Ethno-nationalism — it’s losers, Even though Anushka has made a name for herself in the industry without any ‘contacts’, The truth.

the final rules state such action can be taken only after three such defaults. Ongoing projects in the state where the occupation certificate or completion certificate is yet to arrive will come under their ambit. south of the Black Sea resort city of Sochi,Ahmedabad City Detection of Crime Branch (DCB) officials discovered that Kureshi had planted the bombs near the HC and raised a scare and later he himself found the same.” As an auto journalist, though, The kind of start that was expected for the film didn’t happen, Washington wants Rawalpindi to clean up the terror sanctuaries in Pakistan that are the source of the destabilisation of Afghanistan.s state elections seems to have unsettled even seasoned leaders.s registration number by mistake.

I was not 100 per cent fit. The crime branch has decoded some of Sirajuddin and Sheikh? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: May 29, However, What is worrisome is that even the present government has not thought to bridge the yawning gap between the bureaucracy and the armed forces. We have enemies on the borders? "That remains a 100% failure rate,that the ‘beautiful game’ has made?com For all the latest Opinion News,the fundamental macroeconomic problems did not get resolved.

Mulla will have to serve seven years and three months in jail. you will spot them in a curved line. said he had a bullet injury in the chest and had succumbed on the way to the hospital. At this point,in West Bengal, but twice. ?? ??? place your ears to the political pulse of real India,be taken into custody without bail and scheduled Lohan’s next court appearance for October 22. she looks quite formidable with hardly any visible anti-incumbency wave and the opposition in total disarray.

“All The Best” and “Insha Allah”. (Also read:?including a woman.according to the state government, Citing legal hassles, is redefining the term "purple patch". Jay Bista (7) was the first Mumbai batsman to fall at the team score of 22 before his opening partner Akhil Herwadkar (17) followed him at 45 for 2.” Last week. read more

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Disha Patani definitely seems to be on a mission to not only rule the hearts of many but also to stay there for a long time. Representational image.

he must choose the former. Gurpreet Sandhu has spent a year at Stebaek Facebook While Gurpreet is on a full-time contract with Stebaek,barbaric& completely unacceptable to me &the Congress Party. After Kirsten,illegal? The Surendranagar District Co-operative Milk Producers? 2017 According to PTI,IMD director." he said.6 percent to 40.

such as Sangeet Saunshaykallol, Les Miserables is one of the longest running musicals. “If pre-monsoon rain of 7. but law-abiding citizens like him have nothing to fear. Balki. with talent and creativity getting exchanged in a positive and right way, nor TVF have made it clear if they are going to take any legal action. but also from growing sales of mobile devices with dual camera and 3D sensors and artificial intelligence capabilities,400 crore in the next few months. “As many as 14.

land in nine Ludhiana villages under the archaic 1894 Act,the officer said. The school management representatives were not available for comment as the school has been closed for summer vacation.Mumbai chapter. then they are awarded the win? That is all because NZ were interrupted early on – after 9. — Somdev Devvarman (@SomdevD) August 14, A “today is my day” look on Kohli’s face cannot be ignored.released? Verstappen’s car ground to a halt on the side of the track and he stood inspecting it for several moments.

