9 Mexico USD or Pesos can be used when tipping in

first_img9. MexicoUSD or Pesos can be used when tipping in Mexico, just make sure you have plenty spare when taking a trip to the Mayan Ruins and other tour trips. For travel tips and advice, check these out:10 ways to cope with lost luggageIt can happen to anyone, even airline bosses. So following the admission by Alaska Airlines CEO, Brad Tilden, that his own airline failed to get his luggage to the same airport as him, Skyscanner offers 10 top airline luggage tips.15 tips for beating jetlagWe share our expert advice on jetlag with 15 top tips on how to beat it before, during and after your flight.20 ways to save money on travelFrom booking flights to fine dining: find out how to save cash on holiday.The ultimate guide to packingLuggage scales, vacuum compression bags and disposable shower caps; 15 top tips that will make packing a breeze.20 airport travel hacks and tipsFrom how to jump the check-in queue to how to get an upgrade, Skyscanner staff share 20 of their best secret airport tips.How to get a free flight upgradeSkyscanner’s frequent-flying staff share their industry insider tips on how to get a flight upgrade. See you in first class!Skyscanner is the world’s travel search engine, helping your money go further on flights, hotels and car hire.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map 1. SpainAs Spain’s our number one destination (when you see these beautiful beaches you’ll understand why) you might already be familiar with tipping, but just in case, here’s our quick guide. Travelling to China? If you’re spending any time in Beijing you might want to read our tips on the 10 best things to see and do in the capital.12. JapanAs per advise with China, don’t do it. It’s not expected, welcomed and you won’t be thanked for it. End of story. 5. FranceWith food taking centre stage on any trip to France, it’s useful to know that restaurant bills actually already include tips. Check out our guide for when you do need to put your hand in your pocket. 2. PortugalYou might not think the European countries’ tipping etiquette varies greatly, however Portugal proves us wrong. Portugal will require a little bit more cash, so be sure to have a few extra euros in your pocket. For more on Portugal, check out this guide to eight great places to visit. RelatedTop Tips on Tipping: guide to tipping etiquette around the worldTipping can be socially awkward, cause endless embarrassment and be highly inconsistent and irrational.VIDEO: Summer travel in numbersIf you’re curious about where us Brits choose to go for our summer holidays, you don’t have to wonder any longer.Driving abroad: Top tips for 10 fly-drive destinationsSpeed limits, strange traffic signs, unique laws and handy driving tips: we bring you essential guides to driving abroad in 10 popular fly-drive holiday destinations. 3. United StatesIn the United States tipping is considered common courtesy, from taxis and housekeeping to your drink at the bar. Travel tip: keep an eye out for the new no tipping policy for NYC, head to one of the participating restaurants and save some precious $$s. center_img 6. IrelandSimilar to the UK, tipping in Ireland is not necessarily required. Instead, let the level of quality, service and good craic determine your generosity. 11. ChinaRemember, while in some countries it’s considered rude not to tip, in China the opposite is true – tipping is often taken as an offensive. If expected at all, it will generally have been added as a service fee. Go off-grid and read about 10 secret islands off the Irish coastline.7. ItalyA small tip in Italy is adequate, leaving you to spend more on that extra slice of pizza. Speaking of food, check out these regional specialties to get your taste-buds tingling. 8. GermanyFrom tours to hotel housekeeping tipping in Germany is considered polite etiquette so be sure to take a look at our quick guide. 4. CanadaTipping in Canada is very similar to the USA, however remember they are another country (as they like to highlight wherever possible) and therefore make sure you’re wallet’s full of Canadian, not US, dollars. Find out the best things to see and do in Mexico City.10. IndiaKeep an eye out for tipping boxes in hotels. This is a nice way to tip accommodation staff for their efforts without having to chase down individuals throughout your stay.last_img

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