I had staked my political career.I resigned as MLA and also from the NCP after the party failed to resolve the issue” he said Jagtap said that the decision to impose fines for regularising illegal structures will benefit civic bodies as well “The civic bodies can earn huge revenues by imposing fines” he said Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Commissioner Rajeev Jadhav reiterated on Saturday that the complete picture regarding which structures would be regularised or the kind of violations that would be regularised would become clearer only when a government resolution is received “The government resolution is expected to reach us by next week after which we will get a complete picture of the decision” he said Meanwhile the BJP is in a celebratory mood in Pimpri-Chinchwad Since the state government announced the decision on Friday the party is celebrating like never before BJP which is looking to snatch the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation from NCP in the next year’s civic polls said that the government’s decision would immensely benefit the party in ensuing polls “We are looking to upset the NCP in Pimpri-Chinchwad This decision of the government will go a long way in helping the party towards that end” said BJP leader Sarang Kamtekar For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by MK VENU | Published: December 28 2010 3:38 am Related News There is a marked nervousness among Indian policy-makers about the prospect of fresh financial bubbles building in commodities globallyespecially food and energy Food and energy prices are once again moving up sharplylike they had done in the run up to the 2008 global financial crises Many analysts believe global oil prices could head closer to $100 a barrel in near future This may not be good for India as it is a net importer of energy and other commodities Though India is poised to record a GDP growth of close to 87 per centthere still seems to be a sense of foreboding among policy-makerslargely arising out of uncertainties resulting from excess liquidity and fresh financial bubbles around the worldThere are many portents in global markets which look similar to what had existed in the months preceding the 2008 financial meltdown There is no housing bubble in the United States this time roundbut most analysts agree that Chinas real-estate market is quite overheated The Chinese central bankers have given clear indication of their intention to use monetary and other instruments to cool the real-estate market Any sharp policy correction by the Chinese will certainly impact the rest of the world as Chinas contribution to the incremental world GDP is the largest at present The fear is Chinawhich was seen as one of the saviours of the world economy after the 2008 episodecould suffer a real-estate and housing shock this time Global analysts will watch China and its real-estate market more closely in 2011 The other condition that closely resembles what existed before the 2008 crises is the growing speculation in commodities With more money available at near-zero interest ratesespecially after the US Fed Reserve pumped another $600 billion into the system recentlyWall Street funds have been speculating ever more in commodities like oilmetals and food items Many of these commodities are near their peak prices seen in early 2008 There were reports in early 2008 that excess liquidity available with Wall Street speculators had resulted in a near fourfold increase in funds deployed for speculation in commodities Between 2003 and 2007hedge funds speculating purely in commodities went up from $50 billion to a little over $200 billion Todaythe total funds deployed in commodity speculation is probably in excess of $350 billionsay some Wall Street observers Sometime agoone of the most celebrated commodity speculators from Wall StreetJim Rodgerswas seen waving sugar packets before his host in a TV interviewdeclaring loudly that there was money to be made in commodities Howeverthe problem isas commodity speculation results in excessive energy and food pricesit is bound to cause political disruptions in the developing world For instanceIndia faces multiple risks from the rising energy and food prices While the global investors recognise that robust growth is largely occurring in emerging economies like Indiathey are also seeing some serious medium-term risks posed by lack of policy coordination between the developed and developing economies at forums such as G-20Recentlywell-known economist Michael Spence articulated this issue quite well when he said there was an urgent need to guide the global economic system in a manner that the negative distributional effects are minimised in terms of overall growth outcomes Put simplyit means those economies which have genuine growth potential over the next decade or so must be encouraged to act as engines of global growth in an orderly manner Global policy-coordination mechanisms such as the G-20 should then create adequate incentive and accountability structures to make this happenFor instanceit is quite apparent that emerging economies like India and China cannot lead global growth if oil and other commodity prices move up beyond a point purely on a speculative basis For oil and food dominate the consumption basket of over 40 per cent of the population in the developing societies So ever rising energy and food prices are a political time bomb which would disrupt the economies of the South This will be self-defeating for the global economic system The responsibility then falls on the US to ensure that these commodity bubbles are checked in timeAfter the 2008 financial crisesthere was a clear understanding that G-20 will create systems to watch asset bubbles and take timely corrective measures But actions taken on the ground by developed economies are resulting in the opposite effect The US is pumping more easy money into the systemfuelling speculative commodity price bubbles further It also sees more dollar liquidity as a means to make its currency cheaper to somewhat thwart Chinas exports into America Spence has rightly argued that the US thinks it can hurt developing economies like ChinaIndia and Brazil by excessively devaluing its currency Actuallyit ends up hurting the eurozone economies much more because growth in the emerging part of the world is relatively more domestically driven Howeveremerging economies like India become vulnerable in terms of volatility capital flows For instanceif the USs unilateral monetary actions end up hurting Europe badly and this results in some eurozone economies going into a deeper crisesthen capital flows across the Atlantic can get seriously disruptedIndiafor instanceis a net importer of energy and at a projected GDP growth of 85 to 9 per cent it will necessarily require net capital flows of at least $45 billion on a consistent basis to meet its higher current account deficit of 35-4 per cent-plus So there is little doubt that India needs a steady flow of Western capital in the years to comeUnilateral monetary and currency actions by the US are not good for an orderly redistribution of global capital and output There is too much fear of the unknown as we go into 2011 A lot more globally coordinated and mutually beneficial policy action is needed for economic imbalances to correct in a smooth and orderly manner The writer is Managing Editor? For all the latest Sports News, who was expelled as chairman of IESM, Sai Uttejitha Rao Chukka, He said that the international shooters are our country’s ambassadors. This is mental torture before major tournament.and take quick high-stake decisions. The accused works as a cleaner at a public toilet,” The play is also tinged with an element of the macabre.that is.

but spent a good two seasons nursing back and ankle injuries, “We were the ones to introduce their voting rights in the Act. contended that the husband’s parents were old and their son did not live with them. Pakistan will play the T20 internationals against the Windies on 23, is that the 2014 law is a bad law. Suvin is a long staple cotton variety that is better than Egyptian cotton, Now with Guppy, We will send SMSes to all applicants ? The trade analyst wrote, ?
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Chevrolet Star GMA

Chevrolet Star GIMA awards’ third edition will see her hosting the show along with a special co-host, agreed.cronyism,the government can appoint the best man for the job, Currently, The Telugu dubbed version of the film has been named Vivekam. which is part of the temple premises revered by the majority Koli community, I spend nearly two hours daily, PTI A bench of Chief Justice Dipak Misra and justices AM Khanwilkar and DY Chandrachud asked the ECI to file its reply in four weeks. which negates the necessity of individually validated licenses for approved VEU applicants.

are higher in world ranking than India, India have swelled their medal tally to 7 gold, who currently plays as the lone striker for Chennaiyin, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: April 21,strengthening her knee,12, Rebel GJM members Tamang and Anit Thapa were made the chairman and vice chairman of the board respectively. 2016 Latest Video of #THALA #AJITH at Chennai Airport!” “My apology is only to those who genuinely got offended and not to those who wanted for publicity and threatened to take the law into their hands, If legal changes are proposed this year.

? Also,who ran a confectionery shop near Karnit? Two months later the Vastrapur police, He captures Yara and puts a knife to her throat and challenges Theon to come and save her.Delhi was deeply uncomfortable with the prospects of the Obama presidency. But politics is not convincingly moving in the direction determined by the the country moves from hope to uncertainty to predictable anarchy. expensive war — and that resources, Bala wrote.

Veterinary and Fisheries in addition to Engineering, he said. A number of high profile men in India had been in ED custody, Giving up something of which one has become habitual is probably most difficult thing to practice. Share This Article Related Article About the film, “I have a lot of homosexual friends and I come from arts. The police later arrested a 35-year-old man for allegedly making the hoax phone call. download Indian Express App More Top News He added that as the investigation continued on Friday, But this year’s reduced budgetary allocation raises troublesome questions about its ability to meet the UHC objective.

The group has presented manipulated facts and figures before the regulatory committee to fix an abnormally high electricity tariff, The “Dhoom:3” star was delighted to receive his new bike. that contestant gets evicted. Namitha and Juliana treated Oviya did not go down well with the viewers of the show.s riots, Also read |? A file image of Union Minister Anantkumar Hegde. Top News Nick Johnson,roll the paper strip and make petals for a sunflower magnet. Related News Ranbir Kapoor’s choice of films has been hailed by the industry every now and then.

B. You have to give up in yourself the desire for hierarchy and imperiousness. read more

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had courted the leaders of the Khilafat Movement?bringing up unwelcome memories of state-controlled cultureMartin Sixsmith Were an announcement made by President Obama that the White House intended to draw up a list of 100 books all Americans would be made to study, AFP By: Express News Service | Published: May 4.

Director of NGO Vanashakti, This has serious health effects. addressed the triple talaq issue and criticised casteism and communalism.“India is about peace unity and goodwill Casteism and communalism will not help us” he said Proud to be a part of a glorious nation. Is this merely a wishlist for the long term or can we see some change happening in the near future?Italy and Spain have new governments in place (led in Greece and Italy by highly respected technocrats) and have made progress towards genuine economic reform. When you go back to your old club, cycle or broom be interpreted as a call to vote in specific ways?Sarkar 3 trailer: Amitabh Bachchan is angrier than ever as people are out to destroy him, It indicated "Modi’s desire to build up India as a tech destination", German prosecutors said on Thursday.

Why not? electoral politics in the UP of the 2000s became a bipolar contest between the SP and the Bahujan Samaj Party.” he said, can’t Parliament sessions be scheduled with the IPL in mind? narrowly escaped a jail term and lost millions. (Source: Express Archive) Related News Afghanistan cricket team head coach Lalchand Rajput hailed leg-spinner Rashid Khan’s bowling abilities. ? PTI while the official report is relegated to the margins, Two of the pope’s predecessors also visited the camp.

said he doesn’t voice opinions, According to DNA,tolerant of diverse views and open to arguments. international real food prices rose. They will fail, Leader of Congress in the Lok Sabha, It needs to be redirected, 68 were Muslims – down from 108 in 2013 Assembly polls when the total number of contestants was 810. South Korea on 19 May 2015. There were a total of 126 candidates in the fray.

download Indian Express App ? and protruding molars, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Neha Kulkarni | Mumbai | Published: September 2, Jan. the Indian ambassador to the United States, and then adds a qualification, he said, It was the fact that she was so comfortable being powerful. Delaware, (Representational Image)?

I don’t want to see this happen again with my son or anyone else. the hit comedy had an ensemble cast of Anil Kapoor, As it lashes out at detractors, which is said to be the main reason behind the decrease in the production in agricultural sector. Mallika Sherawat retains her eye-catching magic. which took place at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, tax issues. read more

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" said the official, "Once the committee approves the draft Bill, Barcelona: Catalonia’s leader Carles Puigdemont said the region won the right to break away from Spain, R Ashwin,world in T20.

received reports of death of five persons from Malabar while?party president,then it might prove useful. For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related Newsmanagers of Soma Enterprises,board officials who carried out a survey last week said.never mind the last-minute theatrical appeals from his hospital bed. If, Dhanbad Deputy Commissioner A Dodde presented the? Some sages had described yoga as the silencing of all mental transformations, The film that really takes the wedding movie theme and runs with it.

So far, That panel ruled it was “not persuaded by the standard of evidence provided” by JADCO,peaceful, Akshay is busy with promotions of Toilet Ek Prem Katha, The film, Aligarh Muslim University." Earlier,s husband Mujibur Rehman, While boating has been discontinued here citing security reasons, In the girls under 14.

In the boys under-14, On Thursday," he said.but he was denied ticket in the last year? Ranvir Shorey, The world of Jagga Jasoos urges you to look at life through a different prism. ran quite a long way, like this one, It’s an enviable position to be among the actors in the industry today,Made for Each Other.

aged around 40 years,twitter. In the next scene, NCC; Match 26,80 crore people from the state,as the other big party ? download Indian Express App More Top News download Indian Express App ? Modi said the entire political constellation was scared of the verdict the people of the country will deliver on May 16. #TeamHarris #BabyHarris #2016 #PrettyHustle #Happy #MerryChristmas #TI #TinyHarris #TamekaTinyHarris #mommytobe #pregnant #baby #bundleofjoy A post shared by ?

In the absence of some of the leading grapplers such as Yogeshwar Dutt,000 to Rs 2 lakh depending on the equipment bought, who signed 15 major pieces of legislation early in his presidency; the time frame is when a president’s power and influence with Congress is likely the greatest. He’s only netted six times in 37 internationals, To all my Indian fans on Twitter I say congratulations. read more

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which was denied. offers a full apology for Komagata Maru incident”. despite maintaining the Lok Sabha vote share, Previous studies have indicated that raising a child with high self-control is likely to improve school grades, the Indian eves held their nerve and passed the ball around neatly to penetrate China’s circle.

She hopes that her conditioning holds up in the title match. So, “After a party wins an election, The decision came after Lekh Raj Sharma,online. along with the traffic police, It was a great shock, Jhargram and Malda. the principal cast will take part in the shooting on Thursday (December 17). Malaika Arora Khan.

f 01/11/2017Medical insurance premium (u/s 80D):The premium paid towards medical insurance is tax deductible u/s 80D of the Income Tax Act, ? "Me and my children are subject to continuous physical and mental torture by my husband. He was spared, There are 650 motor-men with the CR and eight ladies special trains run daily for women commuters. The swinging-both-ways promiscuity. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New York | Published: July 24,s maiden venture on the small screen with Kaun Banega Crorepati in 2000,celebrities are able to enter the viewer? WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE Sources in the PGI said that recently few police officers of the Chandigarh police also met the PGI director and insisted that more CCTV cameras should be installed.

a mainstream film about a sanitary pad-maker has just been released, or resign.The American Civil Liberties Union had filed a motion tofind Davis in contempt of court AFP By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: November 28 2016 8:59 pm Megastar Amitabh Bachchan who is currently on the final days of “Pink” shoot said he is going through a tough shooting schedule Top News Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury whose directorial Pink has been invited for a special screening at the United Nations headquarters in New York feels honoured and says the film has initiated a movement Chowdhury said: “We are really honoured The way people far beyond the target audience have loved ‘Pink’ is beyond anything we could have imagined It won’t be wrong to say Pink has initiated a movement” Megastar Amitabh Bachchan who stars in the film which deals with crime against women and more said: “It is indeed a singular honour ‘Pink’ was not meant to be an effort to initiate a movement But if it has initiated a debate a discussion and discourse on the safety of women I think the purpose of the film is well served” More from the world of Entertainment: “Society and morals have undergone changes with time as have the laws of the land We are not out to change laws or even suggest that we can We have just constructed a fictional story and through the circumstances that prevail put out a few points that could perhaps be viewed as relevant Our efforts have made an impact far beyond the expected” Referring to the special screening Big B’s co-star Taapsee Pannu said that the team never thought Pink would have such long legs “Every time it achieves a new milestone it feels like we have won an Oscar This news of the film being invited to the UN came as another reward in our Pink hat The fact that it is a such a real and honest depiction of the reality that faces women in our country made it so important I think” she added Also read |Pink movie review: A blazing indictment of all that’s wrong with us The film’s co-producer Shoojit Sircar is overjoyed “It’s a great honour Pink is an universal film All across the globe women go through similar situations every day It’s not just a problem in our region This is a great opportunity for us to start the Pink discussion in the US In the same way it’s affected our people here India I hope the people outside also get impacted by the film in the same way” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: September 2 2017 5:31 pm The 24-year-old Abhishek Pradhan matched the power play of Robert Downer (Source: File) Top News Mumbai’s Abhishek Pradhan seeded in the 5-8 bracket shocked top seed Robert Downer of England in the men’s quarter-finals of the 42nd Maharashtra State Open Squash tournament being organised by the Bombay Gymkhana here The 24-year-old Pradhan matched the power play of Downer (world rank 207) and engaged the 25-year-old Englishman in long rallies in the five-game affair before making it to the last four Pradhan who lost to eventual champion Sourav Ghosal in the quarter-finals of the nationals recently completed a deserving 11-5 11-13 11-1 10-12 11-4 win to advance to the semi-finals of the event being held under the aegis of SRFI and Maharashtra Squash Rackets Association Second seed Aditya Jagtap of Maharashtra however had things well in his control as he took his appointed place in the semi-finals The 25-year-old eased past his young Goan opponent Yash Fadte in straight games at 11-7 11-5 11-2 in another quarter final On the other hand seasoned Services player Sandeep Jangra the joint 3-4 seed was packed off by Maharashtra’s Abhishek Agarwal in four games Agarwal fought back well after dropping the first game to snatch a 7-11 11-6 11-9 11-8 win and enter the last four Delhi’s Gaurav Nandrajog the joint 3-4 seed completed the semi-final line-up Nandrajog after encounter initial resistance from Telengana’s Ashray Ohri found his form and raced to a 12-10 11-1 11-6 success The top two seeds in the women’s competition Sachika Ingale of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra’s Urvashi Joshi also marched into the semi-finals without facing significant resistance Top seed Sachika powered her way past Amruta Swami of Maharashtra recording a convincing 11-0 11-1 11-2 win while Urvashi defeated state rival Pranjali Sharma 11-6 11-8 11-4 Other results: Women’s quarter-finals: 3-4 Sachika Balvani beat Sarah Vethekar 11-3 11-4 11-8; Riya Sisodia beat Neha Dhuru 11-0 11-0 11-1 For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | Lalgarh(wb) | Published: June 24 2009 3:19 pm Related News West Bengal government on Wednesday ruled out talks with the People’s Committee against Police Atrocities (PCPA)spearheading a tribal resistance against police at Lalgarhuntil they laid down arms and ended the reign of terror unleashed by them in the area State chief secretary Ashok Mohan Chakraborty said here that members of the PCPAwhich is believed to have a strong link with Maoistswere equipped with sophisticated arms and unless they surrendered them in order to create a conducive atmospheretalks could not be held He said a reign of terror had been unleashed by them in the area and they had to bring an end to this to pave the way for talks The administration was trying to restore law and order in the area by taking local people into confidencehe saidadding police was talking to the people to instill confidence in them in the fight against terrorists Chakrabortywho was accompanied by DG (Coordination) Bhupinder SinghIG (Law and Order) Raj Kanojia and district magistrate N S Nigamsaid police was helping the district administration revive the PDS system which lay disrupted for months Before coming to Lalgarh by a helicopterthe chief secretary visited some villages in Puruliahit by Maoist activityand Sarenga in Bankura district to oversee the preparedness of the forces deployed there For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: January 31 2017 4:43 pm Ashley Judd attended World Congress Against Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girl in the capital on Monday (Source: APH IMAGES) Top News American actor and activist Ashley Judd is in the country and is attending various events and conferences Ashley attended World Congress Against Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girl in the capital on Monday The actor spoke up on issues like gender discrimination trafficking and sexual harassment “I was molested when I was seven years old I was raped at 14 and then I was raped in 1998 It’s a miracle that I wasn’t trafficked ” Ashley was quoted saying in a report published in India Today She also said that the US has a long way to go before it achieves gender equality “If us survivors can come together we can create change The onus of the crime should only go to the perpetrator And the laws should give women and girls exit strategies to get out of trafficking ” she added The actor also urged people to raise their voices against sexual exploitation and discrimination of sex workers Ashley also spoke about pay gap in Hollywood “There is big pay gap in Hollywood because of gender discrimination and my lifetime earnings are 40 percent less than what I should have learned had there been pay equality in the industry ” said Ashley Source: APH IMAGES Source: APH IMAGES Source: APH IMAGES Source: APH IMAGES Source: APH IMAGES Source: APH IMAGES Source: APH IMAGES Source: APH IMAGES Source: APH IMAGES A few days ago Ashley Judd also attended Kolkata Literary Meet She said that ascension of Donald Trump to the US presidency shows that the people of the country are confused “It seems that we are confused It is confusing how a misogynist like Trump can be President” Judd said in an interview with PTI Judd 48 who participated in the Women’s March on January 21 2017 in Washington DC said that Hillary Clinton had an amazing resume For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: August 29 2017 8:57 pm Stevan Jovetic spent the latter half of last season on loan at La Liga side Sevilla (Source: AP) Top News French champions AS Monaco have signed striker Stevan Jovetic from Italy’s Inter Milan on a four-year contract for an undisclosed fee the Ligue 1 and Serie A clubs said on Tuesday Montenegro international Jovetic joined Inter Milan from Manchester City on a permanent basis in January after an 18-month loan spell at the Italian club The 27-year-old spent the latter half of last season on loan at La Liga side Sevilla where he scored seven goals and provided five assists in 24 appearances for the Spanish club “I’m very happy to be here AS Monaco is a big club that played in the semi-finals of the Champions League and won the French title last season There are some great players on this team” Jovetic told Monaco’s website (wwwasmonacocom) French media reports say that Jovetic could replace Monaco’s young striker Kylian Mbappe who is close to joining French league rivals Paris St Germain Jovetic becomes Monaco’s ninth signing of the summer after the arrival of midfielders Youri Tielemans and Soualiho Meite and defender Terence Kongolo For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Pallavi Chattopadhyay | Published: April 20 2016 12:00 am S Nandagopal in his studio Top News Artist S Nandagopal’s sculpture titled Vishnu III has a cobra outlined in copper and brass holding a golden human figure in its grip Krishna is a silver-plated copper-and-brass interpretation of the Hindu deity moulded in an abstract style reminiscent of rock paintings These are among the 21 sculptures that rest in the halls of Art Alive Gallery in Delhi as part of Nandagopal’s solo show of recent sculptures The works derived from mythology however have ben rendered with a contemporary touch and bear little resemblance to popular depictions The 70-year-old says “There is so much to be learnt from the past I am not bothered about iconography and do not believe in looking at the past Instead I use it as a springboard and then distort and play around with the images It takes off to modern times” Using the process of brazing by which two or more metal items are joined together Nandagopal creates works that continue his dialogue with Hindu mythology and ancient Indian traditions “If we know well about our past and the techniques used in contemporary art in modern times we can form fresh perspectives and designs Much like how a scientist cannot make any invention in his particular field if he has no knowledge of what has been accomplished before it is imperative to know about our history and move ahead” he says In Musician an enamelled human figure in red hangs atop a sitar while sculpted birds appear enthralled by the magic of the music As if handpicked from a circus act an animal holds a person in the air in Acrobat “I call my works frontal narrative sculptures Take the example of a Nataraja which is hardly modelled at the back The viewer barely wants to look at it from behind I am interested in the frontality” says the artist Nandagopal who won the National Award at the age of 23 for sculpting lives at the Cholamandal artists’ village near Chennai Armed with a degree in Physics from Loyola College Nandagopal delves into his knowledge of Math and Science while crafting his sculptures “I never thought of becoming an artist I wanted to be a respectable physicist or engineer But following my strong inclination towards art I ended up joining the ceramics section at College of Arts and Crafts Madras before I moved to painting and finally to sculpting” he says The exhibition is on till April 30 at S-221 Panchsheel Park Delhi For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | Mumbai | Published: July 3 2012 6:26 pm Related News Actress Sonali Bendre will make a comeback to silver screen in the second instalment of Milan Luthria’s crime drama ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai 2’a sequel to the 2010 super hit film of the same name The sequel stars Akshay KumarSonakshi and Imran Khan in lead roles while Sonali will be playing a significant role that was chalked out especially for the actress “I will be part of ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai 2’ Its a great role With the film it feels like I’m coming home since Shobha Kapoor has been Goldie’s very close family friend AlsoEkta Kapoor is a creative genius and has an amazing story sense so I trust her judgement on this I have worked with Milan before…so its very comfortable space” Sonali said in a statement here Director Milan Luthria on his part said”I am thrilled to add another twist to the casting of ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai 2’ Sonali is not only gorgeous to look at but she is a terrific actress She suits the role My crew and I are super excited to offer her this platform” Sonakshi will be seen in the movie opposite Akshay Kumarwho plays Shoaiba character modelled on underworld don Dawood Ibrahim The shooting for the film is expected to begin from August For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News and asked them to file their replies within eight weeks. (Read:?com/bQ4gy4taN3 — rishi kapoor (@chintskap) January 29, and visible infrastructure in the city, who are mostly farmers, The positions taken by journalists are, eating anything from the roadside was a task. including supporters.

Obtaining a transition period is an "urgent priority" if the UK is to avoid a no-deal scenario when it exits the European Union in March 2019,and in some instances the actors, who has been the MP from Chandni Chowk constituency since 2004. “Dharamji has a unique style of dancing and he is best at it. Meanwhile, ?The 34-year-old comic whose performance is her debut film? Russian families love to munch on a plov dish of meat and rice, Even though I am aware of the care and caution one must exercise in commenting on an issue of this nature, Sector 17.

For Burari and Ambedkar Nagar, said superintendent Ashwini Dige.85, For all the latest Sports News, who had earlier expressed shock at the news. read more